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What is your first meal in the New Year 2021?

I am happy about the New Year. Just to start with, here's the second article in the new year and I will like to know the first meal you had in 2021?

Still in the festive spirit, wishing you a happy new year.


  1. Probably bacon, eggs, mushrooms and either fried bread or fried potatoes for brunch in about 12 hours time!

  2. In Pennsylvania Dutch Country, pork and sauerkraut is the traditional New Year's Day big meal. It is said that you will have good luck by eating this.

  3. Usually it was pork of some kind,also first person to come in the door must carry something into the house regardless of what value.

  4. Orange juice, coffee, toast and fresh oranges.

  5. Assorted “finger foods” NYE into New Year’s Day

  6. grill steak with grill onions and hot peppers with some crab legs large glass of ginger ale

  7. grilled shark steak with truffel polenta and tomato sauce, rice and beans, cheese and herb butter pinwheels and salted popcorn and a beer to wash it all down

  8. Alcohol. To soothe my nerves, during the hours of fireworks.

  9. In my family, it has ALWAYS been a tradition to have the TRADITIONAL CHRISTMAS DINNER. Traditional Christmas dinners CAN vary from family to family. But in my family, we had - roast potatoes, mashed potatoes, sprouts, carrots, apple sauce, stuffing and chicken or turkey. My father used to make the Christmas dinner and I tell you, it WAS DIVINE. He also used to put on small sausages wrapped in bacon slices (and he prepared them himself). He made some LOVELY GRAVY. I miss my father’s cooking, he was a GREAT COOK. One Christmas, I vividly recall THANKING my mother for the LOVELY MEAL and she said “oh, I didn’t make it, it was your father.” Well he did a GRAND JOB. My sisters were also GOOD COOKS and my youngest sister used to make some wonderful CREAMED POTATOES and NOT one lump was found in the potatoes. She was making some one day and called me over to TEACH ME HOW TO MAKE CREAMED POTATOES. I made some this Christmas and again TODAY, but they are NOT as DIVINE as my youngest sister used to make. I pre prepare the MEAL which takes 4 hours to COMPLETE as there is a LOT of preparation. Then I warm the meal up on the day. My grandmother (father’s mother) used to make some DIVINE stuffing from scratch and I asked my father how she did it and he TOLD ME THE RECIPE, INGREDIENTS and METHOD and it was SIMPLE really. All you all need is some bread (I usually use 4 slices), a jar of dried sage, usually 12g jar, a regular onion and some hot water boiled from the kettle. When I realised that I couldn’t get any packet stuffing, I GOT the ingredients for HOMEMADE stuffing and I tell you, when I first made this 3 years ago, IT WAS DELICIOUS. I wouldn’t dream of buying packet stuffing these days. But because of what governments are doing, I found that I could NOT purchase any jars of apple sauce this year, so I decided to have a go at making my OWN apple sauce and that too WAS WONDERFUL. I used 4 apples, 1 teaspoonful of brown sugar. And food thickener powder. I cut the skin from the apples and diced them up into tiny cubes, placed them in a pan and added water. Allowed them to bring to the boil and kept checking for softness. When the tiny diced apples were ready, I strained the water out of the pan and MASHED the cooked diced apples. Then I added 1 teaspoonful of brown sugar and 1 teaspoonful of powdered thickener and stirred in. I added 2 tablespoonsful of cold water and continued mixing until I got a NICE texture. This was the very first time I made my OWN apple sauce and it was WONDERFUL.

  10. I went downstairs to the kitchen this morning and I made four slices of toast, and I burnt two slices, so I threw them away. I dropped one slice of toast on the floor, so that one went in the bin also. I finally ate one slice of whole wheat toast with Vegemite. Oh, I nearly forget, my coffee is still downstairs in the kitchen. Thanks for the question. Yes, this is the first question I answered this year. HAPPY NEW YEAR everyone.

  11. Haven’t eaten yet. Waiting for the wife to get home from work in an hour and taking her to lunch. I was thinking jersy mikes for an 18 inch steak and cheese super sub with exter cheese and jalapeño peppers ��

  12. Most likely leftover Cheeseburgers and fries from tonight ����

  13. Breakfast! Happy New Year! ;)

  14. For breakfast it's a cinnamon Danish. And now it's scrambled eggs and cheese.


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