Christmas is here, and while we are going to have a great time, there is no way to celebrate the season and go to Christmas parties without a quick makeup routine. Do you want to shine this holiday season? then keep reading.

One of the most thrilling months is unquestionably December. We rush around looking for impressive gifts, we decorate the house with lovely ornaments, and, best of all, we get to attend various end-of-year celebrations. Preparing for these events can also be a lot of fun, especially for the ladies who want to make a good impression and look their best. If you are one of them and want to be the star of this year's Christmas parties, this article is for you! I have put together an easy and simple Christmas makeup look that you can achieve with just four makeup products. This Christmas makeup look includes red lipstick, brown eyeshadow, a brown brow pencil, and powder. This irresistible makeup idea is the perfect look that anyone can create.

For me, I like to keep my makeup light, defined, and colourful for Christmas. So, I created this purple eye makeup using the following products:

Here are the products for my Christmas makeup quick guide.

Mac Studio Fix Powder Plus Foundation
I like this powder because it is easy to use and blends well on my skin.

For my lashes, I used Technic intense lash mascara with jojoba oil.

Zaron Duo Eyeshadow
Empress Shade 01

Ruby Woo for Mac
Retro matte lipstick

How to create simple Christmas makeup

First, I applied my Mac Studio Fix Powder Plus Foundation using a Mac foundation brush, and then I applied my eye shadow, used the brown pencil to define my brows, and then I applied Mac Ruby Woo Retro matte lipstick.

You can get my Short Bob Curly Human Hair Wig for Women. AliExpress at SuperShine Hair Store.

What is a Portrait?

A portrait is a painting, photograph, sculpture, or other artistic portrayal of a person that emphasises the face and its expressions. The purpose is to convey the individual's likeness, personality, and even mood. In photography, a portrait is typically not a snapshot but rather a prepared image of a person standing still. In a portrait, the subject often looks directly at the painter or photographer. This helps the subject connect with the audience.

In this article we are going to discuss some of the downsides of Pinterest monetization with that said, here are our top beauty portraits on Pinterest.

Today, we are sharing a few of our favourite beauty portraits trending on Pinterest. People use Pinterest to determine what to do, attempt, or purchase next. There are several popular trends on Pinterest, including travel, beauty, wellness, food and celebration, and fashion, among others. Through Idea Pins and, in the United States, Pinterest TV, creators from around the world bring these trends to life daily.

Do you know that you can get the best images on Pinterest? I used to go through Pinterest to find cool poses sometimes before my shoot.

Beautiful New Bridal Gele and Outfits

The beauty of a Nigerian bride is on her wedding day. Her skin glows, and her costumes make a strong statement about her attractiveness and culture. A gele, also known as a head tie, is a cotton head scarf used by women in many parts of West and Southern Africa. The head tie is used as a decorative head covering or fashion accessory, as well as for its usefulness in a variety of circumstances. Every bride's fantasy is to look her best on her traditional wedding day. Here are Beautiful New Bridal Gele and Outfits.

Using retro nude highlight and contour makeup in certain places makes facial features look more three-dimensional. 

No matter the season, bare, clean skin can revive fashion. In this quarter's show, techniques like partial nude superposition are used to make the outline stand out and look better.

1. It can be particularly challenging for Easterners to control how their naked skin makes the face appear flat. Localized use of highlights and shadows, however, can make the effect the opposite. Apply camel-colored blush by wrapping it around the cheekbones from the outer to the inner profile of the face. Use a highlighter to brighten the skin tone around the canthus. The transparency of bare skin is perceived by the face, which becomes stereoscopic.

2. It can be particularly difficult for people with large faces to control their nude skin, but they can use nude brown blush to gently wrap their nude skin around their faces, making their round, wide faces appear smaller. Beginning at the hairline, the upper half of the face casts a shadow over the facial interior. As if lifting the face tightly, the upper half of the face begins at the chin and shadows upward.

3. On clean, nude skin, there is a very easy way to increase the stereoscopic impression. Apply bare beige to your eyelids, and you'll notice an immediate change in the depth of your eyes. When wearing eye makeup, it is simple for the eyes to appear puffy if the eyeball is wider than the average person's. The range is now as wide as it can be, starting from the corner of the eye and painting very dark first, then applying the colour to the end of the eye. Instead, to make your facial features appear more stereoscopic, if you have narrow eyeballs, you should first paint them very dark from the end of your eyes to the corners of your eyes.

4. To make the skin appear less clean, add a touch of pink, red, or orange to the nude area. As a result, the blush colour selection palette becomes quite limited. The three-dimensional perception of facial features on nude skin can be enhanced by the bright white blush mixed with a little coral red light. Applying a small amount of blush to the part of the cheek that sticks out when laughing leaves a very clean, faint colour. Due to the intense brightness of the colour, the front of the cheekbones will appear more prominent, and the facial features will appear more stereoscopic.

Here are 10 Beautiful bare face natural makeup ideas and how to achieve them.

Bare face makeup Ideas By Oliver Lechner.

If you like a particular neutral makeup shade, feel free to wear it every day; no one will bat an eye. But I know you have an Instagram folder with serious eye inspo in it, just in case you need to put on some diamond studs and bright liner for an unexpected event. I hate to be the one to break it to you, but that spontaneous happening you've been anticipating? Unlikely to occur under any circumstances. What I'm trying to say is that the time for epic eye art is now, not tomorrow or two months from now.

Some moments in life have the power to freeze others in place, despite the fact that the average lifespan is rather high. What are some things that will stick out in your mind? Leave out the school years; they're becoming less and less important every year. Now tell me about your amazing time at the prom. This is the momentous occasion that will lead you into your new life. Envision yourself looking absolutely stunning, from your hair to your shoes. Is this not the time you will always treasure?

In my opinion, you don't need a special reason to play around with your eye makeup and try something new; being creative, having fun, and expressing yourself are all perfectly valid justifications. Here are 64 Beautiful and Unique eye makeup ideas art that will inspire you to experiment with makeup right away.

Every time you check social media, you will find something new and appealing that you might like to incorporate into your traditional wedding attire. Gele trends are constantly changing. These Gele styles are the most popular right now, so if you're a bride, choosing one of these Gele styles is a smart move. Please feel free to download and share these new Gele styles for a Nigerian bride in the interim. I have covered https://www.melodyjacob.com/2021/02/2021-latest-nigerian-bridal-gele-and.html more Gele styles that you may still want to check out.

Bridal makeup ideas

It might be difficult to choose the right wedding makeup look for your special day because there are so many styles, options, and beauty trends to choose from. The last thing you need on your wedding day is to be concerned about your makeup and if it will stay put, smell fresh, and look as good as it did when you first put it on. Natural makeup, focused on dewy skin and neutral eyeshadows, is great for assuring all-day wearability. A natural bridal makeup look is also ideal since it draws attention to your greatest features, ensuring that you look your best on your wedding day. 

With a guide to the most stunning makeup styles accessible for every type of bride, we've compelled the latest bridal makeup and hairstyles for your viewing pleasure. 

Let us take a moment to admire these stunning women and the makeup artist who created their looks. According to some, the things that make you unique are also your most beautiful characteristics. Here are some of our top beauty picks for this week by Lara Gilles the beauty Photographer.

Whether you're spending Valentine's Day via Zoom or have a romantic night planned with your lover, you can still experiment with red makeup looks. There are more ways to use the two tones than you might realize, from strong lip colours to romantic and glowy cheek and eye pairings. To provide further inspiration ahead of the holiday, we have compelled a few looks by Lara Gilles.

23 Gele styles trending on Instagram in 2022

The Nigerian Gele fashions are all over social media right now. Every weekend, we see new brides walk down the aisle, people attend new weddings, and new wedding style trends emerge. Today, we're going to show you the latest gele trends for both new brides and wedding guests. 

Looks You'll Love for Valentine's Day Makeup.

Love is once again in the air! Valentine's Day is rapidly approaching, which means it's time to start planning fresh romantic makeup ideas and hairstyles. Whether you're out on a date with your valentine, at home alone watching a romantic comedy or hosting a friends celebration, there are a plethora of lovely makeup and hairstyles ideas to attempt. For example, if you like a more modest look, you cannot go wrong with a traditional no-makeup, makeup look. 

Are you ready to start planning your glam? To get you started, here are 6 on-trend makeup looks ranging from smokey eyes to glossy lips. We guarantee you'll fall in love with them – long after February 14 has passed.

6 Valentines Day Makeup and Hairstyles

Are you planning to marry in 2022? If so, then choose the most current bridal makeup and Gele styles that complement your style. Bridal looks have evolved throughout the years to accommodate more current styling while maintaining their traditional roots. Each year, Nigerian makeup artists and Gele stylists have managed to elevate their game. Each year, there is always something new to add to a bridal outfit. There are a variety of distinctive hues, head ties, and accessories that can elevate a bridal look, and today we've compiled the best makeup and Gele head ties styles that will make any 2022 Nigerian bride stand out and look magnificent on her wedding day.

Valentine's Day is one of our most anticipated days. You may be planning a date with your partner or buddies. It's crucial to look your best on this special day. We've rounded together the best Valentine's Day makeup looks. It could be a favorite hairstyle or a new look. We have the perfect makeup look for Valentine's Day 2022. We have valentines makeup looks to assist you to win your loved one's heart.

This Valentine's Day, try out new makeup looks. YES MADAM can also boost your glam factor. You may also maintain your natural beauty by wearing minimal makeup.

Dark lipstick with smoky eyes

The ideal party makeup look for a dinner date is smoky eyes and dark lipstick. Dark lipstick can be used to highlight the cupid's bow. Use your imagination to create a smokey effect with your eye. Take a risk and opt for a dark, lush lip look. To increase the glam factor of this party makeup look, use a highlighter.

Smokey eyes

Concentrate on the Lip

Natural makeup looks are timeless and fashionable. Try a natural, dewy appearance for your lunch date this Valentine's Day. With a natural look, enhancing the lips with a strong color is a great way to step it up a notch. Begin by applying a sheer layer of foundation. It will allow the natural skin to shine through. Warm red lipstick completes this party makeup look.


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