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What to wear to a fashion show: Yellow Print Chiffon Midi Dress : Metisuboutique

This has been a topic a lot of media influencer and bloggers ask, what do I wear to a fashion show?. For me styling is about being comfortable and doing it the way it suits you. Fashion shows are always fun to attend, it is a lovely time to show off your street style and capture the attention of the media. You can get featured on fashion magazines and websites which can help boost your media awareness. But in the midst of all this, how do you prepare for a fashion show? I have listed 

I will give you some tips and donts to attending a fashion show.

1. Be yourself
This can never be overemphasized, you need to always do whats suits you. Personal styling is everything, stocking up on a few trend based items can certainly help.
Do not stress yourself and get to anxious about the event. At the end of it all, we all go home to our families and loved ones.
2. Do not go out of budget
A lot of people tend to think that you need to wear designers outfits just because you are attending a fashion show. No dear, all you need is to look stylish and lovely. Some celebrities basically are paid to attend this fashion shows, the clothes are made available to them. Always try not to go out of budget. Be moderate.
Even if the pieces being showcased have such an incredible price tag. Chances are that you will barely even be caught on camera so just go with the flow and try to be a bit more like you.
If you have the money not withstanding you can spend it.
3. Who are you going with?
 Honestly, is it more comfortable to have a friend by your side, especially if you are attending a fashion show for the 1st time. Generally, I recommend you need someone to talk with during the breaks and whisper to when you sight a lovely outfit on the runway. Who is gonna take photos of you? you need someone to take your photos. lol.
4. Keep it casual.
Less is more always works for a fashion show. People captured amongst the great street style images on fashion show events looked really casual yet sophisticated. You can wear a detailed jacket or accessories to compliment the outfit. 
Sophistication: You can look be causal and yet look sophisticated. Causal does not mean you have to look normal. Go for printed pieces that stand out, I don't advice showing to much skin, too much sensuality is not needed, to avoid looking cheap in any respect. You are at a fashion show and not a frat party so it would do you good to look up the latest trends and really pick up pieces, which follow the designer hints.
5. Accessorize well.
This is very important, the shoes, the glasses, the bags, these details always stands out from your outfit. Thrifting sometimes wont be bad, even vintage pieces can also do the magic. Designer bags and shoes are also cool.

6. walk that walk, don't be intimidated.
The street is your runway, walk that walk. Enjoy every moment at the fashion show, get some coffee during the breaks, converse with great people who are willing to talk, get new tips and learn new things. Just be you and go shine.
Wondering where to shop without  breaking the bank I recommend Metisuboutique.com, they have all the trendy pieces that you can ever imagine or want. 
I love dresses that are midi length, so the Yellow Button Front Print Chiffon Belted Midi Dress which happens to be my favorite dress at the moment. The compliments kept coming, I was like yeah... Thank you, really..lol. 
Earrings: Zaful.
Sandals:  Amiclubwear.
Do you have any point to add to the points I listed above, drop it on the comment box below.


  1. Really needed a confidence boost and your post is so much much!
    Your outfit is soo fun and gorgeous and you look so chic, love those earrings :)xx

    - Marina W



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