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Throw a White Hot Party This Summer

Nobody is denying how good you’ve been this year. With your ‘early to bed, early to spin’ and ‘wine is for weekends’ mentality, you have been winning at this whole girl boss thing. But thankfully when you work hard, you’re expected to play hard too. That’s why this is the summer you finally throw the most-envied white party that will have even the most intense social critics begging for next year’s invite. 
Check out our tips for how to be the hostess with the mostess this party season and ensure that this is the summer of white-hot. 
Dress the Part
You don’t have to be part of the Hampton elite to dress like one. Once upon a time, summer whites were synonymous with swimming pools and caviar dreams but now anyone with a sense of style and a trusty stain stick can rock this airy apparel. 
In order to throw THE party of the summer (and there’s no doubt you’re doing just that), you must decide what kind of white everyone will be styling. Will it be a laid-back-garden-party white à la P. Diddy’s 2009 bash? Or are you thinking more glamour, elegance and mystery like Truman Capote’s black and white ball? Whatever the theme, be prepared to set the scene. 

Garden White
It’s hard not to attend a garden party during the summer months. Nothing beats the heat better than a cool drink, good company and bare toes dancing in the grass under a moonlit sky and no A/C (do yourself a favour and go light on the makeup). 
Dining outside doesn’t mean you need to break out the paper plates. Impress your guests with added comfort by incorporating indoor furniture like dining tables, comfy couches, chairs and pillows into your outdoor surroundings. Place a carpet on the lawn and get to work setting the stage for a night they won’t forget.
Bring on the white table cloths, mismatched china and mason jar wine glasses. White place settings are best but if that’s not in the cabinet then pick an accent colour and work it throughout the rest of the decor. Make comfort the priority when decorating for the great outdoors and we’re sure your guests will thank you. After all, there’s nothing better than gazing at the stars with a pillow under your head and the fear of grass stains but a distant memory. 

Add some pizzazz to your rustic décor by hanging white paper lanterns from the tree branches above. Not romantic enough for your sizzling shindig? White twinkly lights add an ambience all their own – especially if you’re looking to brighten things up a little. Or try hanging a sheer white curtain around the dance floor or private seating areas to give off that secluded, intimate feel. Even white flower arrangements scattered throughout will help tie everything together while reminding your guests that this isn’t your average backyard bash. 

Your décor may be spot on but we all know it’s not what’s stealing the spotlight. You may be a whiz at throwing a good party, but honestly, everybody is there for you – not your fabulously chic throw pillows and vintage candelabras. Give your guests what they want and set the scene of this memorable evening with a sweet and sexy white sundress that will guarantee your place in party stardom. 
White and Black and Fancy All Over
When it comes to throwing a fabulous party, the success is in the details and it’s not all black and white. Unless, of course, it is. 
This summer go big or go home and throw yourself – and 100 or so of your closest friends – a glamorous ballroom gala inspired by Truman Capote’s famous black and white ball. Ok, honestly, you don’t have to rent out the Four Seasons to bring the glitz to your gala. Whether in a swanky ballroom or the comfort of your humble abode, a little sparkle goes a long way in making yours the party of the century. 
Speaking of sparkle, make sure whatever gown you choose to dance the night away brings out the glimmer in your personality as well. You can look glamorous in any style with the right accessories (gold) and attitude (diva). If shimmer and shine isn’t your thing, consider a floor-sweeping ivory maxi dress that is guaranteed to turn heads and drop jaws all night long. 

Save the paperless post for those cut-offs-appropriate BBQs. Set the tone of your ball by sending out good old fashioned paper invitations so that your guests have no doubts that this is a formal affair. Aside from being classy (like you can be anything else) paper invites give guests instructions on how to dress (to the nines of course), the theme (black and white and stunning) and any other need-to-knows for an unforgettable event (masquerade ball anyone?). 

As for décor, forget the floating tea lights and precious rose petals – those will serve you far better in your post-party bubble bath. Instead, think impressive and fun like over-sized black and white feathers arranged in a tall vase. If floral arrangements are a must-do at your formal affair, consider painting vases of varying sizes black and filling them with all white flowers. Whatever choice you make to glam it up, be careful not to lean too heavily on the black. Goth may have looked good on you in high school but this is a night for a living.

Photo by Immortal shots from Pexels

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