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Keep Warm at the Office with These 5 Fall Wardrobe Updates

Fall is all about staying snug and toasty amid cooler weather. This time of the year often entails bringing out those oversized knit sweaters, putting on your favorite pair of wool socks, and having a steaming mug of coffee before the day begins. With all this emphasis on comfort, you might think that incorporating fall trends into your work wardrobe will be a tough feat. Nothing could be farther from the truth, as most fall staples have great potential to make you look extra stylish without defeating the purpose of staying warm and work-appropriate. From wrap skirts to blazers, there’s a wide range of garments that can get you ready for board meetings as well as after-hours wine nights.

To help you plan outfits that are professional yet fall-ready, here are some updates you may want to make for your seasonal wardrobe refresh:

Statement Blazer

Blazers are a fall must-have as well as an office staple. If you intend to look chic at work without breaking the dress code, you may want to switch your black, brown, or navy blazers for something more interesting. If your office leans toward smart-casual outfits, you can go for blazers with prints and textures such as plaid, gingham, and corduroy to give the layering piece a unique twist.

If you want to keep up with the trends, you can opt for oversized wool blazers that you can pair with a classic white top, trousers or sailor pants, and loafers. You can also substitute the oversized blazer with a large trench coat and wear it over a black sweater and a pair of women’s tights for a sophisticated, casual-cool look.

Knitted and Quilted Fabrics

Knitted and quilted clothes don’t always have to be associated with casual wear. Knitted cardigan dresses and sweater dresses, for example, can keep your look polished despite their soft texture. A cardigan dress or sweater dress can be worn as a standalone piece or layered under a classic coat.

Aside from these dresses, you can also opt for soft-textured skirts. For instance, a wool pencil skirt evokes fall fashion with a corporate twist. To make your outfit cohesive and elegant, wear your skirt with a collared blouse or sweater in the same shade.

If your office leans toward casualwear, you may have a bit more freedom to incorporate quilted fabrics. Quilted jackets are well-suited for the fall weather and can spice up a shirt-and-jeans ensemble. Try wearing your jacket with a plaid shirt, black pants, and your trusty pair of sneakers for that street-style flair.

Florals and Bright Colors

Vibrant colors and floral patterns are typically associated with spring and summer, but you can still bring them into the mix this fall. For a work-ready “cottagecore” look that’s aligned with the season, try wearing midi or A-line dresses in autumnal shades of burgundy, dark green, rust, olive, brown, and fuschia. To amp up the romantic vibe, top your look off with a headband and accessorize with gold earrings.

Aside from florals, you can also go for bright colors that add a pop of color to your look. Consider wearing accessories and shoes in bold shades like poppy red or cobalt blue for an eye-catching ensemble. Or, you can center your look around a vibrant piece, such as a bright red dress or peacoat.

Turtleneck and Camel Sweaters

As the temperature drops, you need to make sure that your neck can be kept warm. If it feels too fussy to wear a scarf indoors, turtlenecks are great alternatives and make for must-have pieces to add to your fall wardrobe. A classic black turtleneck, paired with a checkered pencil skirt and high boots, evokes 1970s chic but still fits the bill for office wear.

In addition to turtlenecks, you can also use camel sweaters to elevate your office looks. To give your outfit a modern twist, pair your camel sweater with white jeans and ankle boots.

Unique Accessories

If you find dressing for the office a bit limiting, you can showcase your creativity through your accessories. Fall fashion is big on vintage pieces, so you can use this to your advantage and wear your favorite thrift store finds. Statement necklaces and brooches, for one, bring a subtle air of sophistication to any outfit. Geometric shapes and art-deco-inspired pieces are also great additions to your ensemble if you want a hint of glamor.

Of course, fall isn’t complete without a good hat. Consider cozy hats for the season, such as large fedoras, newsboy caps, beanies, floppy hats, and cabbie hats.

Sweater Weather, but Make It Office Chic

Staying in style for work can sometimes be a challenge, especially since you need to balance creativity with maintaining a professional appearance. Fortunately, some of the most popular fall staples are already considered appropriate for office wear. This season, skip your usual corporate essentials and make dressing more fun by bringing autumn chic to your daily 9-to-5.

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