"Whoso keepeth his mouth and his tongue keepeth his soul from troubles" (Proverb 21: 23).
When a fire is under control, it is a useful servant, but when it rages uncontrollably, it is a destructive giant that consumes everything in its path.



Achieving this looks was so simple and fun. This is the October edition of the Glowbox which is the dark Mysterious Edition. To subscribe to the monthly beauty box, Please Visit
Here are the content for October.

1. Benecos-QUARTTRO edition eye shadow.
Enhance the natural beauty of your eyes beauty creating a stunning Beautiful eyes with the eye shadow. 4 different Colors, Chocolate, Dark lilac, Dusky pink and Ivory.
Eye of Horus : Goddss pencil (Scarab Sapphire,Nubian Brown Or Charcoal. 
Create the most Mysterious vampy/sleek eye look with these uniquely formulated eyeliners.
Lucy Annabella-Date Night Organic Bath Milk.
Seductive blend of Patchouli,Ylang Ylang,Nutmeg,Palmaro-sa and Mandarin essential oils arouse your sense in an exiting aphrodisiac style.
New Andre Walker -Ultimate TKO Conditioner
For total Keratin Obsession. Hydrates and Strengthens your hair.
New mixed Chick-Dual Stick Foundation and Bronzer.
This is the best foundation I have used in  long while. It blends in so well, giving a perfect natural look and cover. The chocolate look is just the best. It can mix and blend 5 color shades to give a perfect sun kissed look.
Saturated color-Multitask (Seductive Damson)
Soft, easy, pigmented application. Prolongs lip color, provides flash on eyebrow color, perfect for face art.
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