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What are the major signs of toxic people?

A toxic person is anyone whose behavior stresses you out, brings along negative vibes, and leaves you angry with wondering thoughts. Toxicity in people most times is not considered a mental disorder but there could be a personality disorder and underlying mental problems that cause someone to act in toxic ways.

Not a lot of people get to realize when they are breeding toxic people around them. Toxic people are difficult and cause a lot of conflicts anywhere they go. These people can create lots of stress and unpleasantness for you and others, coupled with emotional and physical trauma.

Many times, people who are toxic are dealing with their own stresses, traumas, or pain. To do this, they act in ways that don't present them in the best light and usually upset people around them. If you have a close friend who you are yet to understand why you feel a certain way or become really sad when they are around you or after they leave you might be dealing with a toxic friend.

There are toxic signs to watch out for when you start feeling unease around certain people. Protecting your mental space, peace of mind and stability should be your utmost priority. 




  1. 7 signs a person is toxic

    You're left feeling emotionally exhausted after an encounter with them. ...
    They try to intimidate you to get their way. ...
    They try control you by guilt tripping. ...
    They are easily jealous. ...
    They constantly see themselves as a victim. ...
    They give backhanded compliments. ...
    They're overly defensive.

    1. Thank you for the list. It reminds me of someone. No wonder I had a weird feeling about her that time.

  2. ℹ️You're left feeling emotionally exhausted after an encounter with them.

    ℹ️They try to intimidate you to get their way.

    ℹ️They try control you by guilt tripping.

    ℹ️They are easily jealous

    ℹ️They constantly see themselves as a victim.

    ℹ️They give backhanded compliments.

    ℹ️They're overly defensive.

  3. The major signs of toxic people are…..

    They always spread negativety.
    They always criticizes others.
    They dont appreciate any body for good work.
    They dont feel happy in your success.
    And those who dont like my suggestion��.

  4. The major signs of toxic people

    their needs and wants will take priority over yours and others every time
    they become controlling, manipulative, abusive and will use you not caring about your welfare or needs - taking the dominant stand (not treating the other respectfully as an equal)
    they bully you and others
    they demoralise attempting to make others feel ‘unworthy’
    they ostracise others, mostly with encouraging others to do same through bad mouthing; - giving the silent treatment to make you feel ‘worthless’ - even suicidal
    they have no moral compass
    they take their anger/rage out on others
    they manipulate and coerce others into doing things they know are wrong (get others to do their dirty work for them or incite violence, suicide and hatred against others)
    they are blatantly disrespectful when the mask slips
    slandering others, falsely accusing them of wrongdoing or twisting their words purposely - to ruin others reputations in the aim to raise themselves, those who ‘threaten to expose or interfere with their agenda or for money/power/status/revenge/jealousy
    they are ruthless and grossly self centred
    they enjoy watching the pain and downfall of others
    they enjoy humiliating others
    they demonise or ridicule those who hold different views/political or religious leanings - displaying blatant disrespect based solely on the latter differences
    constantly criticise and belittle you - laughing at you not with you
    they are bigoted and prejudicial against another solely on the premise of their race, creed, gender or age
    grandiose pride and arrogance - believing they are superior
    they think others are below them
    constantly judgemental of others without ever admitting or acknowledging their own flaws - ‘it is everyone else’s fault but theirs’
    they gaslight others - projecting their own shortcomings or wrongdoing onto the other - robbing another of their own reality.
    they turn a blind to serious injustices/crimes
    hateful, bitter, vindictive, jealous, vengeful, holds grudges, greedy and power freaks
    they do not do what they say - but just the opposite
    self entitlement - everything is about them (me mentality), their opinion and stance is the only one - that they force on others ‘to correct them’, refusing to listen or acknowledge reason or ethics.
    they think and talk bad about you/others - stabbing in the back
    consistent liars
    betrays trust - and/or cheats on loved ones
    they use any authority status to mistreat others
    they expect you to be there for them but are never there for you
    they take, take, take and never give
    sexual depravity
    cruel, judgemental and cold hearted
    takes pleasure in harming and the pain of others
    dehumanises and depersonalises others ‘as less than’ (sub-human).
    These are the major signs.

  5. It takes some time to delve deep enough to recognize. An early sign is in conversation. Have they always done everything anyone else has? And done it better? Does the conversation always come back to being about them and their experience/opinion/talent somehow? Do they skim past your accomplishments? These a subtle warning signs. All the more blatant signs come along when the relationship has progressed- lying, undermining etc but the main way to realize it is to pay attention to how ones self feels. If interaction leaves you hurt, confused, stressed etc then you’re dealing with someone toxic.

  6. A person that's a nusiance, causes malicious intent. That's someone that's toxic .

    It turns ppl against each other. It breaks people up.

    It just provokes shit, is mean spirited. It bullies people etc.

    It tries to make someone go nuts for no reason because it has problems, likes to drag other people down with him or her.

    Its a nasty person.

    Like nick Wellner. I hate this guy. I did nothing to him. He's a narcassist, a cling on. I keep dumping him because he has a girlfriend, I'm a one track minded girl. I'm not interested in a guy that wants 2 chicks at the same time. I brought up his bad past, he's weak about it. Instead of blocking me off if MySpace he decided to stalk me, harass me for no reason. I've been reluclant with him bc he's harassing me, bullying me an trying to make me go nuts bc he has problems. He told people on the industry, outside the industry to harass me, make me go nuts. Now he's trying to kill me, my family by hiring a psychic to hurt me bc im psychic.

    Here's another problem. I have a guy friend that's Dennis swearingen, he's not with nick but is within the group like me. Its the skateboarding and ghoul looking group.

    I have Model friend that's happily married, is taken who's not open. I dumped my ex boyfriend chuck Lewis ahead if time bc I had my destiny read from Joanne my psychic, she said to dump chuck in reverse. She said Anthony in reverse is annoyed, is sick of the malicious intent from your ex boyfriend.

    My ex is a nusiance, causing malicious intent, I already dumped him, nick an all the people in the house. Its a Pisces that's malicious, annoying the industry, even me that's not in the industry.

    This is Micheline Pitt husband features in Dennis swearingen that's Anthony look.

    Micheline dumped chuck Lewis and said its your nose, says your ugly to me, to stop soliciting me, lying about Angie being a friend to you, bring with you.

    She said your annoying her husband by crushing on her, is everywhere across the globe. She says I'm just trying to get to Angela an wanted to get close , be friends an upgrade her as a pin up model with her, that's it. Your malicious at Angela's dad bc if her husband's tempermant in reverse. She says its your face, so it diesnt go beyond the looks. Looks come first, she's taken. She likes the pug looking nose.



  7. I dont believe in the toxic theory, for the average person who you just dont get along with. I think we are all Toxic people on some level to certain people. Its too easy to say this person has issues because they are toxic. The term is being used to often, to excuse ones own personal responsibility for ones happiness.

    on quite a few answer here in this thread, pple said toxic people blame others and cant take responsibility for ones actions, by saying a person Is toxic to you, arent you saying doing the same, blaming others for ones unhappiness.

    Now certainly there are some people who are truly toxic, for example, Narcississt, Abusers, child molesters and those people usually those people have personality disorders.

    But say you have a parent who was a yeller, is your parent toxic or were they just doing the best they could from the tools they were given from their parents, do you call them toxic and cut all ties or Do you forgive and Let Go. A therapist who says otherwise and tells you your parent is toxic, is probably a bad therapist. So in my book, say you have a friend who is always stealing your boyfriends, why are you still friends? You see accountability is there when you no longer take that friends phone calls. To hold on to the freindship over some misguided notion of sentimentslity, is you being toxic reciprocal. In other words there is toxic giver and toxic receiver, you are toxic too!

    In my opinion, we are all responsible for our own happiness, to put that on someone else and label them toxic because we are not doing the work ourselves, is judgemental and playing the victim, something many answers said was the mark of a toxic person, get it!

    we all have the ability to choose happiness, in spite of whatever is going on. Choosing to be forgiving , letting go of the past, and moving forward either with or without them is you being strong and independent. But feeling sorry for yourself about what they did to you, makes you the toxic one. Americans especially have gotten so self-absorbed in the last few decades, they practice being toxic theirselves, ruminating on the wrongs that were done to them.

    holding them accountable is one thing, but blaming them for all your problems and ruminating on it is you being the toxic one. So in my opnion Toxicity comes from not letting go (feelings) and choosing to be happy inspite. Which is personal responsibility for ones own happiness.

    remember the old days you got spanked and yelled at and people didnt call their parents toxic. Did you call the principal toxic at school when you got spanked? No we didnt. Now people are so selfxabsorbed and have no sense of personal responsibility, its all about them and how it affects them(some answers said this is toxic)

    so you see we are all toxic until we let go and choose to be happy and not let it bother us or rule our lives.

  8. Characteristics of toxic people:

    Blaming others for the mistakes they have committed.
    They gossip about other people.
    Putting people down with any chance they get.
    Downplaying other people's achievements.
    Portraying their opinion as facts & don't you dare disagree with them.
    Making fun of friends or other person just to impress others.
    Showing off materialistic things.
    Lack of humility.
    Calling people best friend / soul mate just after few meetings.
    Selective behaviour with selective people. Will talk nicely with good looking & talk rudely with others.
    Overly active on social media.
    Acting aggressive & loosing temper easily.
    Constantly comparing themselves with others.
    Lack of empathy towards other person's problems.
    People who have ingested a lot of lead. (Lead is highly toxic :P)

  9. Looks like a lot of the answers to this question are quite sufficient, but I’ll add a few more from my personal experience:

    Always making excuses and holding no accountability for their actions even AFTER you show them proof they are wrong. They will simple respond, “I don’t think I did anything wrong,” and expect you to forget what they did and move on just because they say you should.
    Blames other people for the way they turned out. A former friend of mine blamed everyone other than himself. He would go as far as to blame his own mother for not teaching him to be more persistent. He was ALWAYS the innocent one according to him. Another example would be my older sister. Though she has improved, she still holds on to the past and it’s always coming back to haunt her. She can’t seem to get over it and refuses to acknowledge that her mistakes are her own. I guess life’s easier when you don’t have to worry about being a responsible human being.
    Has a high degree of addiction to alcohol, drugs, or nicotine and when you call them out on it, they have an excuse. For example, “ You know it’s not that easy to quit smoking, right?” Yes friend. It’s not easy, but it’s also not impossible. The best line I’ve heard yet from a drug addict is, “I don’t do it everyday,” which means they still do it, but it’s not that bad because they take “breaks.” I guess only once a week is not that bad lol! Once an addict, always an addict.
    Loves putting people down behind their back and when you confront them, they make it about another issue. I knew someone who would relentlessly put down fat women so he could forget the fact that he was poor, living a meaningless life, and insecure about the fact that he was gay so in order to regain his power, he would demean people for his own entertainment. And when you tell him a person’s weight is none of his business, he would persistently continue to bring up the weight issue and make it about the health crisis instead of owning up to the fact that he simply did not like fat people.
    Always has something negative to say. For example, a co-worker would talk about the death of her son and comment how someone in her family was almost killed a week ago. On top of this, I heard the co-worker tell another co-worker that someone she knew had to go see their doctor because they had stomach cancer, lung cancer, and intestinal cancer. It was unbelievably depressing to be around this person. I also have a relative who would constantly complain about everything and when I asked them to stop, they would tell me to just block my ears.
    Parents who raise their children for the sole purpose of showing off. I think we have all heard of this one before. An uncle of mine would constantly put pressure on his children to do well in school so they could hold prestige occupations and have bragging rights one day. It turns out things started going south when the children lost their confidence and ability to take on the pressure. That resulted in the development of depression. And even decades later, they have not regained the confidence to move one.
    Parents who put down other people’s children. It’s not only childish, it’s a form of bullying if you ask me. The same uncle stated above made a deprecating comment about a cousin’s wife and stated that he was marrying someone who didn’t hold a prestigious occupation. She was a department store greeter. Funny thing is, his children were not working, still living at home, and suffering from depression so I guess the thought that at least she had a job never crossed his mind.

  10. Their social media is all about being positive, but their real life is anything but. I had a co-worker who would try to make you believe he was god almighty, an amazing human being, and unbelievably good at his job, when in fact he had so much personal drama going on behind the curtains. He had numerous garnishment orders stacked up against him because he supposedly didn’t make child support payments on time. He had three sons with three different women and one of them who lived out of state was being accused of sexual harassment at one point (he was only 11–12 years old). He would constantly talk about the importance of being a good father and mentor to other children when in fact he would constantly lie to his co-workers and come across as empathetic to upper management. Eventually, he was caught stealing money and forging documents so our company had to let him go.
    When friends take advantage of your friendship. A while back I was going to partner up with a close friend of mine, but I realized his expectations were too different from mine so I backed off. And even after I backed off, he continued to press the issue with me. That made me take a closer look at our past and I came to realization he was always trying to find some way to gain financially through our friendship. He never did this with any of our other friends. On top of that, he had an obnoxious wife that was always jealous and did not want him to spend time with his friends, but when the idea of starting a business together came up, she had no problem being friendly with me. When she realized the partnership was not likely to happen, she unfriend me though social media thinking I would never find out.


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