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Most mass-production denim companies are continually looking for ways to create a less expensive product. While this saves you money, it also creates inconsistencies in size, fit, and fabric. Many people choose to buy designer denim simply to avoid this. Designers will use the same fabrics and techniques year after year to provide a consistent product. From the fabric itself to sewing methods and design, designer jeans are typically the best quality jeans you can buy. While other denim companies use cheap materials and cut and sew the pants in mass, designer denim is made of the best fabrics, and most are cut and sewn individually. Designer jeans will usually last much longer than other jeans without fading or wearing out, even if they're worn nearly every day. So here is one best choice for you.
Whether you are planning to party like it’s ’99 or 2016,  Zoe is the style that never goes out of fashion. With a sky-high waist and slim leg it’s the modern take on a retro style that leaves you with endless possibilities to define your style no matter if you’re into ‘70s plateau, ‘90s sneakers or ‘00s stilettos. Material : 98% cotton, 2% elastaneSky high waisted drainpipes. Available in Different sizes.
Denim Brand : Drdenim.
Zaful : Hat. purchase the chicest baseball hats from Zaful.com.
Bag : Bag: Susen Leather collection.

Heels : Sophie strappy heel in nude (Flingfootwear).

Sunglasses :IMIJ : Aviator Sunglasses Also available in different colors.

Wrist watch : Soir-n-06-link (Nicole Vienna)

Black Shirt : Drywash from Topsecret.

Necklace : Nicki Marie Jewelry.

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Makeup by Chioma and Evg photos Find her on Instagram .

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