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BODYBLENDZ BODY OIL was created because every babe deserves to stay extra soft and silky skin all
day and all night long. This lavish blend includes
Coconut : Natural Skin Moisturizer – Using Coconut oil for skin health works well as a moisturizer for your face. It absorbs quickly, and is non-greasy. At room temperature, coconut is a solid, but it quickly melts when it comes into contact with hands.

Macademia : Macadamia nut is touted for its amazing benefits for the hair. Some of the benefits of macadamia for hair include:
1. A Non-Greasy Oil:
Macadamia oil, unlike conventional hair oil, does not make the hair greasy. It gets easily absorbed into the scalp, seeping into the layers of the skin. You can use macadamia oil as a serum too. Take a few drops of macadamia oil and rub it between the palms. Smooth it through the hair to get a frizz free look.

2. Prevents Dry Hair:
Macadamia nuts contain palmitoleic acid, a monounsaturated fat that promotes the production of sebum in the scalp. This replenishes the follicles, rejuvenating the hair. It also moisturizes and strengthens rough and dry hair. Add a little macadamia nut oil to your conditioner and apply it to the hair. This will make the hair silky and smooth. Regular hair massage with macadamia oil increases shine, rebuilds elasticity, and stimulates hair growth.

3. Macadamia Shampoo:

Macadamia shampoo is very beneficial for the health of the hair. Shampoos containing this nut are ideal for dry and damaged hair. The shampoo replenishes moisture without making the hair heavy. It also protects the hair from environmental conditions.
Macadamia Nuts Benefits for Skin:
4. Macadamia Oil for Dry Skin:

Macadamia is very effective for treating dry and damaged skin. Regular application softens, moisturizes, and adds a glow to the dehydrated skin. The emollient properties of macadamia oil benefits to reduce wrinkles and dryness. Macadamia oil is suited for all skin types, including oily skin. It is light, non-greasy and gets absorbed easily into the skin.

5. Anti-ageing:
This amazing nut contains several anti-ageing compounds that bring down the rate at which the skin ages. Palmitoleic acid in macadamia nuts not only prevents the signs of ageing but also removes it. The acid retains the suppleness of the skin and gives it a youthful appearance.

6. Nail Care:
Macadamia oil makes a great nail treatment. Massaging the hands and cuticles with macadamia oil prevents cuticle damage. It not just improves the condition of the cuticles, but also gives you strong and healthy nails.
Macadamia Nuts Benefits for Health:

Macadamia nuts have a bad reputation, owing to their high fat content. But several studies have proved that the nuts can be very beneficial for health. Some of the health benefits of macadamia nuts include:
7. Heart Diseases:

Macadamia nuts contain a high value of fat, but the fat is monounsaturated in form. The monounsaturated fat helps to lower cholesterol, decreasing the risk of heart diseases and stroke. The high fiber content in macadamia nuts maintains a healthy blood lipid profile, protecting the body from coronary artery diseases.
8. Weight Loss:

Macadamia nuts contain palmitoleic acid, a type of monounsaturated fatty acid that speeds up the metabolism, reducing body fat.
9. Antioxidants:

Macadamia is also noted for its high flavonoid content. Flavonoids are compounds found naturally in plants. These compounds protect the body from environmental toxins and help to repair damaged cells. The antioxidants present in Macadamia destroy the free radicals, protecting the body from several diseases.
10. Cholesterol:

The addition of macadamia nut to your diet can help reduce cholesterol as it is a cholesterol free food. A research conducted in the University of Hawaii found that people who followed a Macadamia diet had lower cholesterol levels than those who did not. A diet rich in macadamia also lowers the levels of triglycerides in the body.
Nutritional Value of Macadamia Nuts:

Macadamia nut is a rich source of energy. A 100 grams serving provide 712 calories, the highest value among nuts. It is packed with several health benefiting vitamin, minerals, fiber and antioxidants. It provides 9 grams of fiber per 100 grams serving. It is an excellent source of minerals like calcium, iron, zinc, magnesium and manganese. It also contains B complex vitamins like niacin, pyrimidine, thiamine and riboflavin.

Olive :74% percent of this fat content is oleic acid, which is a monounsaturated fatty acid. It is the main component of olive oil. It has been linked with several health benefits, including decreased inflammation and a reduced risk of heart disease. It may even help fight cancer. 

Jojoba : Makeup remover. Add a few drops of jojoba oil to fingers or to a cotton ball and wipe over eyes and face. Facial Cleanser. and Moisturizer. Body Moisturizer. Apply Jojoba Oil immediately after shower or bath, while skin is still damp. Body & Scalp Massage. Skin Softener. Conditioning Treatment. Lip Conditioner.  

Grape seed oils : proven to smooth and improve overall skin quality.
Hydrate and Nourish
Diminish Dryness
Reduce Wrinkles
Ease Irritation

Application : Apply generously after a BodyBlendz scrub and get ready to glow from head to toe.

100% Australian Made and Owned,
100% Pure and Natural,
100% Tested on Human Bodies Only.
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