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5 Unrealistic relationship expectations.

There are different unrealistic relationship expectations people have. All forms of relationships take patience, true feelings, healthy efforts to grow. The ride will surely have bumps on the way, you just have to slow down, accelerate and keep moving.

Here are 5 unrealistic relationship expectations people have.

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  1. Fairy tales. No no no. No prince is riding up on a horse . and you don't always live happily ever after.

  2. Different and interesting post to read!

  3. Simple answer: Because 95% of moronic people cannot separate movies, TV, magazines, radio, social media etc etc etc from the reality of a living, breathing right in their face relationship!!!!!!! The enemy who controls all things media is by far winning the culture war through hammering home in every family home “”DISCONTENTMENT” and is his major message he sews constantly through media and 95% of people worldwide are swallowing this message whole sale!! That peeps is why the world is the way it is today and people are just blindly following along LOL!!!



  4. IMO, I believe these factors have contributed to setting up unrealistic expectations for relationships today…

    Early relationship infatuation. When many people are in the early phases of a relationship, everything is great, time flies when they are together, and everything is new and fresh, and there are hardly any bad thoughts. When the euphorbia of that initial infatuation ebbs, and reality sets in, they no longer experience the same high.
    TV and movies (esp western culture entertainment). Be it rom coms, Leave it to Beaver, Disney princesses, or Hallmark movie mysteries, most entertainment in the western culture shows picture an idyllic family situation where there’s almost always a happy ending. Real life if much more complicated, and happiness is fleeting, as there are always new obstacles popping up. I would note, if you watch Asian movies, especially Korean or Chinese movies, they have more realistic themes of sacrifice, and settling for the situation (which is often considered a happy ending).
    In a similar vein, social media and advertising. I classify this slightly different than TV and movies, as this tries to portray actual real life. From bikini bods, chiseled abs, luxury cars, and exotic vacations. It shows snipits of a perfect life, but in reality, it’s a highly contrived sound bite. It’s like watching a commercial for a frozen dinner on TV, it’s looks fresh, tasty, huge portions… but when you cook one at home, it’s a bit underwhelming.
    Lastly, this one is just as old as time. Peer pressure, and keeping up with your friends. Everyone want’s to appear successful, but it’s not easy in most relationship, there’s always give & take, but people pretend it’s easy.

  5. Magazines, television, romance novels. I heard a saying once from a woman. Women go into a relationship thinking she can change him. Men go into a relationship thinking she won't change. Both are always wrong

  6. We are told these days form all forms of media that we can have more. The internet has given everyone an inflated sense of their own value and that if they keep looking they will find a higher value mate than they have

  7. Define your terms. What do you mean by “unrealistic expectations”? Are you referring to when they meet or when they decide to make it last?

  8. This is why a long courtship is recommended before marriage so you can see the other person for what they really are and not for the fantasy that you have of them. Unrealistic relationship expectations are what keeps the divorce lawyers fed and clothed and living in very expensive houses.

  9. Ahh, let's see. Influenced by social media, crazy people on YouTube (who are more concerned about the amount of ‘likes' than actually giving proper content). Parents raising their children and telling them they are ‘special' and the world is all for their taking. Shall I go on?

    So, you see, people in general are out for themselves. “Why should I do anything for my SO? If they want me bad enough, they will do what I need".

    Have you ever gone on some dating site and seen the requirements put out by people? “Must be tall, must be handsome, must be financially successful and treat me like a queen”. Yeah, sure, thats the way to a glorious relationship!

    Me, me, me, me, me! Gey it?

    No one wants to bend, and it's up to the other to satisfy my wants because I'm so special, my momma told me so.

    Unrealistic expectations happen because instead of people giving 100% to the relationship, they show up with “High, I'm here and I'm pretty, now you owe me.

    *Disclaimer — I am writing this from a male perspective but the rules apply to both sides, so ladies please don't hate.

  10. Shoot for the stars, and you just might land on the moon.

  11. I believe it's beacuse we know so little about it , we'd like to think we all been there, done it and now we can rewrite love all over again.

    But it doesn't work like that it's so complicated beacuse we make it complicated we demand, urge, push, correct and never stop needing answers .

    If one let nature do its corse and Acknowledged that love should have none of the above , it would never be unreasonable expectations from it .

  12. Your question is false on its face.

    I think we have completely realistic expectations for love, but we settle for people who don't meet those expectations. Then we think “Okay this kind of love must not be possible"

    It's utter bullshit.

    The love I share with my husband completely exceeds any prior expectations I had.

    Stop settling for people who don't meet your standards and you won't be disappointed.

  13. There are a lot of really unhealthy messages about the expectations for love in the popular media. Disney is a particularly egregious offender, in this regard. Basically, we’re bombarded with these messages constantly from every angle about what to expect from love, instead of just realizing we’re all just people, and the other person is the same as you.

    Ain’t no princesses, and ain’t no prince charming. We’re all just us, visceral US.

  14. The reason is that Love is almost an emotion which belongs to the heaven. There is body contact with our beloved while having love and intimacy but it touches our soul as well. You cannot find such emotion like love in your life. This is the reason for unrealistic expectations for love.

    I am not talking about Romeo Juliet of current era, I am describing true lovers.

  15. Blessings,

    … because it’s been modeled for us by Hollywood and the publishing industry since their invention … and what are Hollywood’s deepest and most ardent intentions and goals? … ESCAPISM & ILLUSION …. illusion for profit … their goal most certainly are ‘not’ empirical TRUTH, but fiction … fanciful dreams that do not resonate with the experiences of real life; but … sentient’s (particular women) are taught that love must look and feel a certain way, thus making them “feel” a particular way about themselves and their partner … furthermore, the Hollywood machine as subtly and not so subtly instructed its “Love Story” audience (again, predominantly women) that is not ‘their’ responsibility to nurture and govern their own emotions, but their significant others … and when it’s proven out that such expectations are fruitless, and in fact, lead to disappointment and pain … the strained relationship is ended.

    … aside from Hollywood fantasies … earthly love … “eros” in Greek … emphasis’s ‘sensory stimulation and delight’ … it is illusionary and immature, real love, spiritual love, divine love, is the all powerful love that rules the universe … it’s the one that enables an aging grandmother to life a fallen vehicle off her loved-one … to fight to the death for that loved one … and to, if necessary, sacrifice all love’s pursuit and expression. It is also the source of all true delight, serenity, peace, and joy.

  16. I can’t explain this one.

    I think sometimes what we’ve seen coming up, between all the people that were couples in our lives, Kind of shaped all our perceptions of love. The movies, soap operas, they’ve all screwed with our imaginations;

    I think now, as adults we have to find what works for us.

    What completes, us.

    And seek out true, genuine, definitions of the good people that still, DO EXIST.

    And in everything, I hope you find new truths, in love!


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