Everyday we work hard, we do something same way or differently. We want to be better and we always get lesser or more, nevertheless keep pushing. I will not tell you there is light at the end of the tunnel because you might just get your breakthrough by the roadside.
Melody Jacob




what is the difference between editorial fashion and advertising/commercial fashion. Quite simply, as most of you know, editorial is what would be shown in a magazine. Advertising is selling a product or brand. Advertising tends to look cleaner, using simple lighting to really show off the clothing or make up. Editorial sells more of the mood and the situation the clothing would be worn in. There are less “rules” per se in editorial fashion photography because it’s a bit looser. “But what about advertising campaigns like Gucci or Prada?” one might ask. And, well, you are right! What about them?? The lighting is definitely not simple, nor the sets or the looks. They’re pretty “grand” ad campaigns.
And does this apply to beauty campaigns. Yes, absolutely. MAC has a whole different branding tactic than say Maybelline or Noxema. Or Ponds. They both run ads and they’re both considered advertising beauty but the looks differ greatly. MAC shows red eye make up with a purple tinted lip liner and blue-red lipstick on a punk girl with an edgy light. Ponds? No way. Clean skin, pure light, fresh, young, vibrant. Those are words to describe their ads.
What Commercial Models Do.
Commercial models are featured on national or local print advertisements, catalogs, television and trade shows. Although the income is sufficient, most commercial models do not receive lucrative contracts and are not recognized nationally. According to New, commercial models typically work in the industry temporarily while waiting for editorial contracts. Commercial modeling jobs are booked through modeling agencies.
What Fashion Models Do
Fashion models or editorial models are often recognized by the public. Most editorial models work out of New York, while some take on jobs abroad – in cities such as Tokyo, Paris, London or other international fashion capitals. Editorial fashion models work primarily on the runway featuring new designer lines at national and international fashion shows. Editorial fashion agencies provide jobs for fashion models.
Shot by Evg Photos (EV_KOVALEVSKAYA)
Concept : USSR Culture
Model : Mitchell Dsane, Sui_Generis, Melody Jacob.

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