Our quality of life can raise dramatically if we all start practicing emotional hygiene. Imagine how lovely it this world would be if everyone was psychologically healthy, if there were less lonely people, less depression, if people knew how to overcome failure, if they felt better about themselves and more empowered, if they were happier and more fulfilled.




So guys i added this handmade detoxifying mask  from Truself organics to my facial mask collection. Waking up this morning feel strong, i applied my detoxifying mask, followed the instructions and got a wonderful result. 
NOTE this mask was sealed, if open do not use. No parabens, No petroleum, No sodium lauryl sulfate, No phthalates,
No Artificial dye of synthetic fragrances
The detoxifying mask instantly clears, tones and detoxifies your skin naturally.
Restores blemishes
helps to reduce discoloration, fine lines,
and creates a glowing and even complexion.
Powdery form
HOW TO USE  (3 steps)
Open the seal covering the product
Get a bowl, mix some with water, (i refer it very thick)
Apply on your face, leave 10-30mins (for sensitive skin leave for lesser mins). Allow the mask to fully dry.
Rinse out using warm water and get a prefect feel and effect.
Use code back2school and get 20% off.

Formulated with the purest ingredients.
1. Pure calcium bentonite clay
White kaolin clay
Rose Kaolin clay
Moroccan red clay
Dead sea clay
Moroccan rhassoul clay
Epsom salt
Pure collagen and 
Full details of this ingredients is clearly explained on Truself organic

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