Sunday, October 29, 2017


Thigh-high Sexy Red Stretchy Nylon Boots seems to be the fashion trend this year. These stylish pieces have hit this fashion season hard and they do have a high sex appeal along with perfect warmth and elegance that you require in the chilly winters. However, still one needs to know the right way to stay trendy in boots so that they don’t make you look tasteless and skanky and your look ends up something like “Julia Roberts” in Pretty Woman. There are some rules that you strictly need to follow to look fabulous in thigh-high boots.

The major aim of this year’s thigh-high boots is to opt for a balance and elegant style, while maintaining a classy and sophisticated look at the same time. While a little oversized boots could make you look sexy, slouchy and skin tight boots may turn down your sex appeal, making them appear more like official footwear. So, selection of thigh-highs as per the occasion is important:
Various Heights of Thigh-high Boots. This winter season, several designers have showcased these boots in their winter fall collection. However, none of the boots are of one size. They have been released in different colours, materials, sizes and heights, to suit people of different tastes, requirements and preferences. Even with different lengths over the knee, the boots hold different heights- and you’ve a lot of choices for you. For winters, you have an extra layer to add over the tights to avoid cold.
Street Fashion for Winters of Thigh High Boots. In order to get the best amongst the options, you need to pick the right material, cautiously. For large calves, go for boots with elastic back, so that they slip on and off easily. Flaunt your thigh-highs in several attire combos fashionably. Just don’t go the conventional way with these trendy boots. Fold from above, sag it down and play around in as many ways you want.

Fashion Look of Open Toe Thigh-highs. For an adorable look, because thigh-high boots are eye-catching, striking and balance, the look by adorning boots with subtle dresses. If the boots are in bold colours, well-detailed or patterned, the lower part gets more eye-grabbing. Go for neutral colours and sober dresses. Opting for monochromatic attires could be a smart choice.

Fashion Look of Black Suede Thigh Highs. Given, these boots are practical and stylish, it is worth trying to style its dressy impact by adorning easy and simple attires for a casual day- to-day outing. You can wear thigh-highs with leggings, skinny jeans, tights and shorts. There are amazing heel model boots which look stunning with LBDs and skirts and beautiful without heel foot which are suitable for occasions like walk, casual night parties and work hours.

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