Friday, November 20, 2020

How to prepare for your dream charming fall wedding.

Even though I don't like the cold that comes with autumn and how our body tries to adjust, the beautiful yellow leaves that shine and brighten the streets make it so beautiful, interesting, and picture-worthy. Summer weddings are perfect but also autumn weddings can be a fairy tale. If you are looking to do an autumn wedding, you should consider things before planning a fall wedding.

Prepare properly for the cold weather
Honestly, the cold weather can be discouraging and you don’t want your guests shivering and attending without a coat or umbrella. Send written notes alongside your wedding invitation to remind your guests to dress warm, since there will be outdoor activities. If you have some options for outdoor seating, ensure you have provided blankets to ensure guests can fully enjoy your surroundings and special day with you.

Autumn is a season that brings along the countryside or rural vibe, which makes it even more astonishing. When picking your wedding location for an autumn wedding, think of woodland, forest, country, outdoor restaurants, riverside with massive leaf pour, and barn wedding locations. Autumn trees and leaves make the perfect backdrop for your wedding photographs. 

Be extra with the decorations, this is what gives your wedding the pop and feel that makes everyone feel cozy and have the love in the air feel. Include specific natural elements like leaves, flowers, twigs, fruits like berries, sweet apples, and mini tree branches that can be planted around the location. These decorations cost less and bring alongside the autumn theme with the perfect color for fall: yellow, green, and rusty brown leaf mix.

Lighting is a tool that makes a venue come to life in its fullest form making every decor more prominent and noticeable. Use lightings like candles, clear Christmas lights, red and yellow bulbs to accentuate your wedding to have fairy tale lighting. 

The flowers should have custom fall colors. Think autumn leaves, pinecones, chestnuts, begonia, bed in paradise, marigold, Tulipa, Lilium, daylily, and red hot poker. The arrangement you pick will more likely be related to the color scheme and style of the autumn wedding you choose.
Leaves are a great decor tool. You can place them on the table to bring along a vibrant and festive feel at the wedding. Add the most known festive touches which are bales and well-curved pumpkins. 

Color scheme
Soft blushes and nudes are more suitable for autumn weddings.
To the bride and groom, remember comfort is key, pick a wedding dress and suit that covers your body because of the cold weather, put fancy fur coats, and royal jackets on. Don't let the cold stop your shine.

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