Thursday, December 31, 2020

What was your best memory of the year 2020?

I am excited about the year 2021. I am so grateful to God for all he has done for me. I am especially thankful for the gift of life and the strength to carry on despite the ups and downs.

Here's my best moment of 2020

I was going about my daily life and my sister sent me a message on WhatsApp saying my Dad was dead, I broke down immediately, my heart broke into pieces, I could hardly believe it and I was in the cold but I was hot. I couldn't stand, I cried and I felt a gap in my heart at that point. Hours later I confirmed that it was a typo error from my sister. I called my Dad and he answered the phone and said he was fine. 

What was your best Memory of 2020? Share with us in the comment bar below.




  1. Facetime with my grandchildren

  2. My personal best memory is when I first rode my bike. I am 14 and I do believe that is very old to barely learn how to cycle, but I was so proud because I have been wanting to ride it for long

  3. Finding out I was pregnant in February and giving birth so my beautiful son in October!

  4. Sitting with an elderly man who was dying. He had no family. So I, along with two of his friends, sat vigil and prayed with him as he passed into eternity.

  5. The wonderful news about a vaccine being found to combat the Coronavirus.

  6. Best

    March ** the birth of my Granddaughter. Best Moment in the year for me. I got to see her after her birth but I haven’t been able to see her since and wont until we are all vaccinated. Her mother can’t be vaccinated till she’s done breastfeeding. So maybe I’ll be able to hold her sometime next year? Still I’ve been able to see her. Her other grandmother hasn’t seen her at all.


    The worst was the death of my Aunt who was lost to cancer. I never asked her if she had regular screening or if she did self exams. I wanted to, but didn’t. At that point when she found out it was already metastasized to the bone so what did it matter? At that point it was all about just spending as much time with her as I could before she was gone and it was never enough.

  7. New Years last year was full of promise for me. I had pretty high hopes that were quickly and violently dashed as Covid caused very well laid plans to disintegrate.

  8. Just being able to go out before covid. To a crowded bar or restaurant with friends and enjoy the atmosphere. To hug my friends and family as well.

    That was February. Seems like an age away.

  9. I received an extra $6000.00 from a lawsuit in February. I had no idea it was coming because the car accident was only 3 year's ago.

  10. Finding out I was pregnant in February and giving birth so my beautiful son in October!


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