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What are you wearing this Valentine’s Day?

Valentine’s Day is right around the corner and that means it’s time to start planning some dates! There’s never a wrong way to spend the day and no matter what you’re planning, there’s always a perfect outfit to wear! Here are a few date ideas for you and your cutie with the perfect outfit for each activity.
The Night on the Town
For newer couples, sometimes something more casual can be perfect. No one wants the pressure of a big fancy dinner, so try going out for drinks and small plates this Valentine’s Day. For this type of date try something more chic, like an all black outfit. No one can ever go wrong with all black. Find something you’re comfortable in. For example: some black jeans  or this three pieces short from www, and a black peplum top or alternative like mine, the wrap top by Style by K would look perfect!  Pair it with a lovely pair Sexy dusty pink rope accent peep toe high heels booties faux suede. 
I love this one from Lulu’s because it looks simple in the front, but has an open back with lace that gives it a romantic, yet chic look.
A Romantic Dinner
A Romantic dinner is always a go-to for so many couples on Valentine’s Day. Red or black dresses are always classic, but why not try a different color this year? Emerald is a flattering color and it makes any dress or top look more dinner appropriate. For this outfit, I recommend matching it with some fashionable earrings. Nothing too flashy, but these Tribar Ear Jacket earrings from AUrate make enough of a statement and compliment the dress perfectly.
Museum Day Date
If you really wanna mix things up, going to a history or art museum is a great idea for a Valentine’s Day date. No matter what you’re interested in, there are so many different museums that can help strike meaningful conversation for this special day. For days like these, it’s better to go for a casual look, but casual doesn’t mean boring! Try a floral shirt and some skinny jeans. Pairing this outfit with some comfy flats and Plain Faux Suede Design Baseball Hat - Rosy Brown is always a good idea for long walks while exploring antiques or fine art.!860!3!200226264644!!!g!362029171127!&ef_id=V4QBYAAAAOeGfnJI:20180123180114:s
A Cozy Night In
A comfy night in is a great date that won’t break the bank. Put on those comfy leggings and pick a movie you both enjoy or have been dying to see. Making some popcorn or some Valentine’s Day themed snacks are little ways to make the evening more special and on theme. For this outfit I would suggest some Lululemon leggings and a cozy oversized shirt; something cute but also comfortable. The Align leggings and Urban Outfitters thermal shirts are always a go-to for me.
How are you planning on spending Valentine’s Day this year? 

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