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Happiness is a choice but sometimes some factors influence how happy we can be. Happiness has lots of impacts on the way we live, handle responsibilities, and communicate with people around us. A happy person is more attractive than an angry human being. Staying happy is very important for our mental health. Some factors can improve or make us happy which have been listed below.

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1. Staying away from negative and angry people.
Unhappy people promote only a bad vibe, we are not ready for them and will never be, so the best way to promote happiness and contact happiness is by staying around happy people. Some people enjoy being unhappy so do yourself the favor of staying away from such people. Always create an environment that makes you happy and relaxed because when you are happy you channel your productivity in the right direction, give your best, and work more effectively.

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2. Keeping your house and Environment clean.
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 If you didn't know about this then welcome and start putting this into practice. A dirty or scattered environment causes unhappy living which affects our mood. Arrange your space, keep your corner neat and well arranged. This promotes good health and good health brings about happiness.
Positive quotes are words that uplift us and gives us a fresh idea or push on how to stay strong and be a better version of ourselves.

sometimes you don't even have the strength to carry on but that picture quote on the wall can just speak to you and give you a new insight.

Quotes can be much more helpful than we think, tho there are lots of positive sayings that people hardly put into practice, but nevertheless, positive quotes are good for the soul.

Here are positive picture quotes that can help kick start your Monday perfectly.
Abuja is the capital of Nigeria which also made it to the list of the most popular cities in Nigeria. Abuja is the capital city of Nigeria located in the centre of the country within the Federal Capital Territory (FCT). It is a planned city and was built mainly in the 1980s, replacing the country's most populous city of Lagos as the capital on 12 December 1991 #wiki. While in Abuja here are things you shouldn't do.
1. Do not pay for any hotel in Abuja without seeing it physically and checking for the location.
This is one common trait associated with hotels in Nigeria generally. When looking for a hotel in Abuja don't be fooled by the photos you see online. I have visited over 20 hotels in Abuja and none was the same as what they showed online. Fortunately, I had time to change to a better hotel. Before you pay for any hotel in Abuja be sure to have asked around about that hotel, don't follow the reviews you see online because some of the booking reviews were written by the hotel management. I will never recommend the New City hotel at Wuye. This is the worst hotel ever.
Image from Travel.jumia.com

New City hotel reviews from Jumia travel.
Here is a Verified Review wrote on 2016-11-22 from another customer about New City Hotel Abuja Wuye. 
New City Hotel is totally below par. Their customer service is non-existent. The rooms were not cleaned and dusted in anticipation of guests even though we booked in advance. There is no alternative supply of power during the day. The food is unappetizing. Do not be surprised to find cobwebs and cockroaches in your room, I did. I had to switch rooms several times due to the absence of basic necessities: wardrobe, toilet faucet that doesn't leak, functional fridge and AC. The list is endless. My entire stay was laced with regrets and disappointment. I definitely won't be visiting again.

Verified Review wrote in 2016-10-06
"two days stay at the New City Hotel, Abuja. I was given room 203"
I was given room 203. Some things were biting me which I don't know, but each bite produced lumb on tighs and buttock. My room was changed the second day to room 201. The room was good, the toilet window has no mosquito net. I had to battle mosquitoes till daybreak.

2. Do not move around with your bank card.

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This is not so comfortable but after a close experience with the mess going on in Abuja, I will strongly advise that you always move around with the cash you need instead of your bank card. Kidnap and theft has been a very big issue in Abuja which happens to be the federal capital of Nigeria. Let me share a brief experience with you all. A friend of mine was on her way back from the office, she stopped a roadside taxi, entered inside and sat. There were three men inside the cab but the only space left was close to the door (back sit), she was the last person to enter the cab. On getting to her junction she asked the driver to stop but he didn't stop instead he continued moving. She was asked to stop shouting and stay calm but she refused and kept struggling with the men. They began to hit her with rods to keep her calm. She saw she could do nothing and stayed calm. On reaching a police checkpoint the Nigerian police as she narrated was stopping commercial vehicles and collecting money from some drivers. The kidnappers pressed her down and held her strongly on her throat, she could hardly breathe. The policemen were too engaged and didn't stop the car and that was how they passed through the checkpoint. She was taken to an uncompleted building, tied up and asked to sit on the floor. They took her bank card and all the money with her. They also took her phone and later asked her to go. She couldn't call anyone it was a lonely area, she found her way home very late at night. On getting home she was so weak and injured. They withdrew money from her account using her phone and bank card. We all went to the bank together the next day to block her cards. We were told of the ATM which was used in withdrawing the cash but as usual, she reported to the police but nothing has been done up until now. As I write more victims are being kidnapped in Abuja.

Even Santa can't be happy with everyone because not everyone has been good for the whole year. Without wasting much time, just in case you are being pressured to get a gift for a sibling or friend who has been really naughty, here are Christmas gift ideas to purchase for the naughty ones.

A pair of ugly Christmas socks:😴

 They need their legs covered in shame for being so naughty. So get them this Donald Trump Santa Hat " make Christmas great again".

A ball pen and a sheet of paper:📝
 Cut out a sheet of paper and write a subheading titled my new year resolutions to help rewrite my wrongs. 

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