At what point should you leave a toxic relationship?

A lot of people find it really difficult to leave a toxic relationship, this is very common because as humans we worry about what people say, how long we have been with that person and some even think they can not stop loving that person, might be true but no one should be comfortable in a toxic relationship.

This is not an easy process. Honestly, let me not make it sound like an easy process because it is not in any way an easy process. It will take time, patience, understanding, observation, self-awareness, and self-realization. It is important to know that being in a toxic relationship can ruin you and put people who care about your well being in constant worry and fear. The process may be so difficult, shameful but you have to come to the self-realization that your mental health should be protected at all times because this can drive you crazy and make you do things you never thought of doing. 

There are persons who need to draw strength from other people. It can be pretty annoying if you have a close friend or a loved one who is going through this phase. It can be so tiring advising them and watch them go back to that same toxic environment or relationship. Do not give up on them because one day, they will slowly but surely come to the realization and gather the strength to detach themselves from such circumstances.

Do not be ashamed and afraid to seek help from the right authority if need be.
If it's toxic, leave it silently or loudly. What matters is that you left.

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  1. Leaving a toxic relationship is truly hard and I’m grateful I left my toxic relationship and healed.

    1. Toxic relationships are like : a person is aware of the poisonous content of a substance but pretends it wont hurt. I am glad you healed my darling, and you will find a perfect and beautiful healthy, relationship filled with happiness.

  2. I've been in lots of toxic relationships with friends. Ending them made me so much happier.

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    1. Most of the time, its like a circle you just keep going round and round until you come to a crash point. Never healthy.

  3. When you’re sitting at your computer asking strangers and labeling it ‘toxic’. That is the time.

    1. This a direct answer to this question. When it feels toxic, it is toxic Nothing less, nothing more. Thank you for your answer.

  4. When you start believe it’s toxic !

    1. Well, there are people who are still in denial just because they want to find the truth from themselves. I think it is best to talk to the right people instead of waiting until you believe yourself because love clouds the mind, especially when mixed with toxicity.

  5. It's better to leave a toxic relationship silently before it's too late. Nice article you look so pretty.
    Have a nice day <3
    Kisses :)

    1. Totally right. Thank you for the compliment.

  6. The sooner the better. Once you have reached a level that you realize things are not going well continuously, it is not going to get better. When there is a loss of respect and escalating vitriol during arguments or disagreement, it is highly likely it will get worse. This is where family violence rears it’s head and always escalates. I went through a period in my life when the only option for me was to walk away. Many of the issues that we're poisoning our relationship were from previous unresolved issues.

    Often the issues are a result of previous experiences even before your relationship but unless those issues are dealt with and resolved they will influence a current relationship and toxicity will develop. There is a saying about someone having too much baggage. That is what this refers too, they are not starting with a clean slate.

    1. you are right, toxic relationship issues are hardly resolved and that is the sad truth. Most problems are recurrent from previous issues. I think the topic of toxic relationship should be raised in every marriage seminar and class. This has a big role to play in making or breaking a person.

      Thank you for taking time out to answer.

  7. As someone who has made a lot of mistakes in this area I have hesitated to comment. There have been several relationships where I wanted to leave but felt trapped, or tried again and again to make it work after repeated break-ups. Although I realised intellectually that just because i was attracted to someone it did not necessarily mean that a good relationship would be possible, or indeed that they would return my ardour. Even if there were mutual attraction it is not necessarily a good idea. It took me a long time to resolve that I would get to know someone before taking a relationship further, a resolve that I subsequently broke occasionally. However, even so I set some boundaries that if crossed would end the relationship. These were practical, such as ending a promising relationship with someone who threw something at me; or making a firm boundary about the use of drugs. I have a good relationship now that has proven itself over time, and there is mutual respect, trust and deep love, a willingness to challenge unhelpful behaviours and accept each other as equals. I doubt I could find a more loving relationship. I would put my trust in kindness. If there is unkindness, one must ask where that is coming from and know that if the reasons are insurmountable then it may be best to end the relationship. If a relationship is costing too much, physically (including financially) , mentally, emotionally or spiritually, if a relationship is causing pain, then I hope I would have the resolve to end it

    1. Point to be noted: just because you are attracted to someone and feel so much love for that person, it does not mean that a good relationship would be possible. The human feeling supersedes this reasoning as I said in my previous comment love clouds the mind and from psychological findings it grows toxically stronger in a toxic atmosphere if most love expressions are excused as mistake or overreacting.

      The glory of your words is: I have a good relationship now that has proven itself over time, and there are mutual respect, trust and deep love, a willingness to challenge unhelpful behaviors and accept each other as equals.
      Great advice from you. Thank you so much for your intelligent contribution.

  8. as soon as you know it can’t be fixed, or that you don’t want to invest in fixing it.

    1. Some people believe in the earthly theory that everything can be fixed except a dead human, they might be right but these theories do not work with/for everyone. I believe everyone has a level of character that another can read as toxic but in extreme toxic situations that involves physical and mental damages, it is best to leave.

  9. Replies
    1. Asap, this can not be overemphasized.
      For those who don't know the meaning of A.S.A.P it means: as soon as possible.

  10. When the mate begin to desrespect you with foul language.And when it becomes abusive physically.

    1. This sign is one of the most evident signs anyone can ignore.
      There are some couples who have a loud outburst in couple fights and misunderstanding, most people use the fuck you word, how do you differentiate between a non-loud toxic outburst from a toxic loud outburst?

  11. If you get the necessary help and find the same patterns being repeated over and over again, you should consider ending the relationship.

    The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again, but expecting different results. You should leave before losing your sanity.

    Wish you the best!

    Cansu Olc

    1. key POINT: When you are doing the same thing over and over again expecting to get a different result. The lesson from your point is that it all rotates in a circle of the same happenings all the time.

  12. When you feel you should..when you question it like you are now..when you realize it is one should stay in a toxic relationship..he / she will NOT change..leave contact

    1. When the questioning begins, there you have your answer. Thank you, Rhonda.

  13. If it's harming you, then straight away. You need to do what makes you happy. That includes leaving a relationship that is toxic and you're no longer finding it fulfils you.

    Relationship shouldn't be toxic. It should be the opposite. A place where you're yourself and can grow as a person.

    There's a difference from working at a relationship and fighting one that is toxic. You need to fight for that which is worth it and brings the most joy.

    1. You made a clearly important point stating that ‘’relationships shouldn't be toxic. It should be the opposite. A place where you're yourself and can grow as a person.

      The significant aspect of defending which is right is what brings us to the self realization of knowing when to walk away and protect ourselves from mental or physical damage.

      Thank you for your comment and time.

  14. If the only time the “relationship” seems fine is when you are kissing and cuddling and the rest of the time you are arguing or ignoring each other, that is the sign of a toxic relationship. Life is too short for toxic relationships.

    1. Practical examples are very useful in issues like this. The funny part of this is the best example for about 70 percent of people in toxic relationships. The irony of it all is that just because they have stayed apart for long and the gap and urge to have that sexual fulfillment bids so high which are always mistaken for a deep strong feelings of love.


  16. ASAP. As soon as you know it's bad or can't be fixed. If you're in denial, the second you hear yourself having to lie to others in your life to cover your bad situation. Because even then, deep down you know x


  17. It is not always easy to recognize and admit that a romantic relationship is no longer satisfactory at all and that it probably comes to an end. However, it is better to open your eyes and face reality.

    He ignores your calls and does not answer your messages.
    You keep texting or calling her. For the moment, you can't help it. Only here, he ignores your calls and does not answer your messages. He may even have blocked your number. Maybe he has taken you out of social media. This proves that he no longer wishes to communicate with you in any way. Know that this is, unfortunately, a clear sign and that it is time for you to accept the end of your story

    He no longer answers you
    Certainly, he does not refuse to answer you, he does not cut off all communication. Only what he tells you is to move forward, to continue without him. This shows that he surely does not dare to be really direct because despite your breakup he respects you and does not want to hurt you. Only the facts are there … When your ex tells you to move on it is because he does not want to see you again and relaunch your story and he is perhaps even annoyed with your insistence. Admittedly it is not easy to hear but to continue to hope is useless if for him your story is finished.

    He blames himself
    He tells you "it's not your fault, it's me", "you can't help it". If he uses these kinds of breaking phrases it is because he is sending you the message that there is no point in insisting. Certainly, he tells you that you are not the cause of your breakup and that may reassure you but what you have to understand through these sentences is that for him it is useless to try to settle things, you will not get there.

    He makes you understand that it comes from him and that there is, therefore, no way to restart your story because he does not want it. For him, it is his way of cutting off all relationships with you. Accept things as they are and move forward on your side.

    You can find more in this article : 7 Signs Your Ex Has Moved On - EXPERELATION

  18. Short answer - You just know it. It's never a surprise.

    Long answer -

    Well here you go!

    Before getting on to the "signs" I just want to let you know that it is normal for a relationship to fade with time and end. This simply means that the person wasn't the right one for you. It doesn't mean that there's something wrong with you or them. It just means that both of you as a team, were not very compatible together.

    So here are the signs that a relationship is on the verge of ending or is fading out

    The calls/texts/conversations become less frequent.
    So, this happens over time and we fail to notice it or even if we realize it, we simply brush it off assuming that they are busy. Well, that might be true but, if they are into you, they'd definitely make some time for you.

    Trust me, no one can be busy 24x7. It's all about priorities.

    Same goes for spending time with each other. You'll realize that they're always busy with their friends or family and don't really spend a lot of time with just you.

    2. They stop putting in the effort.

    The key to a strong relationship is consistency. The efforts that both of you put in should be consistent and as a team.

    But, when you realize that you're the only one who's trying to make the relationship work or the only one who's initiating the conversation or planning dates etc. while they just seem disinterested, then that's a clear sign that it's over and you haven't realized it yet.

    3. You don't fight anymore.

    Well, this might seem a good thing but it's not. Healthy fights are good in a relationship. It shows that both the people are equally engaged.

    When a relationship fades away the other person doesn't really care or negotiate anymore. They "always" agree with you.

    Being agreeable is great, but when your partner or the couple is always agreeable and indifferent, the spark is clearly gone and the fight to stay in the relationship is gone.

    4. They aren't your closest friend.

    When something really huge (good or bad) happens in your life, for example, you got a promotion or lost a loved one or anything else, who is the first person you tell? If it's not them, then that's a clear sign that they aren't as important to you as they should be. This goes both ways.

    Being attracted to someone is great, but in order to keep a relationship going, both of you should be like best friends. If that's not the case, probably that's not a good sign.

    5. You feel alone even when you're together.

    This is one of the biggest problems in most relationships. You're physically together but emotionally apart. So, even when you are with them you don't feel connected to them. You don't share that emotional bonding anymore.

    Emotional connection and support is essential in a relationship. You should feel complete.

    6. You start to question the relationship.

    Do I really want to commit to this person? Is he/she worth it? Do I deserve to be treated the way he/she treats me? Do I see a future with him/her? Do I even love him/her? Is he/she on the same page as me?

    It's good to question yourself from time to time but if the answers seem uncertain then it's probably time to rethink and evaluate where the relationship is going.

    When these questions start popping up more frequently, it's your inner being nudging you elsewhere.

    7. There's a lack of intimacy

    They may kiss you often but, it doesn't seem like they mean it. Similarly, there's a lack of intimacy in the relationship. Sure you get comfortable with time and hence it's not always as exciting as it used to be, but the chemistry doesn't fade away. The passion stays. If there's a lack of intimacy then you're nothing more than "just friends" with them.

  19. 8. You start noticing their flaws more often than their strengths.

    When you're in love with someone, you tend to see the good in them more readily than the bad. If you lose sight of all of the positive qualities that made you interested in your partner in the first place, it could be a sign that things are heading south.

    Notice the way you talk about them to your friends. Are you excited? Do you have that cheeky smile on your face? Do you have good words to say about them?

    If you realize that when you talk about your partners to your friends, you're mostly complaining and bad mouthing them, then that means that the relationship is on the verge of breaking.

    9. You don't talk about the future anymore.

    When you're in love, you want to spend the days ahead of you with that one person. You plan or talk about future without realizing it. You're excited about your future as a couple.

    But, if that's not the case then it simply means that you may need them around for now, but definitely not in future. And that's not at all a good sign.

    10. They just don't care

    They don't care what's going on in your life or if you're flirting with someone else or if there's a crisis in your relationship. It doesn't matter to them. They are least interested. If that's the case, it's over.

    11. You just know it.

    As I said before, when a relationship is about to end, you just know it. You get a gut feeling.

    You can sense it in the other person's mood or body language, even though nothing has occurred and they haven't said anything. Yet, you pick up on something and have a hunch or a gut instinct that something is going on between the two of you.

    In the long run, it's probably better to listen to that voice and do something about it rather than tamping it down.

    So these were the major signs that a relationship is on the verge of breaking. As I said before, it goes both ways. So, if either of you feels this way then it's time to sit down and do "the talk".

    I suggest, before assuming anything and taking a strong action, it's better to discuss the issue with them and figure out what's wrong and based on that decide what's best for both of you.

    Relationships end. That's a part of life. You can't avoid it. It's not your fault. It's not theirs. It's the brutal truth. Accept it and learn from the experience.

    Life goes on!

  20. It’s time to break up with her when you notice one or more of the following: (My opinions only and is subjective),

    OVER BOSSY - When you become like an employee than you know she is toxic! She gets all the attention and she does not listen to you or care for your opinions but always wants it her ways… A relationship is not an employment contract!!
    DISTRUST - This can happen if either one of you has betrayed the other you realise that there is trust issues. Like she wants you to be on time and persistently questions you whenever you run late. And even when you are out with your friends she still asks you where the hell you’ve been. Bro leave her dumb ass!!
    VIOLENT - This is an obvious one. She gets all frustrated and gets physical all the time. And you know what all this feminists say?? Don’t hit women!! Fuck you all if she hits like a man are you gonna just stand there and go Baby please?? You gotta defend your manhood bro!! Anyways if she is always like that about every little thing leave as soon as possible cause this ain’t fun. The make up sex will be but still not healthy!!
    NO YOU TIME - That’s when she don’t respect your quiet time or she does not want to give you time to yourself. Always wants to be with you. Ladies guys deserve some alone time to play Call of Duty!! Not everyday but at least she should respect your alone time so should you. If she can’t let you have your alone time leave that invading force!
    HATES YOUR FRIENDS - If she hates your friends from high school or uni or longtime friends you need to let that woman go. We all have friends so we discuss certain things that we can not discuss with our parents or girl friends with them. Look at it this way if she does not respect or like your friends now think about what will happen when you twos decide to get married. Do you want to be that lonely guy sipping whiskey neat at the bar??
    These are somethings that I think should warrant you to exit that relationship you are in. There may be more but as soon as you think your relationship has run its course and you wanna leave jump bro jump into the ocean and catch those lovely fish!!

  21. Often we get stuck in relationships that no longer bring us happiness. This is a relationship without which we would be much better. But most of us are afraid to admit that it is time to let go. Or they are so confused in their feelings and situations that they are not aware of the obvious things.

    Here are 12 signs that now is the time for you to go your own way and let go of the things or people who do not serve us positively.

    1. You are not happy

    You always cry. You feel depressed all the time, and it affects your well-being, your productivity, your energy, and your mood.

    2. You have stopped communicating

    If the contact with the partner is practically zero, then this is a clear sign that the most important factor (communication) is absent. You cannot build a strong connection if you do not have communication.

    3. You no longer know what you mean to him/her

    You do not know if he loves you because he does not say this. You don’t even know if he likes you because his actions do not show attraction or admiration.

    4. He/she is no longer what they were

    Something has changed, and something is wrong. Be it a change in behavior or just another side that you have not seen before. And I do not mean minor changes, I mean changes that make you doubtful if you may have underestimated this person when you first saw him, or if they pretended to be someone else to impress you.

    5. You have no answer when people ask you about him/her

    You no longer know what to say, you do not know whether you are together or not. You do not know if you are dating or it was just a romance, and now it's over.

    6. In fact, you do not trust him

    You do not think that he/she will support you, because they have disappointed many times already. You do not think that he will fight for you if you leave. You do not think that he/she will protect your heart because they continue to break it.

    7. There is more distance than proximity

    If your time together is short, cold, indifferent and more like a commitment, then this is a sign that the relationship will end soon. If you do not get closer, then you are definitely moving away from each other.

    8. You feel that all this is necessary only to you

    You always make an effort, you always reach out or find ways to fix what is broken. You constantly give and give, but you receive very little in return.

    9. Are you offended?

    If you carry a lot of negative emotions, anger, and bitterness because of what he/she forced you to go through, then you will never be in a healthy mental or emotional state, because you still suffer from his actions or from how he relates to you.

    10. You are still fixated on his “potential”, and not on who he really is

    When you truly love someone, you tend to believe that he will eventually become who he is capable of being. But sometimes real life is not so romantic, and this person remains the same because he is simply not ready or does not want to change. Your love will not always be a magic wand that turns him into that amazing person that he could be.

    11. Everyone tells you that you deserve better

    If your friends and family keep telling you that it’s not worth it that you deserve the best, or that you need to move on, listen to them because they want the best for you, and they can see that this relationship is draining and fraying.

    12. At heart, you know that it's over, but you just don’t want to admit it

    In the end, we have a strong intuition that warns us when something is wrong, or when it is time to leave, but sometimes we prefer to ignore our intuition. We want to believe that there is still hope if we try harder. If your intuition tells you that it's time to say goodbye, do it no matter how difficult it is. You will still thank yourself for this.
    Wellness coach, Digital Marketer,Startup enthusiast, Blogger

  22. We were on our way to Orlando, Florida over the Christmas holidays. The objective of this trip was to see if we could overcome three years of separation and heal all the painful memories usually attached to troubled marriages.

    The Air Canada departure lounge was full of young families with children ranging in age from infants to late teens. I sat with my husband waiting for the boarding call. Sleeping blissfully in my arms was our six-year old daughter, who had been very excited about going on a trip as a “family” (and all that this implied to a young mind who couldn’t understand why her mommy and daddy lived in separate houses).

    Directly across from us was a family consisting of a middle-aged husband, his considerably younger wife, a son and daughter in their late teens, and a toddler just recently started walking. The husband wore an expensive looking Stetson over his receding hairline. Around his waist was a matching leather belt with loud buckle pulled one notch too tight, causing his ample girth to bubble out over the top of his snug designer jeans. Alligator skin cowboy boots completed his casual look. His wife was tall and slim, with long blonde hair and a face worthy of the cover of any glamour magazine. The teenage son and daughter, who looked only a few years younger than their step-mother, watched with curiosity at the antics of their father’s new baby son. The youngest member of their family provided a focal point for everyone’s attention, displacing any propensity for awkwardness that such an infrequent gathering of old and new family members might invoke. The father observed his brood with obvious satisfaction.

    I glanced at my own husband wondering what he thought about the blended family sitting opposite us. I smiled a little when I saw that he had put on his sunglasses. It was not yet 6:00 A.M. and the sky was still dark outside the wall-to-wall windows in the departure lounge. When I followed the vector of his eyes, my smile faded and a familiar sadness took its place.

    Feeling a set of eyes on me, I looked over at the Stetson man who was indeed observing me and my husband, and who had clearly taken in and understood the significance of the visual interactions. There was something in his eyes as his gaze shifted between my husband and me – a knowing – that I refused to allow entry into my thoughts.

    At that moment the boarding call was announced. I gently roused my daughter and prepared my family to join the line. Taking a moment to go the ladies room, I carefully re-applied my smile, tucked in my hope, and adjusted my expectations, before re-joining my family.

  23. Anonymous9/04/2020

    In the fall of 2016, I met a tall, handsome, charming, young man on a dating website. He had a great job in finance, was always punctual to our dates, was extremely engaging, and made me feel like a million bucks. Additionally, it didn’t hurt that he had a six-pack, and biceps to die for. I thought I’d hit the jackpot.

    Only, I never felt that we connected deeply on anything, which was painfully obvious after the euphoria from the first couple of dates faded. That was the first time, the little voice in the back of my head told me I should let this be and move on, find someone more compatible. But, I refused to listen. Relationships need time to mature, right?

    Two months in, I asked him if he would like to be exclusive. I wanted to give this a fair shot. It was met with a lukewarm response, and a “Yes” that seemed more of a ‘damnit-she-might-leave-if-i-don’t-say-yes’ than an ‘I-would-love-to.’ That was the second time the little voice spoke up again and told me to either address the issue head on, or just leave if I couldn’t bother myself to do it. Yet again, I decided to ignore it.

    Another month or so goes by and by this time, he had already met all of my friends, whereas the only friends of his that I’d had the pleasure of meeting were either his roommates who inevitable ran into me when I stayed over at his place on a weekend, or friends of his that we accidentally ran into while out on a date in his neighborhood. Every time that would happen, he would either not introduce me at all, or just introduce me by my name, and leave it at that.

    Not, “Hey, meet so-and-so, my girlfriend.”

    It was always “This is so-and-so.” Period.

    I didn’t think too much of it at the time, until he started posting pictures from our dates on social media, which were all curiously stripped of me. A selfie taken in the mirror before we left for our first Orchestra show - no trace of me. A picture of the food we ate at brunch - again no mention of me. None of the pictures that we took of the two of us together ever made it onto the platforms. Now the little voice was getting more insistent. I decided to ignore it for the third time.

    Fast forward a couple of months and the relationship started crumbling as any relationship that lacks a strong foundation inevitably does. I started losing interest because I finally started seeing my boyfriend for the dull, boring, simple-minded, superficial man-child that he really was. His dumb jokes that were once endearing, started getting on my nerves, as they got progressively more racist. The voice was no longer little. I still decided to ignore it.

    I persisted, because I wanted to give the relationship a “fair chance” and I told myself that I was being unfairly judgemental and that a couple of months wasn’t enough to really get to know someone.

    The lack of commitment on his end however, was becoming glaringly obvious. I stopped really hearing from him unless he had to make plans or had a specific question for me. One fine morning, I found out from a friend that he was actually still active on the dating site where we had initially met. She had apparently stumbled on his still very active profile while spending a slow Saturday night swiping for a match. I re-activated my own account to check for myself and monitored his activity for a couple of nights to be absolutely sure, before subtly confronting him about it.

  24. Anonymous9/04/2020

    “What? No,” he lied blatantly, to my face when I asked him if he was still active on the app.

    “Are you sure?” I gave him another chance to come clean.

    “Yeah,” he insisted, “Absolutely.”

    “Look, it’s okay if you want to keep your options open. I’d rather you just let me know so that we can re-evaluate what that means for us. I’m not mad.”

    It was true. I was almost relieved. I could now end this farce without feeling like I’d let go of something good.

    This seemed to unnerve him a bit.

    “Maybe I forgot to deactivate the profile, but I haven’t really opened it in a while”

    “So, you’re telling me that the ‘last online’ stamp that says you were on it last night is inaccurate then?”

    By now he was visibly uncomfortable

    “Fine, I’ve been online. But I just flip through girls on it when I’m bored. I don’t really talk to them”

    Maybe he was telling the truth, maybe not. But it no longer really mattered. I told him, very firmly so, that we needed to take a break at the very least, because this wasn’t really working for me anymore.

    He spent the next two weeks relentlessly pursuing me, and assuring me that he really meant no harm with his continued forays into the online dating world. He said he was just being an idiot, and that he’d deleted it for good now. He then proceeded to send me flowers to work, chocolates home. Sent apologies via friends until I finally decided to give in again. Shut up! I told the voice of reason. It doesn’t hurt to give him another chance. That was the fifth time I’d made the same mistake again, despite knowing better.

    I can go on and on, but this post is already getting too lengthy, so I will tell you how it ended. We broke up three months after getting back together again, because it just never got better, and I had to finally open my eyes, and call a spade a spade.

    The relationship was toxic. It had no anchor. It was superficial in every way possible. There were red flags at every step, big and small. It never had a chance. But I held on, because I mistook the voice of reason for paranoia.

    So if you ask me, when that little voice in the back of your head tells you to leave, for whatever reason, you leave.

  25. I didn’t get the feeling that I was ready to end my 14 years of un unfulfilled marriage. I knew from my heart that I had suffered from more than enough abuse and neglect. It was time to cut my loses and start afresh. That was the most important and healthy decision I have ever made for myself. My emotions were dead by the time I made this, what has been the toughest decision because it concerned the future of my three sons, not just me.

    When we do something that scares us and waiting until we are ready to do it, we rarely achieve the objective. Why? Our emotions gets in the way and tell us “Oh but it’s too scary and frightening to go into the unknown, let’s just stay where we are because we are comfortable here!”

    Ending a relationship is scary for most of us, if not all of us because of the emotions involved. Our inner voice tells us that it’s too scary to go into the unknown, let’s stay where we are comfortable, even when our minds know that ending the relationship is what we must do. The fight starts with the mind and heart, time and time again.

    When I ended my 14 years of an unfulfilled marriage, I had no job that paid me enough to feed myself and my three sons, I had no money to my name and I knew it was what I must do for myself. I wanted to set myself free from all the abuse, neglect and abandonment from my ex husband.

    It was the most uncomfortable and vulnerable experience of my life. I knew I would lose our marital home that my three sons enjoyed living in. I knew I would be struggling tremendously in all areas of my life. I knew it would be an uphill struggle everyday. The struggles have helped me to realise that I am a much stronger woman than I could ever imagine. It was all the years of abuse from my parents then my ex husband that damaged my confidence and belief in myself. The first five years of being a single mother has been the most challenging. Yet I am so proud of myself for making the toughest decision ever for myself. To live for myself and set myself free from years of abuse.

  26. I couldn't agree more with leaving it quietly. Why continue to follow the vicious cycle of violence with words or actions?

  27. You're absolutely right. Sometimes the best thing we can do is to leave.

  28. I read this quote and it's really meaningful,

    When you're in love with those memories more than the person, it's time to leave.

  29. It's not easy but sometimes it's the best option.

  30. When the thought of him/her is a total bore. You may have outgrown him/her. Or the other way around. Even in female friendship, it shriveled, wrinkled, over time. It happens. Move on, look for another friends that excite your life and perk up your life. Time is short to mope around for something that doesn’t dazzle us anymore. As long as you didn’t hurt her, continue growing

  31. The proper answer for this is before you get into it. But if you are already in it, the proper answer is as quick as possible. The more you tolerate it, the worse it gets and the harder it is for you to leave. It is not always good to turn a blind eye.


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