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Meet Dominick Cocozza the 16yr old artist that painted my photo for his art final examination project.

One of the ever grateful and refreshing things about blogging and social influencing, is the impact and inspiration I get to make in the life other people. It gives me great joy and serves as a reminder when I don't feel really inspired to blog and take photos, that someone is waiting for me to post, someone is saying you inspire me, another person finds my work so artistic and relate-able and to mention, this is a daily fuel with keeps burning in my heart to do more. I have a lot artist and painters have created very good art work of me but this one really got me because of how deep the photos speak.Earning money is not always the ultimate in life for me, it is very important but creating to inspire others is fulfilling also.
Who is Dominick Cocozza?
Dominick Cocozza is a sixteen year old artist based in Arlington, Virginia. He focuses on painting and drawing. His main mediums of interest are watercolors and acrylics. But he also works in ink, oils, markers, colored pencils, graphite, charcoal and, pastels. 
He recently participated  in the 2018 Virginia Summer Residential Governor's School for Humanities and the Visual Arts. It is a four week program at Radford University in Virginia. 
I feel so honored  and thankful for the beautiful Yellow Rythms - Acrylics on Canvas
piece of art.

''He said, This was my final exam for my art class in school. The assignment was to create a triptych (a picture or relief carving on three panels, typically hinged together side by side and used as an altarpiece). 
Visit his Instagram Page: @dcocozza.studios and check out his website www.dcocozzastudios.com. He is such a talented artist that has won lots of awards and his inspiring work shop is beyond amazing. Twitter: Dominick Cocozza., Youtube.
You can visit his gallery for more and let me know what you think about this excellent piece of art.
Dominick cocozza regards: Thank you for visiting my website! If you wish to contact me for questions, commissions, etc., feel free to send me a message.

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