Thursday, April 12, 2018

6 Makeup Mistakes that Will Make You Look Older!

In order to cover up skin problems such as dark circles and wrinkles, we are always working hard for makeup. But when you end up making your complexion sallow and dark circles worse, it’s time to rethink your makeup process. From the wrong foundation to an unsuitable lipstick, these are all the errors that will make you look older!

Mistake #1: You’re Using The Wrong Foundation
Powder makeup will dehydrate your skin and make it appear an unnatural texture. It will even accentuate your crow’s-feet and wrinkles. Instead, strengthening water consciousness and using cream foundation can keep skin looking dewy and shiny.

Mistake #2: You’re Applying Foundation Wrong
Foundation brushes might be difficult to use for many ladies. It’s hard to control and maybe make your makeup worse. Try to use a damp beauty blender or makeup sponge to pat on your foundation slightly. You will find a natural and docile makeup finally.

Mistake #3: You’re Highlighting Your Dark Circles
Our dark circles are harder to go away naturally with age. Instead of trying to overly cover up this problem, it’s better to find one concealer having the same shade as your foundation. You should hide, not highlight.

Mistake #4: You’re Not Accentuating Your Eye Crease
If your eyes are not as bright and wide as they once did, try to apply a little bit of chocolate brown shadow on your crease, which can create a pair of bigger eyes.
Mistake #5: Your Eyeliner Is Too Dark
Put away your stark black eyeliner and change one in a gunmetal gray. It won’t look much different, but it will make your eyes look bright instead of looking heavy and tired overall.

Mistake #6: You’re Making Your Lips Look Small
A dark lipstick will make your lip look thinner and look older. Try to choose rosy pinks or raspberry shades to add a youthful flush. If you’d like to apply a dark hue for an evening out, go for a glossy finish.
Written by Metisu  Fashion.

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