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Cool Accessories for Men In 2018

Style is something men are taking seriously, thanks in no small part to style icons like rapper Tinie Tempah (whose Instagram fashion pics are as famous as his thought-provoking lyrics), Matthew Zorpas (founder of The Gentleman Blogger - a site that combines travel and fashion to perfection) and Theophilus London (a Brooklyn-based MC who collaborates with Outkast’s Big Boi and Solange Knowles).
These sartorial stylists are taking men’s fashion beyond a good suit, designer watch, and dapper hat. They are showing that you don’t need a huge budget to wear your idea of art; all it takes is a few accessories that turn your look from boring to wow.
Rosy Brown Plain Faux Suede Design Baseball Hat from Rosegal.
The Small Touches that Maketh the Man
Brian Sacawa, the founder of He Spoke Style, is famous for embellishing serious looks with colorful accessories. Think a slim fit Grey Italian suit with an ashes-of-roses shirt and a silk polka-dotted scarf in burgundy.
Sacawa’s Instagram page makes evident that style goes beyond what you wear; it extends to small accessories that no longer bear the plain, boring designs they used to. Take pens; stylish men are interested in high-end brands, coupled with leather bound notebooks and diaries.
Even essential tools such as popular Swiss army knives are no longer necessary simplistic in style. Many are jazzed up with creative prints, bold colors, or geometric designs which make for a great conversation piece or an ideal present for fashionable men who have everything.
Accessories with Bold Prints
Women and men alike are using prints in a far more creative manner, foregoing old-style rules in favor of new combinations (who said different types of plaid didn't match, or that you couldn't mix polka dots with stripes?).
Rules regarding complementary and contrasting colors have also been thrown out the window, with ties, scarves or men’s handkerchiefs ostensibly ‘clashing’ (but actually styling up) otherwise traditional looks.
Ways to play with prints include pairing two different prints with the same base color, or prints that differ in scale.
Finally, many bloggers are treating stripes like neutral colors, pairing them up with complex prints. Jewelry as the Final Touch
Men’s rings and bracelets have made a huge comeback, with pieces made inexpensive noble materials and more affordable metals, rope or leather, alike. Thus, expect to find your man in an elegant suit with a simple black leather bracelet and halo cufflinks decorated with tiny tufts of fur, crystals, or watch movement designs.
Men’s fashion in the new millennium is right on par with that of women, with looks that are as creative, daring, and new, as one’s imagination can conjure up. Men who would love to sport a more personal look can start out with accessories and work their way up to their own version of a groundbreaking look.

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