Saturday, March 11

Technic Nude Edit Matte Lipstick Review

According to the brand, this is a bullet matte lipstick that comes in 5 shades. A soft formula that glides onto the lips leaving a super opaque, matte finish. Infused with Vitamin E and a light coconut scent.

Suitable for vegans
Suitable vegetarians

When I went to the store to buy this nude lipstick, all I needed was something that wouldn't be too loud and that I could get away with wearing to work. Because there is not a lot to say about this technique, I won't be writing very much. But here is my take on this lipstick from the company Technic, which is known for selling makeup at inexpensive prices.

1. Very affordable (4 pounds)
2. Not so smooth
3. Apply lightly for a better effect

Look closely, it is not smooth but the color is nice.

Nude Lipsticks you should try.


  1. Hi!
    The packaging is pretty, but I love how the color of the lipstick fit on you! 🫶🏻
    Take care!

  2. La barra de labios es el cosmético que más utilizo.
    Un saludo,

    1. oh for me, I am trying not to use it alot.

  3. The color does look perfect on you.
    Happy Sunday!

  4. Love the review. So lovely!


  5. Hello!!
    The color of the lipstick is beautiful, also you have a great advantage and that is that it has beautiful lips to show the product, thanks for sharing :D

  6. Love that lipstick and you look fabulous!

  7. nice colour👍👍👍


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