Sometimes it’s the cheap finds that bring the most joy to getting dressed. Cheap and Cheerful is a weekly column that highlights the chicest, most inexpensive finds. Because spending less to look good is the greatest satisfaction.

This natural basket bag is perfect for a summer beach chill. Available in yellow, pink, and orange, this is the classic summer for the shore. Handcrafted lightweight raffia straw and lined with smooth linen.
Pack your sunglasses, sunscreen, water bottle, and favorite book; slide your cell phone or keys into the bag; and secure the interior with the zip-snap closure. 100% Raffia Straw. 100% linen lining.
Purchase from Szaleo.pl.

I like straw bags because they give you the perfect summer holiday vibe. Check out these affordable straw bags.

Sulina Shop Facial uplifting oil review

Don't let anyone use you as a cash machine in 2024. For good skin, using lots of products isn't always necessary. Don't waste your money; let me be sincere with you. 3–4 good products on average are okay if you don't have issues with your skin. Achieving perfect skin is a myth; skin reacts and regenerates based on factors like diet, hormonal changes, weather, and allergies. Our skin serves as a barrier and protects us, so reacting and breaking out is part of a natural process. If skin issues persist, consult a dermatologist or treat them yourself with a trusted product.

Vitamins A, C, & E. Grape Seed Oil

Studies from recent years have made it clear that diet may influence the appearance of your skin. Diet and dermatology go hand in hand. There is also a study that discusses how nutrition and diet may affect our overall health. The American Academy of Dermatology published recommendations on the relationship between diet and acne.

Keep in mind that 90 percent of your skin's appearance is influenced by the food you eat. Eat well, stay hydrated, and be mindful of skincare products. Some people follow trends without understanding what the skin product is about or what their skin needs. To protect your skin, a product should:
  • Moisturize
  • Have antioxidants
  • Smooth and soften the skin.
  • Contain vitamins A, C, and E.
I personally use the Sulina Shop Uplifting Facial Oil, which includes vitamin A, C, and E and grapeseed oil with antioxidants and essential fatty acids. It tightens the skin, cleanses pores, and improves elasticity. It also contains argan oil and sunflower seed oils that hydrate and soften the skin, improving overall elasticity and rebalancing natural moisture production.

Although Christmas is still days away, I am happy and enjoying every moment. From wearing beautiful dresses to taking photos in front of different beautiful Christmas trees in the city of Glasgow to planning how to decorate our first Christmas tree, this holiday season is looking so good already.

Today, I will be travelling to meet up with my friend in Edinburgh to visit the Edinburgh Christmas Market and have some fun, but in the morning I have a dental appointment, which I will be telling you all about soon.

Christmas is a time to love, gift, be merry, and be happy. You have made it through the year, and I must tell you it's worth celebrating. I know the cold weather can be depressing sometimes, making some people have seasonal depression, but not to worry. With these tips, you will get yourself into the Christmas spirit.

Last year, I struggled to feel the spirit of Christmas, but this year is different, which is why I decided to share these tips that will help rekindle the holiday spirit.

Put some Christmas decorations in your house.

This is a way of making you aware of the season and making your home feel like Christmas. You could switch your dΓ©cor options if you always purchased a green Christmas tree; you could get a white Christmas tree this season. You can also have a blast designing your own inflatable and adorning your yard with different decorations. Christmas inflatables come in all shapes and sizes, from the classic Santa Claus and custom inflatable Christmas tree to more modern designs like the Nativity scene or a giant snow globe. Some people even choose to inflate animals or cartoon characters that represent the holiday spirit. No matter what you choose, setting up your own outdoor Christmas display is a great way to get into the holiday spirit. Not only will it bring some cheer to your neighborhood, but it will also give you a chance to show off your creative side.

Listen to Christmas music

Play your favorite Christmas music. While cleaning or decorating your room, listen to upbeat Christmas music. Christmas music is such a special treat, and the majority of us listen to it just during this season! Absorb as much Christmas music as possible! It's a true mood booster!

Plan a Christmas Party and bring out that special Christmas dress.

Nothing beats this: getting ready for a Christmas party. You need a perfect dress for a good Christmas party. You can go for a red silky dress or a tulle princess dress, just like my dress. My ever-pretty.com plunge-v-neck spaghetti dress is beyond my wildest dreams. It makes me look forward to a great Christmas ball or party, sitting pretty, and sipping some good wine. This gorgeous dress features spaghetti straps, a ruched waist, and an asymmetrical hem.

Buy the best picture-perfect gown selections to wear to your festive occasions. From ever-pretty, you get to choose from super trendy dresses to gorgeous evening dresses for an affordable process. Enjoy up to a 15% off Christmas discount on all items.

OMG, babes! My wardrobe is seriously overflowing with dresses, and let me tell you, the Rosewe Dresses are, like, hands down one of my absolute faves to rock! OMG, can you even believe it? Can we just take a moment to appreciate how absolutely stunning I look in this dress? 😍πŸ”₯ I mean, seriously, I am serving up some major style vibes right now! This outfit is the epitome of elegance and class, and I am totally here for it! πŸ’πŸ»‍♀️πŸ’« #FashionGoals #FeelingConfident



It's a new month and the last month of 2023. Welcome to the countdown to Christmas! If you follow me on Instagram, you may have noticed I've been enjoying taking photos in front of Christmas lights and festive decorations. I love Christmas lights so much that I use them all year.
Lately, I've been flaunting various dresses from Rosewe, and the response has been fantastic. There's nothing like a good free-fit dress that can be styled in different ways. What I love most about this dress is the silver buckle-like detail in the waist area, which gives the dress a touch of light.

The color is perfect, and the dress is available in different sizes. Exciting news! You can use the code 'KOL10' for a delightful 10% off on orders over $49. You can purchase my Belted Peacock Blue Long Sleeve Mermaid Dress by clicking here.


Thinking about why Rosewe should be your go-to? Here are five fantastic reasons!

1. Trendy Fashion: Rosewe offers a wide array of trendy and fashionable clothing items, ensuring you stay on top of the latest styles and trends.

2. Affordable Prices: Enjoy fashion-forward pieces without breaking the bank. Rosewe provides budget-friendly options, making it accessible for everyone to indulge in stylish wardrobe updates.

3. Diverse Selection: Whether you're looking for casual wear, formal attire, or statement pieces, Rosewe has a diverse selection that caters to various preferences and occasions.

4. Quality Assurance: Rosewe is committed to providing quality clothing, ensuring that each piece meets or exceeds expectations. Shop confidently knowing you're investing in well-made and durable fashion.

5. Customer Reviews: Positive feedback from satisfied customers speaks volumes about Rosewe's commitment to customer satisfaction. Browse reviews to gain insights into the experiences of others and make informed shopping decisions. 

I recently had the pleasure of attending a graduation ceremony, and let me spill the tea on the star of the show – my breathtaking white lace dress. I'm buzzing with excitement to share the spotlight on a recent addition to my wardrobe – the White Lace Belted Stand Collar Long-Sleeved Dress.

The stand collar on this dress isn't just a detail; it's a showstopper. It frames the neckline with poise, adding an element of sophistication that caught my eye from the moment I laid it out. The elegance it exudes is nothing short of mesmerizing. Lace has a language of its own, and this dress speaks it fluently. The intricate lace detailing, delicately layered across the sleeves and the skirt, elevates the dress to a realm of timeless beauty. It's not just fabric; it's a symphony of threads weaving elegance.

A dress with a belt is a dress with a story. The belt on this piece cinches at the waist, creating a flattering silhouette that accentuates curves while maintaining a graceful flow. It's not just a belt; it's the finishing touch that ties the elegance together. Long sleeves aren't just a practical choice; they're a style statement. The sleeves on this dress cascade with grace, embracing the arms in a dance of fabric that feels both comforting and chic. It's not just about coverage; it's about a seamless blend of modesty and allure.

One of the shine of this dress lies in its versatility. Whether it's a brunch date, a garden party, or a sophisticated evening event, this dress seamlessly transitions through occasions. Buy this White Lace Dress and enjoy (Use code “ KOL10 ” for 10% off over $49).

Would you like to know my observations and take a hard look at UK degrees and my thoughts on graduation realities? Keep reading.

As I was crossing the road to enter the graduation hall, I spotted the first person with a graduation gown, and I felt anxious in a good way. I called my friend to come pick me up from the front of the Glasgow Royal Concert Hall so I could take some photos of him before the graduation ceremony started.

I took lots of lovely photos, and he was pleased with them. We entered inside, showed a pass to the security guide, and I found my way to my seat with the guidance of my friend, who was graduating.

While seated, the graduation took some time to start, but it was a lovely ceremony that began with the school staff working in and opening speeches, followed by the PhD graduates being called out to the bachelor students.

It was such a beautiful sight; they all walked out, holding their certificates and diplomas like they were the keys to a whole new world. I sat there, soaking it all in and enjoying every bit of the ceremony. People were buzzing with excitement. I could hear the laughter and cheers of invited friends and family, and everyone was eager to capture the perfect moment on video. The energy skyrocketed when names were called—screams, cheers, and the sweet chaos of celebration filled the air. It was a genuine outpouring of pride and happiness for each graduate.

After the graduation, we headed to the university building. Lots of students continued taking photos while the social media team of the university was trying to gather students for photos that would be used on the university website.

Having taken some photos of my dress, I entered the library area to warm myself up because it was a very cold day. At that moment, I found myself pondering:

1. How many of these students genuinely require this degree?

2. Will they make practical use of the knowledge gained?

3. Could the funds spent on tuition have been invested in more innovative pursuits?

4. Are some of these students on a celebratory path that might not align with their true destinies?

5. How many of these students would never use this certificate?

6. How many of these students does the UK actually provide job opportunities for?

I kept thinking about these questions as I watched students come and go in the library area.

The UK takes in lots of students each year for educational purposes, and lots of them leave their jobs and high-ranking positions with the mindset of getting a decent job after studying in the UK, but for most foreign students, this is far from reality.

Why would the UK admit students into master's programmes only to find them often starting at the lowest job levels in the real world? If they meet the qualifications for a master's degree, shouldn't the knowledge imparted enable them to attain roles at a corresponding level?

To what extent have these foreign students truly achieved success? This was the question that kept coming to mind as I looked at all of them dressed in their beautiful outfits.

I read an article before sharing this post, which states that international graduates encounter a significant challenge in securing graduate-level employment in the UK. Currently, only 7% of all international graduates succeed.

If the UK stands by the quality of education it imparts to foreign students, why the struggle for these graduates to secure well-paying jobs? It's more straightforward for a UK citizen with a bachelor's degree to secure employment than it is for a foreigner armed with a PhD. This stark reality demands scrutiny and explanation.

How much have these foreign students accomplished?

The Rosewe Wine Red pattern dress is perfect for a job interview.

I'm really excited to share this style of post with all of you. Over the years, my style has transformed into this classy and decent style that I absolutely love.
Today, I want to chat about this gorgeous dress I got from Rosewe. I cannot get enough of how good the striped side button wine red tie-collar bodycon dress felt on my figure; it fits me perfectly.
The design mixes plain and patterns to create this perfect look. The clothes match the photo exactly, and the sizing is spot-on. I've come across many lovely reviews about this dress, which only adds to my joy.
Wearing this dress just puts a huge smile on my face, and I wanted to let you know that you can get this beauty on sale at the Rosewe website. Plus, they'll ship it out within 24 hours, and you get a free gift with your purchase. I'm genuinely thrilled about this dress and would love to hear what you think.

 This dress is perfect for Monday morning at the office, and it's a great fit for both churches. It's designed with such sophistication—the bold burgundy, gold buttons, and charming bow make it a complete package. If you wear this dress, be prepared for lots of compliments.

I am absolutely in love with this dress! It's gorgeous and perfect for a career day, an office job, or an interview, which brings me to the topic of what to wear for a job interview. When attending an interview, you need to look professional and modest, and this dress crosses all the dots.

By the way, it's only the second day of the week. If you're still going strong, keep it up—the weekend is right around the corner!

When it comes to dressing up for special occasions, some dresses have that magical quality to make you stand out. You put them on, and you just know that everyone will compliment you. This Modlily dusty blue short-sleeve maxi dress is that kind of dress. This dress is a true showstopper that effortlessly combines elegance and style, making it an ideal choice for a range of special events.

When I looked at this dress, what came to mind were images of weddings, festive seasons, and prom nights. This Modlily maxi dress beautifully encapsulates the essence of celebration.

The dusty blue color

Dusty blue is a color with timeless grace. It's a shade that effortlessly combines sophistication and subtlety, making it a versatile choice for various special occasions.

The soft, calming tone of this dress is perfect for weddings. Whether you're a guest, bridesmaid, or even the bride herself, the dusty blue hue complements the romantic atmosphere of a wedding. It's a color that symbolizes serenity and trust, two essential qualities for a lasting marriage.

Tulle and elegance

Tulle is a fabric that has been synonymous with weddings for ages. Tulle's light and airy nature adds a touch of whimsy and romance to any dress. In this case, it adds a dreamy quality to the dress, making it perfect for dancing the night away at a wedding or prom.

The A-line silhouette with the tulle overlay provides a flattering and graceful look. The skirt gently flares out, creating a princess-like effect that makes you feel like you're part of a fairytale. Whether you're twirling on the dance floor or walking down the aisle, this dress is designed to make you feel like a queen.

Oh, Scotland's got this wild weather, I'm tellin' ya! One minute, it's all sunshine and rainbows , then BAM! Rain and gloom in the blink of an eye. So, just before I took these pics, I thought, "Hey, the sun's gonna make an appearance." But nope, it didn't. Still, I went for it. Wind had other ideas, though, it messed up my hair and had my dress twirlin' like a dance-off with the breeze. I was shiverin', not gonna lie, but hey, I was thrilled to finally show off this Modlily design Navy Umbrella Hem Sequin A Line Dress. You know what's the bomb? That silver bling around the neck – no need for a necklace, it's got you covered.

Modlily Navy Umbrella Hem Sequin A Line Dress

This dress? It's a chameleon. Rock it to any event. Want a casual vibe? Throw on some cute sneakers, and you're golden. I'm all about those effortlessly classy dresses, you feel me?

And don't get me started on those lace sleeves – perfecto! The fit, the flow, pair 'em with some killer heels, and you're lookin' classier than you'd ever dream. My wig had a mind of its own, but hey, it's all part of the game.
Over the years, I have styled some really nice fall outfits, but for some unknown reason, I haven't compiled them into a fall post. So today, just before I left home, I decided to write a fall styling post, which will involve a compilation of some of my fall outfits to create a post with fall outfit ideas. Let me know which of the fall looks is your favorite.

1. Denim jacket paired with denim flare jeans, red knit sweater and embroidered boot.
Denim jacket: Ripped Patched Hoodie Denim Jacket by zaful
Jeans: Denim Lace-Up Wide Leg Jeans by zaful
Red Knit sweater by zaful
Black floral embroidery Chunky boot by pinkbasis
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Denim jacket paired with denim flare jeans, red knit sweater and embroided boot.

2. Green bodycon dress paired with cropped sweater and printed jacked.
Long ethnic style jacket by Wax-Wear
Yellow lace up zipper cyan sandals by Casnaboty.
Crew Neck Puff Sleeve Argyle Cropped Sweater by Sammydress (Now closed)
Embellished Cami Bandage Dress by zaful
Blanx Apricot sunglasses by giantvintage
Medium Inclined Bang Fluffy Afro Curly Synthetic Wig by rosegal
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3. High wasit mini skirt paired with green suede sweater and black thigh high boots
Checked Floral Applique Embroidered Blazer from Zaful.
High Waist Checked Mini Skirt from Zaful.
Crew Neck Graphic Print Suede Sweatshirt from Gamiss (Now closed).
Flat top jazz hat from Zaful.
Puddy tat tobacco by Giant Vintage.
Black Chunky Thigh High Boots from Ami Clubwear

4. All green outfit paired with orange pom pom heels.
Top : Calliope.
Mirror Len :Szaleo.
Green wo sided Pocket Pant : Lovelywholesale.
Dress shirt : Banggood.
Wrist watch Mockberg Nora Petite.
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5. Printed leggings paired with a red bag, sweater and black sneakers for fall
Dreamer sweater by Mrgugu
leggings from Lotus leggings
Black sports shoes czasnabuty.
Round Circle fashion glasses : Emblem eye wear.
Oxford Lord wrist watch.
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Printed leggings paired with a red bag, sweater and black sneakers for fall

6. Red blazers and wasit coat paired with distressed jeans and cow boy boots.
Blazers and waistcoat: Sammydress.
Denim skirt over pant: Zaful.
Original Leather boots from Czasnabuty.
Chain wristwatch: Nicole Vienna.
El Roy eyewear.
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6. Red blazers and wasit coat paired with distressed jeans and cow boy boots.

7. Vintage blazer paired with turtle neck sweater, denim skirt and brown suede boots
Suede boots from Public desire.
Jessica Buurman : Shoulder Bag. 
Puddy tat tobacco sunglasses by Giant Vintage.
Button A-Line Denim Skirt by Dresslily
Sweater : Sammydress.
SONSDO Quartz Watch from Gamiss
Adiors Short See-Through Bang Fluffy Wavy Bob Wig from Rosegal
Coffee colored Checked Lapel Collar Long Sleeve Blazer from Gamiss.
Stripe Pattern Retro Classical Newsboy Cap For Men and Women from Sammydress.
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Vintage blazer paired with turtle neck sweater, denim skirt and brown suede boots

8. Embroidered organza dress paired with 3d sweater and suede thigh high boots.
Embroidered organza dress from  Trendsgal
Full print 3d sweater is by Mr Gugu.
Suede tassel boots by My Unique look 
Wrist watch by Nicole Vienna.
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Embroidered organza dress paired with 3d sweater and suede thigh high boots.

9. Flare denim skirt paired with white shirt and thigh high denim boots.
Jodie denim thigh high denim boots from Solewish. 
White Shirt from Sammydress.
Bershka belt
Ray ban sunnies
 Cndirect Black hat, 
Mockberg wrist watch
 Medea Jewelry 14k gold filled dumbbell.

Flare denim skirt paired with white shirt and thigh high denim boots.

10. Black pant woth colorful 3rd sweater paired with highs and cardigan
Cardigan : Sammydress
Hair : from Dresslily.
Shoes : Casnaboty.
Pant : Stradivirus.
Suede Clutches Bag from Newchic.
Wrist watch by Mockberg.
Sweater by Mrgugu
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Cardigan : Sammydress Hair : You can purchase both synthetic and Human hair wigs from Dresslily. Long Curly Side Parting High Temperature Fiber Lace Front Wig.  Shoes : Casnaboty. Pant : Stradivirus Bag : Fashion Women Suede Solid Clutches Bag from Newchic.  Wrist : Wrist watch :The Nora Petite Wrist Watch which represents Scandinavian minimalist elegance. To purchase please visit on Mockberg.com.  Post here.

11. Black hooded coat paired with burgundy flare pants and heels
Yoga Straight-Leg Marsala pants from Betabrand
Top : H&M
Shoes : Casnaboty.
Glasses : Imij
Soir collection wrist watch by nicolevienna.
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Black hooded coat paired with burgundy flare pants and heels

Finding the perfect dress for the mother of the bride can be quite the task, especially when it's for a fall wedding. But what if I told you there's a dress that not only fits the role of the mother but also makes a great choice for any wedding guest?

I recently stepped out in my navy sequin dress, and it felt like I was wearing a dress fit for a wedding, particularly the mother of the bride dress style. My dress shimmered with sequins, giving it a glamorous yet sophisticated look. It is a two-set dress that came with a chiffon coat, which I paired with a chiffon coat that flowed elegantly as I walked, adding a touch of grace to my outfit.

To complete the look, I opted for white heels that not only made me feel taller but also added a fresh, modern twist. But what's the secret to keeping things simple while making a statement? My go-to choice: pearl earrings. These classic gems added a touch of timeless elegance without overshadowing the rest of the ensemble.

I love this combination because it lets the outfit shine. Sometimes, simplicity is the key to making a lasting impression. So, when you want to make a statement without being too flashy, consider the power of classic accessories like pearls.

But how should the mother of the bride dress? gorgeous ofcos.

Now, let's draw inspiration from the royals, who often wear dresses paired with coats. There are several reasons behind this choice:

1. Sophistication: Coats exude sophistication and formality. They instantly elevate an outfit, making it suitable for formal occasions.

2. Practicality: Coats provide warmth, especially in chilly or transitional seasons like fall. They allow royals to maintain an elegant appearance while staying comfortable.

3. Versatility: A coat can be removed when indoors, revealing a beautiful dress. This dual-layer outfit ensures that royals are appropriately dressed for both indoor and outdoor settings.

4. Iconic Style:Many iconic fashion moments have involved royals wearing dresses with statement coats. These outfits often set trends and become memorable in the world of fashion.

MODLILY DESIGN Navy Hot Stamping Long Sleeve Maxi Dress

Instagram is becoming a place for explicit content. Let's discuss modesty. Over time, the idea of what's modest has changed, especially among Generation Z. In the UK, where I am now, it's common to see teens wearing revealing clothing like stretch leggings that show vagina lines (camel toe). This style is seen a lot online, but is it about being comfortable in your own skin or people just being indecent just because they can?

Many young people dress very revealing, even to the point where you can see their buttocks. I recently went to a buffet restaurant and saw someone whose underwear was visible as she sat. She wore a mini skirt and when she sat it went up and her buttocks was literally out but she seemed comfortable with it. This makes me wonder if this generation's fashion is pushing boundaries.

Navy Hot Stamping Long Sleeve Maxi Dress

Society, fast fashion, and social media play a big role in shaping what young people wear. Brands often sell the idea of comfort in your own skin. But I'm concerned that if this generation dresses so revealingly, what will the next generation consider normal? Will those who dress more modestly be seen as old-fashioned?

Being comfortable in your skin doesn't mean being naked. Your clothing reflects who you are and how people perceive you. It's saddening that parents seem to have less control over what their kids wear in places like the United kingdom, Japan  (Tokyo), Spain (Ibiza), Canada, and the USA(Miami, Florida) etc, where body positivity has gone in the wrong direction.

Today, I'd like to discuss something I've noticed, and it's probably happening in a few other places too.

Since I moved to the UK, I've encountered many surprising things, but one has really caught my attention, which is why I'm talking about it in this post. In the UK, the cost of having a mortgage is quite high, and living here is expensive. It often feels like what you pay doesn't match what you get in return. This is my personal opinion.

People in the UK work hard and pay a lot of taxes. Some of that money goes into their retirement savings, while some is used to pay for their mortgages. However, as they get older and might become unwell, they can't take care of themselves, and they end up in a care home to get the help they need. Despite the fact that I have never worked in a care home, I have read and heard about them.

For some, they've saved a good amount to afford this service, and a few rely on their children, which isn't uncommon. However, for others, selling their homes becomes necessary to cover the costs of care.

You make lifelong mortgage payments and continue to work until you are 55–65 years old, which is roughly the same age at which most people finish paying off their mortgage. Then you require care and are forced to sell your home to finance it.

Do not forget that, depending on the nature of your occupation, working for an extended period of time can have a negative impact on your health. 

I want to emphasize that the focus here is on those who have to sell their homes to pay for care after they have only completed the payment for it between the ages of 50 and 65. Don't misunderstand me; care services are vital for those in need of care. But my point is, if you've worked your whole life and paid off your mortgage, only to find yourself needing care when you are more than 55 and having to sell your home to cover these expenses, was buying a house truly a good financial plan?

It raises questions about whether taking a mortgage is the most effective path to a better life, considering the possibility of working tirelessly without securing financial stability in the end.

My question is: after years of working and paying for a mortgage, you are now retired and supposed to be enjoying the comfort of your home, but you suddenly need care, and instead of the government providing you long-term care at an affordable rate from your home, you end up selling the house that you just finished paying the mortgage for, putting the money into a care home, and giving that money back to the system. Did you actually accomplish anything?

I'm genuinely interested in your thoughts on this topic.
No content on this site, regardless of date, should be used to replace direct medical advice from your doctor or another trained practitioner.
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