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A Complete Guide: What Kind of Ring Should You Propose With?


Human love is a very unique phenomenon that cannot be compared to anything else. There are plenty of other animals that live in monogamous communities, but they are not like us. Love makes us quite silly; it can turn us into real goofballs if we are not careful. A lot of people have done many crazy things in the name of love, but was that true love? What is true love anyway, is it just saying I love you? What about the biochemistry in our brains behind love?

This is a very complicated subject that many of us do not understand, yet we still love it. There is a certain time in life when you think that, it is time to mark this love forever. It is time to propose and see where life leads us next, but you need a ring to propose. Luckily, finding the right one does not need to be difficult with this complete guide.

Different types of rings

There are a lot of different types of rings out there, and that is no exaggeration. Before you make the final choice, you should see all the different types of rings that exist. They will wow you because you never knew they even existed, yet they are all so beautiful. Many people fall for the classic mistake of thinking the bigger the diamond, the better. However, there are a lot more parameters to consider than just the size of the diamond.

Besides the diamond, you should also think about the base of the ring. There are a lot more colors and materials to choose from now than just silver and gold. Rose gold and even dark gold are the new trends, including gemstone rings. If you are looking for a ring with a diamond centerpiece, there are a lot of styles that can accompany the diamond position. The cut of the diamond is also very important, perhaps even more important than the size of the diamond.


When choosing the perfect engagement ring, you should think about the symbolism behind it. Buying a ring just for the sake of buying it is not what engagement is all about. The ring should have a story that accompanies the love lives of you and your partner. The ring should be something that fits the narrative of your journey so far and the things that will come in the future. It is also important to think about the upcoming wedding ring and how that will fit together.

Knowing your partner

Getting the perfect ring is all about knowing your unique relationship with your significant other. There is no point in getting the most expensive ring out there if your partner will not like it. It is important to take into consideration their taste before making the final decision. The only way you can do this is by knowing your partner and their wishes, it is that simple. That does not mean that there should not be compromises, your wishes are also important for the ring.

Besides the aesthetics, do not forget the ring needs to be the right size. You will need to be a bit secretive about this unless you choose to be very specific about it on a specific occasion. If you need to be sneaky, this is easily done if your partner already wears a ring. Just measure the ring when they are not wearing it or check where their ring fits your finger. The more direct approach would be to ask them but not make it obvious or be direct and joke about it.

The price tags

The price tag is what everyone talks about when it comes to rings, more than the purpose of it. However, this is the least important parameter when it comes to a ring. You should not buy a ring just because it is expensive and expect your partner to like it.

If you find the perfect ring but it is too expensive for your financial situation, do not buy it. Your partner will not be happy that you are putting your financial situation at risk only for a ring. The price tag should not be your primary consideration when buying a ring; there are other, more important parameters.


This guide serves to change your view of what buying an engagement ring looks like. By understanding these key principles, you will be able to buy the perfect ring. This is not rocket science, it is just understanding your and your SO’s wishes coupled with the knowledge of different rings. It really is that simple to find the right ring that will mark a new and beautiful beginning in your life.

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