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When it comes to looking at your gym bag essentials, first thing to remember is to keep your bag fresh! There is nothing worse than a stinky kit bag being traipsed around the gym or changing rooms. Keep your bag clean!
So the frist thing on our list is our  Training Clothes should be fit over fashion. Don't waste time worrying about your gym attire.
 Shakers : World premiere for our new unique protein shakers completely covered in our signature patterns! Our first batch was sold out in 2 hours - but now the big refill is on it's way. Good

Shoes :If you're an advanced lifter, you may prefer lifting shoes to traditional cross-trainers or running shoes. Whatever choice you make, make sure it provides the support you need for the type of training you will do. Box jumps or running in sandals would turn out even worse than it would look.

Workout gloves : Training glove with patterned top and adjustable wrist strap with stylish rubber detail. Padded inside with Stronger GEL SYSTEM™ covered with durable suede for increased comfort. In these, you'll lift heavier and pull off the extra chinsen with a smile. Match gloves with a top or bottom piece in the same style.
Gym Sack Marquina : A classic gym-sack with a touch of luxury. All-over printed front with gold details. Backside made out of a comfy black mesh fabric. Black straps and pocket on the side.
Bracelets : Black bracelet with white printing – a nice little detail for extra motivation in or out of the gym!Two bracelets per pack.

Towel :Sweating is normal—especially in the gym! But nobody wants to sit in your sweat. Bring a towel to wipe down the equipment after you finish using it, or simply to keep your sweat to yourself.
Music : It motivates you.
Timer Or Monitor : If you want to keep real-time tabs on your progress every step of the way, keep a quality heart rate monitor in your gym bag. You can use this during cardio and lifting sessions to monitor your heartbeat and stay in the desired zone. Some heart rate monitors will even give estimations of total calories burned, so if fat loss is a primary goal, give them a look.
Get your fitness fashion wears, from www.strongerlable.com. Look fit wearing quality gym wears, which gives great sensitivity,creativity and drive to work out.

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