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If you're reading this and you're hoping for a miracle, keep your trust in God strong and never give up because God is real. Words fail me when it comes to expressing my feelings. I owe a great debt of gratitude to my parents for teaching me how to pray and for instilling in me the importance of putting God first above all else. God set me free, healed my body and saved my life. I am already loved by God and that is enough for me. Melody Godisable Jacob



Virtual Thanksgiving activities to give you a great experience.

We want to say no to a boring thanksgiving. The search for virtual thanksgiving activities is trending, so I am sharing 10 virtual thanksgiving activities to give you a great thanksgiving experience.

1. Host a Virtual Dinner

2. Family Virtual Karaoke sing battle

3. Virtual Thanksgiving games: Ludo king, scrabble, Fifa, dress up, etc

4. Virtual Thanksgiving Quiz: Quizup

5. virtual Thanksgiving Craftmaking

6. Zoom Storytelling Game

7. Cooking meals together: fried turkey, roasted turkey, smoked turkey, pie, apple cider vinegar diet.

8. Virtual Volunteering

9. Virtual Praying service

10. Virtual eating competition

11. Thanksgiving Virtual party ideas: dancing games, Best music wins, complete the lyrics, virtual music party with Dj, etc. 

How to Host a Virtual Thanksgiving Dinner
To host a virtual thanksgiving party, game, or event. Here are the steps to take.

Pick a Platform.
There are platforms such as Zoom, google meeting, WhatsApp video chat, Instagram video call, etc

Create an event with a theme.
Know the event that the virtual event will feature, games, singing, cooking, storytelling, etc.

Send a Meeting Invite.
Send a meeting invite keeping in mind the number of people that each meeting platform can accommodate at a time. A zoom is a great tool for large meetings. Do not forget to add the time of the virtual thanksgiving event.

Tune in
Get together virtually and give thanks. 

Photo by Ekaterina Bolovtsova from Pexels


  1. These are all great ideas!

    Curated By Jennifer

  2. These ideas are so wonderful! I hope everyone is able to have a safe and happy Thanksgiving this year.
    the creation of beauty is art.

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