Thursday, August 24

Living That Athlesiure Life

You’ve cut down on the carbs (cheat days not included). You’re a regular at piloxing/bar method/soul cycle/whatever-it-is-Zooey-Deschanel-is-doing-these-days. And don’t forget about that whatchamacallit step counter you have on you at all times. You are clearly a woman who likes to look good and feel good too. We get it. But we also get that sometimes life gets in the way of those high hopes three-hour gym mornings and lunchtime jogs. But you’re not about to let that busy schedule of yours get you down.
Instead of planning your life around the gym, try finding those perfect workout moments whenever opportunity strikes. Dress for the success of healthy living and get creative with your workout plan. Embrace the athlesiure lifestyle and you’ll always be ready to move – because every step counts (literally).
Take the Stairs

The verdict is in. Taking the stairs instead of the elevator is, no doubt, a workout for that hot bod of yours. It’s a great way to get your heart pumping after a snooze-inducing staff meeting or a gut-busting lunch break. Don’t pass up the chance to burn some quick calories because of your stuffy wardrobe. Pair some stretchy black pants with a cute and sporty racer tank and you’ll be ready for those stairs any day of the week.

Just Stretch
Don’t be fooled – sitting at a desk all day is hard on your body. Slumped posture, strained eyes, tight tooshies – after a day like that you need a good old fashioned stretch. Find the time between jaunts to the water cooler for some downward dogs or warrior poses (behind closed doors of course). Rock your favorite pair of heels with a soft and flexible romper or pleather leggings and you’ll be “Ohm-ing” your way to a workday recharge in no time.

Ditch the Shortcuts
We know you’re a multi-tasking queen but unfortunately there’s no delegating when it comes to keeping fit. So lean in, ladies, and commit to the mission that is living your best life. Give yourself some extra time in the morning to cut out the shortcuts.
Grab your coffee at that cute cafĂ© a little out of the way. Park your car at the back of the lot instead of closest to the door. Be prepared to take the long way any time of day with ear buds at the ready and a comfy pair of knit sneakers waiting patiently in your bag. However you can do it, find the time to walk a little longer and you’ll be surprised at how quickly you get where you’re going (towards your goal weight, that is).

Go Ahead Girl, Get Down

You work hard all week so that you can play harder on the weekends. Everyone deserves a little R&R but sometimes what you really need to let off a little steam is a good old fashioned dance party. Whether you prefer to bust a move at a Zumba class or a night club, you need some sleek black leggings as part of your boutique activewear collection.
Don’t Weight
Ok, we’re not suggesting you carry around free weights with you in your purse. That’s a little much for any lifestyle that has “leisure” in the title. But you would be surprised how many everyday items can help you build those muscles (and look great in sleeveless dresses).

Don’t shy away from the heavy lifting. Stock up on breathable (and adorable) t-shirts and tanks. Remember to lift with your knees and handle all of the copier paper, baskets of laundry, stacks of books, or even babies, your sexy arms can carry.

Invest in You
Lifestyle changes are scary, no doubt. But there’s no time like the present to make that first step. Find what tricks work for you and then make sure you have the wardrobe to help you get there. Think of your athleisure wardrobe as an investment in health. And that’s a decision we can cheer for.

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