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I want to share about a movie on Amazon Prime that deeply moved me. It's called Momiwa, and it's a compelling story, beautifully scripted, with a cast that brings the characters to life. The storyline is emotional, touching, and full of lessons for everyone.The movie revolves around a man named Netochukwu, who faces a dramatic fall in life. He lost his job, was struggling, and had a baby on the way. His family of three became four, but his wife left one day, abandoning their children. The kids were locked inside the house, crying, while neighbors banged on the door, trying to help. When Netochukwu returned, he quickly opened the door, and from then on, he took his kids to work with him. At his job site, he met a kind woman who people fondly called Momiwa, with a small roadside business, who always helped with the kids. She became part of their family, and even after Netochukwu found a good paying job, he asked her to move to the new city with them. She had become a mother figure to the children.

Years later, Netochukwu became wealthy and bought her a house, but she continued to stay with the family, always putting the kids first. One day, a woman came to their house, claiming to be Netochukwu's wife. Momiwa welcomed her, but when Netochukwu returned, he was furious. The woman was indeed his wife, who had left them years ago. She begged him to accept her back, explaining that she had suffered from postpartum depression and had never cheated on him. She left to protect their children from her depression, which made her feel dangerous to them. Netochukwu was moved by her honesty, and they reconciled, with his wife moving back in.

However, jealousy soon took root in Netochukwu's wife. She despised how everyone adored Momiwa, who had been the children's mother for ten years. She treated Momiwa poorly, and once Netochukwu traveled, she even got Momiwa arrested. When Netochukwu returned and couldn't reach Momiwa, he asked his wife what happened. She lied, claiming that Momiwa had decided to leave on her own. Netochukwu felt uneasy and worried, and he even involved the police, who told him they found a note in Momiwa’s room indicating she left voluntarily. Little did he know, his wife was behind the whole scheme.
Lana's daughter Emma comes back from London with news of her upcoming wedding next month. The situation takes a twist when Lana discovers that the man who captured Emma's heart is the son of the individual who shattered hers many years ago.

This movie is about a bride and her mother who dated the father of her future husband in high school. They only discovered upon arrival at the hotel in Thailand that her daughter was marrying the son of her former boyfriend, who left her unexpectedly.

It was an awkward situation that brought back a lot of memories for the mom, who even expressed her fear to her daughter that her ex's son might do the same thing to her. However, the daughter reassured her that they are two different people.

The movie revolves around love, comedy, and fun. Its high-quality production keeps you glued to the screen, giving a sense of déjà vu, but this time, the mother of the bride is the one with an ex present at the wedding venue.

She's not allowed to write her own vows, wear the dress she likes, or do what she wants because her daughter, an influencer, is sponsored by designer brands and wants to promote them on her big day. The mother feels her daughter is losing sight of what's important and isn't happy about it, leading to a fight between them. This results in the mother confronting her ex why he left her without a word during their younger years.

Additionally, the mother attracts an admirer who seeks a date with her and witnesses her encounter with her ex after an evening boat ride. It's awkward, but watching the movie is both fun and cool.

Director: Mark Waters
Writer: Robin Bernheim
Stars: Brooke Shields, Miranda Cosgrove, Benjamin Bratt

Oliwia, a big-city chef, finds herself deceived into abandoning her commitments to rescue her grandmother's farm.

"No Pressure" is a movie about a beautiful lady who loves her grandma, dearly and wants her to come stay with her, but she is a chef in the city. The grandma pretends to be sad, and when her granddaughter finally comes to the village, she sees a staged funeral and start crying. However, her grandma wakes up, and the granddaughter gets angry and is about to leave, but her car isn't working. Her grandma persuades her to stay, and the next day, the grandma leaves the house and is nowhere to be found. The granddaughter starts looking for her grandma, but can't find her, asking the villagers, who all act strangely. Eventually, she meets a gentleman who has used her grandma and wants to take her to court.

I love the way the movie was acted and directed. There's a little comedy here and there, but overall, it's a cool movie.

No Pressure (2024) – A Netflix Film: Embracing Tradition - IMDb. 'No Pressure' is a Polish comedy featuring Anna Szymańczyk, Anna Seniuk, Mateusz Janicki, and Artur Barciś. Directed by Bartosz Prokopowicz, the film delves into traditional values with a comedic twist.

Summary: Oliwia, a big-city chef, finds herself deceived into abandoning her commitments to rescue her grandmother's farm. During this endeavor, she becomes enamored with a charming farmer who harbors a mysterious past.
Orion and the Dark Movie Review

"Orion and the Dark" is about a little boy who is afraid of almost everything. He fears the dark, clowns, cell phone waves causing cancer, monsters, haircuts, mosquito bites getting infected, falling off skyscrapers, saying "good morning" and sounding like "Goob dorning!", bees, dogs, and the ocean. He is also afraid of being responsible for his team losing, as well as locker rooms and Richie Panic, who bullies him by calling him "Orion." Richie takes his art book and turns to a page where Orion has written all the things he fears, including Richie's name. Just before Richie walks away after bullying him, Orion says thank you to Richie.

He doesn’t know why he does that, but he is quite disappointed in himself for not being able to stand up for himself.

The school plans a visit to the planetarium, but Richie doesn’t give his parents the permission slip. Orion is afraid of being packed inside the school bus alongside his classmates. He fears the bus might crash, and if they make it to the planetarium, the giant models of the solar system hanging from the ceiling might fall on him.

Orion really likes Lisa but can't approach her. He is also afraid that if he sits next to her at the planetarium and their hands touch, he will have a panic attack and become a running joke around the school. So, he hides his permission slip from his parents. When his teacher asks him, he lies, saying his parents won’t let him go to the planetarium because they don’t believe in space, but it's all lies.

He is also afraid of coming back home to find his parents have sold their house and moved while he was at school. His fear is stopping him from doing a lot of things.

His dad finds the permission slip under the couch, but Orion tells his parents he doesn’t want to go. That night, when his mom comes to check on him before bedtime, after she turns off the light, he jumps from the bed and asks her to read him a bedtime story. When she doesn't have time, he asks her to leave the door open so that light can come in, which she does.

When she leaves, he tries different socket lights, which blow off due to high voltage, causing him to panic. Of all the things he is afraid of, he is most afraid of the dark. He covers himself and turns on the touch light, but it isn't working well. Soon, he starts screaming, "Darkness, why can’t you leave me alone?" and darkness visits him.

Dark tells him millions of kids are afraid of him but he is harmless. Dark doesn’t light the way humans thought about him. He says everyone is against him and tells Orion that he is just a regular guy trying to do his job. He says people hate him, but he is just trying to do his job. He wishes people would give him a chance.

Orion feels bad for Dark and starts speaking with him. He tells Dark about the list of people who bullied him. Dark wants to help him stop his fears and brings up an idea that will help him appreciate the beauty of the night instead of being so terrified all the time, but Orion refuses. But after giving it thought and remembering how he was bullied, he accepts, and Mr. Dark takes Orion for a night ride in the air.

They meet the night entities, and this is when the story becomes even more interesting. One thing is evident: Mr. Dark also has his insecurities, which he has to overcome.

This animation will give you a different way to view things if you fear the dark a lot.
A woman stands on a snowy mountain path, looking out at the vast landscape ahead, representing the resilience and strength depicted in the movie "Infinite Storm."

Infinite Storm is a movie about a woman named Pam Bales. She woke up and packed her full hiking gear. Afterward, she went to see a friend whose dog she loved dearly. Knowing she was going hiking, her friend reminded her of the absence of phone network coverage in the mountains. In jest, she said, "You want to be my chaperone?"

Pam believed that mountains always listen without talking back, and she sought solace in their presence. As she drove towards the mountain, she listened to country music, finding comfort in its lyrics. When the song mentioned "Love will find you," she echoed the sentiment, affirming, "Love will find me, fam."

When she got to the entrance, she met a man and a woman. They had a brief conversation, and she asked them if there was anyone on the mountain. They said, "No, just us." The couple left, and then she began her journey from a flowing water path. It was early morning, and there was morning dew and fog.

She walked through a snowy path filled with trees and leaves. She spoke to herself as she walked.

She got to a point and removed her jacket, tied it around her waist, and kept going.

She took steps into a loose stone area and nearly fell but got her grip. She sat for some time. The time was 8:55 a.m. She kept going. As she continued her journey, it became tougher and tougher as she approached areas filled with more snow.

From time to time, she stood and took in the beautiful view. It was windy but she kept going.

She decided to take another break. She wore her shoe chains and poured some hot beverage, but as she looked to the other side, the mountain was so covered in fog that she could hardly see anything.

She wore her jacket again and sat down to feel the breeze. There was a sign that said "Stop: White Mountain National Forest."

Continuing on, oblivious to the sign ahead, she pressed forward. Thick snowflakes fell around her, obscuring her vision. Amidst the heavy snowfall, she caught the faint sound of a scream, though its origin remained uncertain. Whistles and other noises echoed through the snowy landscape, but undeterred, she continued her journey.

At 10:53 a.m., there was a scream. "Fuck." As she walked, she saw footsteps, and she said, "You've got to be kidding me. A woman was shouting "hello," and a whistle-blowing sound. She followed the footsteps and kept going.

She then fell into a hole. The snow opened, and she fell inside. She was in pain, and her face was already turning red. She tried to climb up, but it was proving so difficult. She tried her best and pulled herself up to the top of the hole, and she almost made it out when she fell back inside the hole. This time she went deeper and was covered in more snow, struggling to breathe as more snow poured into the hole.

At this point, she had scratched her fingers, had bruises, and was already weak. She wasn’t exactly a young woman. She lay inside the hole and watched the snow covering up when she saw two shadows and started remembering her daughters, and then started to try again. As she did, she said, "Come on, Pam." She encouraged herself and finally came out.

She crawled out and let out a loud scream. She tried to drink from her water bottle, but it was frozen. She picked up a fallen wooden stick and placed it over the hole so another person wouldn’t fall inside.

She started shouting, "Hello, hello," trying to look for the people whistling, but everywhere was covered in snow, the wind was blowing, and it was harsh weather.

She walked and then met a man sitting still. He was halfway gone and so cold and frozen, but he was still alive. She asked him for his name, but there was no response. She told him she would call him John. She took off his socks and put another pair on him. She took off his shorts and put her clothes on him. She told him she would get him out of there.

She started taking him down the mountain. Around 1:38 pm, they were still walking, but the guy didn’t have much strength to carry on. He fell at some point, but she helped him up. His steps were so shaky, and he fell again.

He wanted to give up. She spoke to him and said, "I am not leaving you," and around 1:09 pm, they were still walking.

She asked him if he had been drinking, on drugs, or on mushrooms, but he tried to run because he didn’t know what was going on.

By 2:57 pm, they were still walking, and John ran to the edge and said, "Jump," but before he did, she said, "No, don’t do it," she screamed, "I told you I can’t."

She looked over, and he was still alive, and she tried to help him.

By 3:30 pm, he started eating the snow, and she tried to stop him and told him not to eat the snow. She asked him if he had anyone waiting for him, and he said his cat. They started moving again, but this time his leg hurt due to the fall.
The Old Oak movie is about some Syrians who had to leave their country because of the war and ended up in a northern English mining town. At first, the people in the town didn't want them there. But there was a man who owned a big pub, and even though he'd lost his wife and his son was not speaking to him, he welcomed them and encouraged others to do the same. However, not everyone agreed with him. Some people wanted him to stop being nice to the Syrians. Tragedy strikes when his beloved dog, Marra, is killed by another canine. Moreover, the secondary room of his bar opened in response to the Syrian girl's encouragement, and he sustained severe damage after his close friends tampered with a pipe, causing the damage.

After watching a movie, I wanted to share about it. Sometimes, when people come from places where there's been war, it can be hard for them to fit in somewhere new. People might feel confused or scared about strangers coming into their community, especially if they don't know much about them. But one thing is for sure: being kind and understanding is important, no matter where someone is from or what they look like.

The Old Oak Movie Review

This movie sheds light on the struggles refugees face as they flee from war-torn regions in search of safety and peace. Locals must understand that many individuals don't willingly leave their homelands to reside in camps or unfamiliar territories. They simply make do with the hand life deals them, prioritizing survival amid the horrors of war.

Should you encounter anyone seeking refuge from a war zone in your community, it's essential to treat them with kindness. Refrain from derogatory remarks, and extend a helping hand by providing clothing and basic necessities if you can spare them. Avoid belittling them; they're grappling with trauma, compounded by the realization that some locals may harbor resentment towards them. Feeling like strangers in a foreign land only adds to their sorrow. Many have witnessed the loss of loved ones but pressed on in search of safety. Remember, circumstances can swiftly change; therefore, kindness should always prevail.

Release date: 29 September 2023 (UK)
Director: Ken Loach
Distributed by: StudioCanal UK, Le Pacte
Box office: $7.4 million
Cinematography: Robbie Ryan
Music by: George Fenton
Mea Culpa Movie Review

This is a movie about a woman named Mea Culpa who is a lawyer and married to a husband whose brother is high in the police force and wanted to run for mayor. They lied that their mother was sick to gain sympathy from the audience.

Mea is unaware of what is going on but kept her cool even when her husband sold the expensive piano he bought to purchase a watch for his mother's birthday without telling her. Her husband's mother was disrespectful and a bully, but Mea kept her cool.

One day when she got to her office, she was told that a popular artist who was accused of murder was waiting for her and wanted her to take up the case. She wasn't sure about it, and when her husband's family found out, they all freaked out and came to her house to tell her not to take the case, but she refused. She took on the case, but it got complicated as she started working with a private investigator to find out the truth about the missing person who no one was able to see yet the high-profile artist was accused. Little did she know that her husband, his brother, and mother were all in the plan together. Her husband's brother accused the artist and set him up in order to solve the case and put him in prison so the people would vote for him and be on his side.

Mea Culpa is a movie that brings us back to the reality of the marriages we see these days. When I started watching this movie, I was very interested in the storyline, so I paid close attention. This is a movie about what happens in real life. A lot of people enter into relationships with genuine hearts and love, only to be broken and shattered due to family members and wicked spouses. The family you marry into is very important and can influence the peace of your home if your spouse isn't careful or allows themselves to be pushed around.

Kelly rowland is the star of the movie and I must say, she looks amazing. Great cast.

Initial release: 23 February 2024
Director: Tyler Perry
Green Book Movie Review

This movie is a real-life story about a world-class African pianist back in the old days in the USA. He was so good at his craft and had trained and achieved degrees. He played for the only white audience but was not allowed to sit at the same table with them or use the same toilets as them.

One incident occurred at the end of his tour when he was not allowed to eat in the same place where white people were eating, even though he was the star they came to watch. He was asked to go and eat inside the storage room. He faced police brutality a lot and had to just overlook it. He was treated so badly by white people, despite his success.

This movie is so triggering, and I can’t imagine what those slaves had to go through to survive and how racism is still a thing on this earth. Honestly, it’s hard to watch all these movies and read history books and not get angry about these silly things racist white people did. There was a Green Book that showed you the hotels and places where black people were accepted. The segregation is deep. I don’t understand the hate for black people. Someone, please explain. You capture people from their country, kill some on the way, enslave them, and make them work like animals, and then you hate that they exist. Make it make sense. This is stupidity at its highest level. A group of people with ego issues and mental health problems.

A lot of people still think they are better than others, and it’s crazy. This movie taught me patience. Dr. Shirley was a peaceful and patient man who just wanted to do music. He finally found a home with his driver, who stood by him.

Summary: The film Green Book recounts the bond that developed in the 1960s between Tony "Lip" Vallelonga, Don Shirley's driver and bodyguard. Don Shirley is a well-known pianist and composer. The primary focus of the action will be the many cultures and social strata. The strongest point is Mortensen's and Ali's chemistry together. The whole movie would collapse without it.

Overall, this is a very good movie, with great acting. The lead actor played an important role in reflecting on what it was like to be black in America. performance worthy of an award.

Each time I read books and watch movies that tell core stories about racism, I just can't help but ask: How much pain and broken were these people? How sad were their days? How many people suffered and never knew peace? These questions are difficult.

Genre: Comedy, Drama
Original Language: English
Director: Peter Farrelly
Producer: Jim Burke, Charles B. Wessler, Peter Farrelly, Brian Hayes Currie, Nick Vallelonga
Writer: Nick Vallelonga, Brian Hayes Currie, Peter Farrelly
Release Date (Theaters): Nov 21, 2018 Wide
Release Date (Streaming): Feb 19, 2019

Have you seen this movie?
Bhakshak focuses on highlighting the injustices experienced by young girls who are raped, sexually abused, or murdered.

The movie Bhakshak is a story released on February 9, 2024, about a girl shelter that accepts girls not older than 18. The reporter got information about the girls being abused and retired to find information but finally found a cook who escaped from the shelter and told her how the girls were drugged and beaten. Baby Rani, who was in charge of the girls, was so strict with them and was aware of the killings and abuse going on.

The journalist Vaishali Singh, who owned a small TV channel, and her cameraman, Bhaskar Sinha, who is her assistant, tried their best to file a report to the police even when her brother-in-law, who is a lawyer, was beaten, but the police, working under strict order, refused to file a report.

The owner of the girl's shelter, Bansi Sahu, protected Sonu when the police came to arrest him and stopped the arrest. He stopped the police from going inside the shelter.

She made a video and talked about the issue, and a female police officer with a higher rank got interested and invited her to her office. They talked about how, after the visit, the police officer also invited her to her house and told her that the case needed evidence and that the man in question had a lot of governmental backing.

Summary of the Bhakshak movie

The girl's shelter is owned by Bansi Sahu; he abuses the girls and also brings men from outside to abuse the girls. The shelter warden, baby Rani, gives the girls sleeping pills and tells them they are medicine for deworming. When they are asleep, many people rape and torture those young girls. At night, baby Rani forces the girls to strip; she lies down naked next to them and abuses them. The staff that work there—Sonu, Bacca Babu, Mithilesh Sinha, the doctor, and several other men—force the girls to dance for them in several ways and show them porn. A few girls even got pregnant, and then they were killed.

A police officer who tried to force the government to look into the case got shot three times, and no one took up the case.

Watch the movie to find out the ending. To me, this movie is not just a movie; this movie is what is happening all over the world. This movie still sheds light on how the girl child is a prey in society, more like an orphan girl child. Please, if you have any information about this type of situation, never give up; justice can still be served. It might take time but don’t give up.

I will give this movie a 5/5.

CAST:Bhumi Pednekar, Sanjay Mishra, Sai Tamhankar, Aditya Srivastava
Director: Pulkit
GENRE: Drama
DURATION:2 hours 15 minutes
The devil wears Prada

This is a 2006 movie that was recently added to Netflix, and I happened to watch it. Here is what I have to say about it. I found out it was a novel.

Nice plot, a cool drama about a college graduate Andrea who suffers while being an assistant to the tyrannical editor of a fashion magazine, Miranda Priestly, who is hated in the industry due to her unflexible ways. She was a boss from hell, feared by everyone. She does things like send her assistant to find the newest Harry Potter books that aren't yet in stores and serve her lattes with just the right amount of heat.

Andrea is put through a lot every day, sometimes even late into the night with orders barking over the phone. But when things get more and more outlandish and not simply unpleasant, Andrea starts to fear that the career that a million females would kill for might actually end up killing her. She must also determine whether the job is worth the cost of her soul, even if she lives.

Director: David Frankel
Writers: Aline Brosh McKenna, Lauren Weisberger
Stars: Anne Hathaway, Meryl Streep, Adrian Grenier
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