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9 Signs of emotional self-harm

We often only think about self-harm when it comes to the physical, but the ways that we speak to ourselves, silence ourselves, isolate ourselves can also cause us harm. Emotional self-harm can be just as dangerous and detrimental as physical self-harm. If you are struggling with emotional self-harming patterns, there is nothing to be ashamed of. You deserve to feel your feelings and get support without shame or punishment.

Here are 9 signs of emotional self-harm you should not ignore.

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  1. Some signs of emotional self harm are criticising your self alot, putting yourself into dangerous or panic inducing situations, you may try to run away from your emotions, you may subconsciously belittle accomplishments you make, you might not take care of your self properly and you might put others above you and try to please them at your own expense.

  2. Hi, that is a very insightful question!!! I, (AFTER DOING SOME RESEARCH TO UNDERSTAND) honestly think emotional self harming is as dangerous as cutting or any other physical punishment we force upon ourselves.


    This HAS to be a learned behavior, right? No little one hates the person they are becoming. But by meanness, stupidity, and evilness an outside influence is showing him/her they are not GOOD ENOUGH. Sadly, the child begins to believe the hateful lie.

    From religion (A little Angel with a crooked �� halo saying HOW special she is because GOD doesn't make junk) to the sheer magnitude of personalities that are unique on this �� Earth past, present, and FUTURE. Generally, it isn't the most popular cheerleader who rocks the adult world, it is the Class Nerd who ALWAYS had their nose in a book that rules the business world. AND has the bank account to show for it.

    Emotional self-harming is a dangerous thing. It is better to (try to) surround yourself with a BETTER class of people who know how great you actually ARE!! Never give up on improving yourself, but realize that self acceptance is like THE TOOLBOX OF COPING MECHANISMS. You won't have anyplace to store the good if you are lacking your foundation of a toolbox.

    BEST OF LUCK HONEY!! LOTS OF ✨����✨ to you!!

  3. Having a hard time thinking of something about you which is good or lovable.
    Exposing yourself to situations, people, and scenarios that you know trigger you.
    Auto-negative thinking which assumes that you must be the reason people are unhappy
    There are a lot more, but these seem to be the big ones I've seen both in myself and in people I've known.

  4. Anger is the sing of emotional self-harm.

  5. Think about it this way, there’s not really signs. Emotional self harm is when you constantly make negative comments about yourself. These comments don’t usually seem harmful but they build up and become dangerous. Lots of people who emotionally self harm don’t even know it’s happening and it’s pretty hard (in my opinion) to take notice. One way that might be a sign is if you or someone else catches you making a comment about yourself.

    “I’m an idiot”

    “no one likes Me”

    “I’m a failure ”

    Instead you you try a more positive outlook.there’s something I leaned in DBT called Wise mind, emotional mind, and logical mind. AKA how your brain reacts to situations.

    emotional mind- this mindset can be very harmful. Instead of thinking about situations they go straight in. Their emotions guide their thoughts and they are more prone to emotional outbursts, anxiety and depression. They tend to put themselves down (emotional self harm) For example- you and your mom got into a fight right before school, she’s says something you don’t like and instead of steeping back you scream at her and slam the car door. Ending in both of you a bad day.

    Some things you might say in emotional mind are

    “they are laughing at me”

    “I’m not wanted”

    “I’m not enough”

    logical mind- This mind is a bit tough to explain. They usually indulge themselves in work. They forget personal needs and often don’t pay much attention to the people around them. They are more guided by their brain. They push aside all their emotions even in dire situations. For (watered down) example You’re in science class and the assignment is to dissect frogs. They feel sick beacuse they are so scared but instead of telling a teacher they push it down and keep doing the assignment, dealing with emotions by themselves or not at all causing depressive tendencies..They may have trouble understanding emotions .

    some things you might say in logical mind are

    “I’m a failure”

    “my emotions don’t matter”

    “what I’m feeling is pointless ”

    wise mind - It’s a mix between the two and everyone’s ultimate goal! People with a wise mind assess the situation, the look at it as a whole. These kinds of people take in other’s opinions but keep theirs in mind. They might take a break and look back at things to figure out the best option. An example of using wise mind is One example of Wise Mind could include taking a timeout in the middle of a fight to avoid saying something you don't mean, then coming back calmer and with a cleared head to diffuse an argument.

    Some thing you can say in wise mind are

    -“I know I can do this”

    -“Just because I’m struggling now does not mean it will last”

    “-I am worth every thing I’ve earned”

    If you’re struggling with emotional self harm I suggest that when you catch yourself doing it you try to change the way you say it. For example instead of saying “Im never going to get better” say “I believe I can get better”

    when you say bad things to yourself it eventually hurts you just like saying postive things eventually helps you!

    Saying negative things about yourself with no postive back up is harmful. It’s just like how you wouldn’t say the things you say to yourself to others. Treat yourself kindly! Give yourself some time! Relax! Do things that your Tommorow self will appreciate. You are so loved and valid and I wholly belive you got this ❤️❤️❤

  6. Being self destructive, setting yourself up for failure, making up scenarios in your head to purposely hurt your feelings, etc.

  7. Signs of emotional self harm….well it depends on you, your perseption towards the right and wrong. If you think that having certain thoughts are bad for you, doing certain things are bad for you and you are still doing that then that's emotional harm

    Signs may include

    Doing stuff which are against your rulebook, something you do or can't stop doing and even while doing that stuff you loathe yourself cause it's not you but you continue doing it as if unconsciously punishing yourself.

    Hating every inch bit of your being, not being able to take in the compliments from others cause you get a low self esteem.

    Thinking of you were better off if you were not around.

    When your thoughts race without your permission when all the stuff in your mind is against you and you believe that's its true that where you are emotionally harming yourself.

    Guilt… guilt about yourself and the things which don't even exist or matter, guilt for existing. To know that you're in guilt you won't be able to swallow or you might get that feeling of puking and heaviness in your stomach.

    Getting rid of the stuff you love because you want that emotional pain, cutting yourself from people you love, doing the exact opposite of things which make you happy example for an extrovert a person might isolate yourself and will not speak no matter what, to get emotionally harmed.

    See self harming emotionally starts off by knowing that you are emotionally harming yourself, you're aware of it. But ends up in unconsciously harming yourself all day because everything is masked and you think that this is your reality. This stage when it comes needs it's really hard and hopeless at seems cause now you're unaware that you're even harming yourself so be very alert.

    You should try not to enter this stage cause you'll be paralysed before you know it, seek help from some trained professionals and take medicines it's just your chemicals playing with you.

    Know it before it destroys you and trust me it's potent cause it's you.

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