October 12, 2020

8 times actress Omowunmi Dada rocked her favorite color yellow gracefully.

Actress Omowunmi Dada wearing yellow dresses

If you have seen the movie Oluture on Netflix you will be familiar with the star actress and her Omowunmi Dada who played the role of a prostitute. She has good fashion and her love for the vibrant yellow color caught my attention. She looks great in them. Here are 7 times the star actress wore yellow beautifully. Yellow is her favorite color and she rocks it so well.

The yellow twist dress by Bxfrox
Available in different colors
Bxfrox twist dress

Dress by Ukconcept.
Yellow midi dress

Long fitted yellow long sleeve dress

Dress by _xclusviecouture
Yellow flare dress with sleeves
Dress by Somobyskmo
Dresses for special occasion

Yellow suit dress

Dress by  Mofari
Yellow traditional long dress



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