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Tulip Colors and Symbolism. All you need to know before giving out Tulips.

Flowers are a great way to express your feelings. Tulips are a great choice as each color symbolizes a different thing. There are over 150 species of tulips with 3000 varieties. Tulips are available in nearly every color of the rainbow, with some varieties having petals in multiple tones or colors in a single bloom. You'll find tulips in deep shades like red, yellow, white, maroon, black, and purple.

What do tulips symbolize?

White Tulips: So whether you need to apologize to someone or are celebrating a religious milestone, like a baptism or bar mitzvah, tulips are ideal! Apparently, according to superstition, if you dream about white tulips, it can mean that you're about to embark on a new journey and a fresh start in life. Read more.

Pink tulips symbolize happiness and confidence. thoughts. Pink tulips are great to send to friends and family members to show them you care. If you want to congratulate someone on a new job, a promotion, or graduation, pink tulips say it best!

Yellow tulips symbolize cheerful thoughts. Give a yellow tulip bouquet to a good friend as a caring get-well gift.


Red tulips are the hue of choice to express that you are deeply in love. The color red evokes passion and romance. Tulips are the flower associated with the 11th wedding anniversary, as well. Read more.

Pale pink tulips are known for meaning affection, caring, good wishes, and love. Although not as deep or passionate love as red tulips represent.

Black tulips symbolize power and strength. Their mysterious and elegant shade depicts royalty. Origin: Black tulips are a rare hybrid of tulips. Absolute black tulips are very hard to achieve, but there are many mixtures of purple, dark wine red, or velvet maroon that are closest to pure black. Read more.

Purple tulips are a symbol of royalty and nobility. Purple tulips are a symbol of royalty and nobility. Read the following article and find out more about them. Surely, tulips must be the world's third most popular flowers for a reason! Tulips belong to the flower genus Tulipa and the family Liliaceae. Read more.

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