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How to use a Zaful Promotional Code?

At Zaful, being loyal to shoppers by giving low prices is always a target. Sometimes, they like to lower the prices even further by offering coupon codes! So, how exactly do you use promo codes on the Zaful website? this guide will show you how! Read on to find out how to start saving even more!

While shopping on the Zaful site, click on the item you want to purchase. From the item’s page, click on your desired color and then select your size. Be sure to measure yourself against the size charts for every item before placing the item in your bag. Once you are sure everything is correct, click “Add to Bag.” This places the item in your online shopping cart.
Continue the above steps for all of the items you wish to purchase on Zaful. Once you have everything you want to buy and are ready to check out, hover your mouse over the Shopping Bag icon. A drop down view of your Shopping Bag will appear. From there, click on “View Bag/Checkout.Once you’re in the Shopping Bag view, look to the right. You will see a section under “Checkout” with a text box. Above the text box, you will see “Promotion Code.” The text box is where you enter any Zaful coupon codes that you want to 
So, type in the coupon code in the Promotion Code text box. For our example, we’re using code LOVE18. After typing in your code, click “Apply.” After clicking Apply, if the code is valid, it will automatically apply your discount. It will reflect in your Grand Total.
After your discount has been applied, you can repeat the above steps to add additional promo codes if you have any. Once you’re ready to check out, you can begin the checkout process by clicking “Check out with PayPal” or “Proceed To Checkout” if you’re not checking out with PayPal. From there, just enter the required information and you’re good to go!
That’s it! It’s very easy to use Zaful promo codes! If you have any questions, feel free to contact Zaful Customer Support.
Magical Measuring Tape
Your body measurements are the most vital things that you need when shopping online. This is why a measuring tape can be your best friend if you are a fan of online shopping. Always keep one in your drawer and before you make a purchase, check the size chart as the sizes and measurements vary across brands.
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