Thursday, January 11


On the contrary I am allergic to animals, I rarely visit people with pets at home. 
Sometime ago, I traveled to Kiev and missed the train back to my city. There wasn't any available ticket at that time, so I decided to stay over at my friends place. 
She has a big white cute cat. This cat is so lovely and friendly. It came to me and stared at me so cutely and at that moment I wondered what it will feel like having a cat around the house, I imagined myself crying and the cat staring at me.
 That was actually my 1st time of coming so close to a cat. I actually touched it but the after effect wasn't good.
I  think I might end up with a chicken or Horse as a pet or nothing. I literally freek out each time an animal tries to get so close to me. So far so good no one around me at the moment has a pet and I am so Happy.
As you can see , I am wearing a yellow hoodie featuring letter graphic pattern and drawstring design. Its so cool and give a lively vibe. It inspired me talking about the effect animals has on me. This Letter Pattern Hoodie has a free fit with a comfortable feel.
Come on, are you not enjoying seeing ladies wear Newsboys hat even more this season? it looks so good on us. This hat changes your outfit game in seconds. 
Mine is made of denim and has a cute smiling face embroidered on it.
Do you have that statement heels that everyone compliment each time you wear them?.
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