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What to wear to a fashion show: Color Block Off Shoulder Pleated Dress

In my previous post which featured what to wear to a fashion show, I shared some tips on how to look outstanding and spend less. This post is centred on the same topic but I am sharing outstanding pleated dresses that are perfect to wear to a fashion event which has been seen on runways, worn by fashion influencers and celebrities.
Pleated dresses are super stylish designs perfect for day or night look, this striking off-shoulder colour-block dress features all-over pleating for a fluid, flattering effect. The asymmetrical hemline adds a unique finish, which is further elevated with satin. The modern colour blocks pleated dress is even more stunning.

Here are a list of pleated dresses to wear to a fashion event.

My whole look for the fashion show is from Jessicabuurman,
Woven earringsENCER Espadrilles Earrings.

SandalsKRISE Knotted Stiletto Heel Sandals.


  1. Anonymous9/24/2018

    This is a very lovely dress.

  2. Girl you nailed this look, love it!!!
    xx- Nina

  3. You look amazing doll. Love this look on you. Great styling as always!!!!!
    Have a great week!
    Much love, Len

  4. It´s a lovely dress

  5. This dress is absolutely beautiful! I adore it with the green heels, perfect styling hun xx

  6. Wow that dress is stunning! I love the pleats and neckline!

    District of Chic

  7. What a beautiful outfit so trendy!


  8. One of the most beautiful dresses I've seen lately, and it looks stunning on you :D
    What a pic!
    Have a wonderful day

    With love and sunshine,
    Patricia & Miguel

  9. Wow beautiful dress :)

  10. Gorgeous dress. I'm in love with color and how perfect it is. You shoes are also amazing. You look so beautiful and elegant.

    Blog -
    YouTube -

  11. This dress is pretty classy and it looks great on you!

  12. The market information is plainly displayed and can be effortlessly fused into introductions, inward reports, and so

  13. this dress is sooo great! love your style and pics :D xx


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