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If you're reading this and you're hoping for a miracle, keep your trust in God strong and never give up because God is real. Words fail me when it comes to expressing my feelings. I owe a great debt of gratitude to my parents for teaching me how to pray and for instilling in me the importance of putting God first above all else. God set me free, healed my body and saved my life. I am already loved by God and that is enough for me. Melody Godisable Jacob



International Jazz Day April 30 in honor of Jazz music.

Jazz Appreciation Month is from April 1 - April 30.

Jazz Appreciation Month (JAM) is a music festival held every April in the United States, in honor of jazz as an early American art form.  It was created in 2001 by John Edward Hasse, a curator at the Smithsonian National Museum of American History in recognition of the contribution jazz is made in our society. Jazz as a music genre has an influence on our mental health. International Jazz Day April 30 in honor of Jazz music.

It was initially funded by the Ella Fitzgerald Charitable Foundation, whose archives are currently housed at the Smithsonian. The aim of (JAM) event is to recognize the historic and cultural significance jazz music has impacted. 

Smithsonian Folkways Recordings group received permission from the estate of Louis Armstrong (the well-known jazz trumpet player) to release his recordings on a new album titled Satchmo IN 2012. The release was made at the National Press Club as part of the 2012 annual Jazz Appreciation Month events.

What is Jazz?
Jazz is a music genre that originated in the African-American communities of New Orleans, Louisiana, United States, in the late 19th and early 20th centuries, with its roots in blues and ragtime. #wikipedia

Throughout the month of  April, people are encouraged to study jazz music and also participate in jazz activities. There are jazz concerts,  jazz music on the radio in honor of this day.


The 10 best jazz musicians of all time. (Read more)
Charles Mingus 1922-79. 
John Coltrane 1926-67.
Mary Lou Williams 1910-81.
Herbie Hancock 1940- 
Nat King Cole 1919-65.
Miles Davis 1926-91.
Keith Jarrett 1945-
Kurt Elling 1967-


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