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How to Make Nigerian Chin Chin.

Chin-Chin is a popular Nigeria snack served on special occasions, a regular home snack that is easy to make. Depending on how you like your chin-chin, a twist is always not a bad idea but here is the classic way to make the Nigerian Chin-Chin. There are different types of Chin-Chin but this is the type people know more and make at home.

To make Chin--Chin you need to get the following:
1. Flour
2. Milk
3. Sugar
4. Butter
5. Egg
6. Baking powder
7. Water
8. Nutmeg

Make sure you have everything in the below photo. Be sure to remove any item that you are allergic to.

Following these steps add:

Nigerian Chin Chin

Best served with any drink of your choice.


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