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6 Important Things To Do After Suffering A Traffic Accident

When a car accident happens, injuries are a common consequence. If you have been involved in a car accident (caused by another driver’s carelessness) then you need to take legal action. Taking legal action will help you to live with your injuries, mainly because you will likely receive a compensation payment.

However, in order for you to take legal action, there are some important steps that you need to take first. This post will tell you what they are so that if you ever find yourself in an accident, you know what to do.

Gathering Evidence

The first step in protecting your rights and getting compensation is to gather evidence. If you can’t prove that another driver was responsible for the crash, then you may not be able to get compensation. One of the best ways to get compensation is to take evidence directly from the scene. Ideally, take photographs or videos of the other driver, their car, and your car. If you have been injured then take videos of your injuries. When you arrive at the hospital, get a note from the doctor that sees you. This note should include information on the nature of your injuries, how they were caused, and what treatment is recommended. The first thing a lawyer will ask you for when you make a claim for compensation is evidence. If you do not have it, your claim cannot move forwards. Consider gathering witnesses together, too.

Hiring Lawyer

The next thing that you need to do after you have gathered evidence together is to hire a lawyer. You usually have around two years after an accident to make a claim, according to most states’ statutes of limitations. It’s generally better to make your claim immediately though when the injuries are fresh. According to the experts over at this firm, you can find out about the claim-making process by reaching out to a lawyer. Ideally, select a lawyer with a lot of experience in personal injury claims, and read reviews.

Making Claim

When you are ready to make a claim, reach out to the lawyer you have chosen. The first thing they will want from you is a written statement explaining what happened, and your injuries. You need to be honest when giving this account. Also, try to find a lawyer that offers their services on a contingency basis. Hiring a lawyer is not cheap. If you are trying to get legal representation on a budget, you will just end up with a poor-quality lawyer. Hiring an attorney on a contingency basis will mean you get much better representation.

Civil Action

If the person responsible for injuring you did not have a driving license, then you need to take civil action against them, such as by taking them to civil court and suing them. Taking civil action can be very stressful but works the same way that an ordinary compensation claim does, i.e., you reach out to your lawyer and they arrange everything for you. The difference in civil claims is that you will probably have to give evidence in court, which you wouldn’t have to do when making a normal insurance claim. The civil action process can be a lot more prolonged than the ordinary insurance claim process can be.

Calling Police

If the person who was responsible for the crash was drunk, on drugs, or just driving dangerously, then call the police to the scene of the accident immediately. Do not waste time calling the police. If they were not any of these things, then you still need to call them within 24 hours of the crash. Not notifying them within 24 hours could lead to you getting into a lot of trouble. It is a legal requirement to notify the police of accidents within a 24-hour period in most states.

Remain Consistent

As mentioned earlier, be honest when you are giving an account of what happened. In addition to being honest, be consistent. If you are not consistent in your story then you could end up having your claim dismissed. If your story changes every single time you tell it, no lawyer is going to represent you, and no insurance company is going to even consider giving you a compensation payment. Consistency is essential. As long as you are telling the truth, being consistent should not be a problem for you. Make sure to write your version of events down on paper after the accident, so you can study it, and prevent yourself from forgetting anything (especially if you intend on making the claim a year or so in the future).

Claims for compensation can only be made with a lawyer’s help. If you have been involved in an accident, then you need to make a claim. You can do that by following the guidance and advice set out here in this article.
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