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Королівське весілля: Royal wedding guest : Pink Floral Printed Midi Dress

What to wear to a wedding as a wedding guest can we really difficult atimes to pick then imagine being restricted as a royal wedding guest to wear "a day dress and hats" which translates into more sensible knee-length dressing In a relatively casual move, gents were asked to wear military regalia, lounge suits or morning suits. According to the Instagram Stories of Meghan's girlfriends it looked like many attendees were still perfecting their looks late last night (around 2 a.m.) alongside a tailor—this was clearly not an event where anything would "just do". says
But generally, I like the royal wedding dress code, it looked so put together and stylish. Almost every guest looked really nice. Some dresses got me falling more in love with long dresses even more.
I am wearing the Pink Tied Waist Floral Printed Midi Dress from Metisuboutique. This is a very lovely dress, I totally love the design and fit. I wear a size small and it wasn't bad at all.
Pink represents gentleness, liveliness, peace, and people like to present pink in different ways. The Metisu Pink Tied Waist Floral Printed Midi Dress is the most representative. Ingenious geometric round neck is beautiful and delicate, exuding feminine charm. Ruched detail and slim silhouette have a graceful look. The exclusive belt is not only more striking, but also decorated with a slim waistline. The azalea pattern on the dress attracts people's attention and highlights the vigorous vitality. This is a great dress for work.
Here are the royal wedding guest accessories:
*A fascinator is a headpiece that falls somewhere between a hat and a headband. The Brits love ’em, and we love to see how over-the-top the styles can get. As we prepare for what’s destined to be the royal fashion event of the year, let’s take a look back and some of our favorite fascinators from royal events past says fascinator is from totally lovely the design, it is also available in peach.
* Wear a subtle makeup, nude lips or a non shouty color. My lippy was a little bit much, you can go with something much more subtle. 
*Your hair style should be classy and simple since you are wearing a fascinator, no need for hair drama. I had signature up do hair bun, but this time I took the bun a little down so the fascinator can sit well without making me feel uncomfortable.
*Keep the accessories simple, no big chains or earrings. I wore a gold stud earrings, my signature earrings. They are so comfortable. Generally, long earrings are a little bit heavy for my little ears.

*No bag, simple purse or clutch, I was feeling light with this look so I added a simple pink purse I got from Stradivirus a long time ago, which came in handy. 

We are going for a wedding and not a party so keep the shoes simple, a little bit of sexy wont be a bad idea, I wore my suede spiral barely heels which I got from pinkbasis
Its a wrap about the royal wedding guest, let me know what you think about this look, also would you like to be a royal wedding guest? Let me know in the comment session below.
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  1. your dress looks really really nice! love it! such a stylish look for a wedding!

  2. So chic! x

  3. Stupenda! Adoro le tue scarpe!

  4. Everything about this look is perfection! That dress is so beautiful.

  5. Perfect outfit dear! Look amazing on you! xoxo
    Vesna - Home Chic Club

  6. what a beautiful and elegant dress. Perfect for a wedding dress. You look amazing!
    P.S. I drew you for my Inspired by feature

    1. This is so lovely, I loved it so much and cant wait to share it on my blog. Thank you

  7. Such a beautiful dress! This would be a great wedding guest outfit and I think you accessorised it beautifully! :)

    Hope you have been having a great week :)

    Away From The Blue Blog

    1. Oh dear Mica, you are right, thanks for stopping by.

  8. So elegant, amazing dress! You're so beautiful Melody!
    Kisses, Paola.


  9. This is exactly how we should all attend a wedding. It's so sophisticated and lovely, Melody!

    1. Awww Jodie, you got me with that. Thank you so much

  10. Your outfit looks amazing. Very good outfit for wedding, all of it is totally stunning.
    xo Corina

  11. These photos are so gorgeous! I love the dress so much, the colors are stunning on you! Those shoes, too; SO chic!

  12. What a lovely dress on you dear. So feminine and elegant.

    Jessica |

  13. This is so classy Melody!

  14. This dress is gorgeous! I absolutely love the cut and color! I love how you styled it too, such a fun fascinator!

    xx, Elise

  15. This dress is so stunning on you! Excellent choice for the wedding! xx

  16. Looking classy and stunning Melody dear. That dress is everything.


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