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There has always been a wide speculation about diet and exercise. The question is, which is more effective?. 
While hitting the gym has many great health boons, it might not be the best way to lose weight, When you set your sights on weight loss, the formula seems easy: work out more, eat less. But a new study shows that it might be more about what you eat, putting truth to the idiom "abs are made in the kitchen, not the gym."
In 2013, researchers from Loyola University began looking into the relative power of diet and exercise as they relate to moving the scale. They thought they'd discover that exercise would prove to be a crucial component for weight loss. Two years later, though, the science shows that the largest driver behind obesity is not how sedentary people are but instead how poor their diet is.
"Physical activity is crucially important for improving overall health and fitness levels, but there is limited evidence to suggest that it can blunt the surge in obesity," the study authors explained. The more you work out, the more your appetite increases.

Of course, this new Loyola study isn't the first to come to this conclusion. Research has consistently shown for years now that exercise doesn't necessarily lead to weight loss. In a meta-analysis published in the Journal of the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics last year, for example, researchers found that people only lost noticeable weight if they combined exercise and calorie restriction.
This is the problem with most weight-loss advice, the Loyola researchers said, which often puts statements like "take the stairs instead of the elevator" or "walk 10,000 steps a day" on par with calorie restriction.
But don't you dare drop your gym membership! Being active has a ton of benefits that go far beyond what the scale says. Increasing your strength and endurance has been shown to help prevent cancer, improve mental health, help diabetes, and help you live longer. 
Plus, research shows that dieters who exercise are better able to maintain weight loss and are also able to lose fat while keeping valuable muscle.You just need to make sure you're logging your gym time and your food intake. 
In conclusion, exercising and dieting work hand in hand, none is more important than the other, infact, they compliment each other. So the saying should be "abs are made both in the kitchen and in the gym."
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