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Fall Dress Trends Every Fashionista Needs to Know in 2018

While changes in fashion trends can be hard to keep up, anyone who seeks to be on top of the style chain can take inspiration from these concepts. Looking at fall dress trends can explain the concepts influencing many red carpet looks and fashion collections this year.

Check out some of the fashion trends that you’re about to see everywhere this year:

1. Color of the Year 
Image Source: Unsplash

At the start of every year, Pantone selects the colour that becomes the undisputed shade that will dominate all industries, most especially the fashion industry. For 2018, ultra violet is declared as the colour of the year. This translates to shades of purple, lavender, lilac, and pink becoming dominant aspects in majority of fashion collections. At the most recent New York Fashion Week, saturated hues of hot pink were included in major runway shows. Muted tones and subdued hues of violet are expected to be incorporated in fall and winter wardrobes as well. 

2. Suits for Women
Have you seen Blake Lively’s outfits in A Simple Favor as well as the press tour for the movie? The actress sure has a wide collection of gorgeous pantsuits. Plus, all the sequined suits featured at the runways at New York Fashion Week.

How about the coordinating pantsuits that fashion icons and supermodel sisters Gigi and Bella Hadid wore when they attended the Being Serena premiere? Gigi opted for a double-breasted beige blazer with matching matchstick trousers, while the younger Bella wore a traditional style in black paired with sneakers. These outfit choices also show us that these “menswear” can be worn in so many ways to achieve different looks depending on the wearer’s own preferences.
Truly, with increased women empowerment and blurred gender lines, androgynous fashion choices are becoming progressively popular. In fact, we see a rising trend of female celebrities attending red carpet events in power suits proving that this may be one of the biggest trends of the coming seasons.

3. '70s-Inspired Fashion Styles
Fashion trends come and go, and fads that dominate eras tend to make comebacks. This year may be the best time to rock your phenomenal look with trendy frocks as the fashion trends that dominated the seventies, including hippie, disco, boho-chic, glam rock, and punk outfit ideas. If you’re wondering how these styles look like, you can identify with the era’s fashion icons which include phenomenal singer Cher and actress Farrah Fawcett. 
Image Source: Unsplash

4. Floral Prints
Probably part of the returning seventies fashion styles is the dominance of floral prints. Florals in large, bold prints will be observed among fashion collections. Feminine designs featuring floral and paisley prints are reminiscent of boho-chic fashion, but you can mix and match contrasting colour schemes to give it a more modern twist. 

For a selection of prom dresses with vibrant floral prints, you can visit Peaches Boutique in Chicago or check out their style catalogues online. Indeed, you can’t fail with the prettiest floral choices noting that the future is indeed feminine. 

5. Velvet
The luxurious fabric continues to be a major part of the fashion industry this year. Plus, it’s not just limited to the cold weather months of fall and winter. According to fashion experts, this is the time for those who wish to wear velvet the whole year round. Soft neutral velvet blazers and velvet slip dresses are perfect spring wardrobes. Light-coloured, modern velvet pieces can be worn during the summertime.

Other Fall fashion trends you're about to see everywhere include tops with noticeable underwire, bustier-like bodices, multi-coloured plaids, bright two-tone designs, ruffles and frills, and capes.


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