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Are you getting bored with your work outfit style? thinking of what to wear to the next business meeting What you wear to work can sometimes influence your mood. Generally, when we look good our confidence is more outstanding. Finding and putting together the perfect work style closet that sits your job is important. This outfit idea consists of what to wear to the office. There are lots of office style ideas but here you can shop the Shein Premium collection.

Purple plaid suit

Denim dress

Trench coat

Purple blazer dress

I know very well that this might seem really weird and half of you might not agree with this but I will tell you why I advise you dress similar to a date. Whether you are meeting the person for the 1st time or you have known this person I advice you dress really covered going on a date. 
Generally, I hate to pass the wrong information, in recent times it is every easy to pass the wrong information and taken for what you are not. No one is asking you not to look good or do you, but at the same time it is very advisable to stay well put together.

Growing up, I was always told than giving is more important than receiving. Giving back to the community, friends and others in need is such a great act of kindness and charity. However, I have realized that many people have misconceptions on the idea of giving back. Many assume giving back strictly involves giving away money in some way. Although you can give to others in ways such as a charitable donation, you can also give back in many different ways.
1. Time
One way of giving back to the community and people is by volunteering your time. Volunteering is such a rewarding experience because you are not just simply giving organization money, you are actively working to help benefit the people and can feel yourself making a difference, even if it is only a small one. Although many of us have very busy schedules, it's nice to stop and take a break sometimes and use the little free time we have to help others.
2. Kindness
Another way of giving back involves acts of kindness. Little acts of kindness can go a long way and can truly have a big impact on a person's life. Simple things, such as paying for the person behind you at Dunks or even buying the homeless man on the corner a sandwich, it's the little things that make a big difference in a person's life. That simple act can truly bring the happiness they could have been lacking in their life.
3. Support
In addition to time and kindness, you can also give back through love and support. For example, you can emotionally be there for a person through the struggles they might be going through or even agree to sit alongside them in the church because they need encouragement to go. You can also support those in events such as Relay for Life where love and strength are what the survivors need to continue to fight.
Giving back is such an easy thing to do, and it really demonstrates the selflessness and character of individuals. Helping others is a great act, and oftentimes, people get too caught up in their lives to realize how simple giving back can actually be. Giving back is not always on a large scale but also on a very small and individual scale. As Albert Einstein once said, "Only a life lived for others is a life worthwhile."

Need inspiration for summer fun? SheIn knows and definitely always offers interesting programs for all users.
All the participants need to do is choose the team that you want to follow (Fruit or Tropical print) first, and then follow all steps required.
This outfit consist of a Grey trench coat, Tommy finger sheer flex Bralette and briefs. A Grey Plaid Pattern Waistcoat And Lace Paneled Wide Pants which features a V neck waistcoat with Button placket, Plaid pattern Asymmetric hem, Lace back top, Hollow out top, stops at Mid waist area.
Pants with Zip fly, Side pockets, Wide-cut legs, Cropped length, Lace paneled ends made of 100% polyester shell, 100% polyester lining and Non-stretchable material.I choose a size medium for a Regular fit, Purchase from Metisu.
Have you ever wondered why your blog/websites get little or no view? It's annoying right, oh wait so frustrating and makes you depressed to the extent that you wonder if social influencing is for you?

Now get a paper and pen, as you read, answer every question in this post with a question mark (?) on your paper or below the comment field.

There is a solution to this, but first, let's recall, before you started your blog/website, what was your aim? There are so many things to put into consideration before starting a blog but many people are just triggered by the name of having a website/blog, it was love at the 1st sight that died with time, some lack focus and the patience to keep it going, whichever is yours let's fix it.

Building a good audience may take more time than you expect but you can make it faster by correcting your mistakes. The starter pack is seeing positivity in everything, this is a kick start to everything we do in life.

1. You have to love something to put more interest and devote your time to doing it. Why do you blog? What do you blog about? How do you blog? When you can answer these questions your 40% ahead to building good traffic.

2. If you are just starting, you have to learn how to build your audience, analyze what, which words and contents bring the most views. This is where patience and persistence come in. You will not have thousands of people turning up the next day to read your blog if you have only just started blogging. It is a journey of many steps and this is where your consistency will be tested as you build traffic one step at a time.

3. Headlines are very important factors when trying to drive more traffic to your blog, you can imagine being given a book with an unattractive title, 30% of your interest is dropped. When titling your post, be strategic, make your audience inquisitive and let the words be calling. This helps your post get reshared and your article get more clicks.

4. I get lots of emails asking how do I get more views/traffic? Hey, you little social butterfly, are you posting frequently enough? how can we know you, get acquainted with your articles, when we can not remember the last time you posted an article. Do you just write an article when the mood suits you? some say I have to be in the mood, then you just have to wait for the world to also be in the mood to read your article. If you want people to become regular readers of your blog then you need to be consistent. Have you noticed that Magazines comes out every week and some every month? Newspapers come out every day, hail, snow or shine. Post regularly and be consistent by so doing you will build a loyal readership. 

Note: Updating your articles more frequently doesn't only help you build a good audience but helps those who want to write more professionally and attracts more branding favour to you.

5. Get focused, know your market area, if you want to be versatile build one after the other, do not rush into everything, let's know you for one thing 1st before you rush into another area of social influence. 

6. Have you ever sat down to read your articles/post or contents, sincerely what do you think? Bad, Good and Excellent? If you are writing articles that people find boring or irrelevant, then you have missed the line. It is not hard to change. There are several ways to put life into your content. Example, by listening to your audience and helping solve their problems and maybe even entertaining them by asking questions, telling stories and making videos.

7. One of the strengths of social media is its power and leverage to get your content out to other platforms and channels where your audience is hanging out. So put your videos on YouTube, post your articles to Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn and don’t forget others like Technorati and Digg. Use your blog as a home base, distribute and leverage your content to your social media outposts. Go to where your potential audience is Facebook has over 600 million users, now that is an audience.
Try to build at least three online platforms that can help drive significant traffic to your blog/website.


8. Hey big boss, how far have you gone? Too big to engage with others, ok let's see how that goes. A quick tool to getting into the community if you are new to blogging is by commenting on other blogs, giving interviews to top bloggers or successful people either online or in person. Ask to be a guest blogger. Take advantage of other people’s network. 

9 A Reader is a leader, no matter how smart you are, read about the success of others already ahead of you, this gives you more information on the best way you can possibly be.

10. It's better when you are recognized as a brand and not just a person. When you think of Melody Jacobs, what comes to your mind? She is a fashion and lifestyle blogger.

Spring in Ukraine can be so silly and proud. I can't really give a specific forecast for the weather but one thing is sure summer will soon be here.

Off-shoulder is a perfect obsession for any fashion lover, it comes in different unique styles and textures. The tulle skirt is a cute semi-opaque spring/summer 2017 fashion essential. Looking for how to style a tulle skirt? here is another fun way. 
There are so many ways to wear or style this ballerina skirt. Tips in wearing a tutu skirt should Always be creating a balance between the fabric textures, by pairing with pastel colours and choosing the right tulle skirt that suits your waist size perfectly. Stilettos do it better but you can always pull it off with sneakersAlso styled here.

I guess the fishnet fashion trend is one of my favourite styles picks at the Moment. I can't even get over it, but really isn't this trend of stylish and beautiful. I always wanted a red fishnet something more than the normal. A Poka boo look which a classy touch, a perfect outfit for day to night look.

The fishnet trend is gonna rock summer so hard, are you in or out? I guess I have not been so Addicted to any trend in a while. Are you looking for ways to wear the fishnet trend, making it more outstanding and classy? Note that this trend can be a little too sexy if much skin is shown.

Wear it with dressed denim, adding more style to your casual look. My Favorite which is the Oversized T-shirt, I styled it wearing a pink pantyhose topping the fishnet on the hose to give a different look to it. The classy look wearing a skirt and blazers I guess you just wanted to be that funky classy chic.

Outfit Details
Jessica Buurman Leather shoulder Bag in size large.
Pink Floyd sweater by Mr Gugu.
Black Tulle Mesh Skirt.
White Long Sleeve T-shirt: Selected.
Wristwatch: Nicole Vienna.
Red Heels: Czanabuty.



MIX AND MATCH: mixing textures and prints.


Winter can get really cold and that can really effect styling. Whether you agree or not, summer styling is the best. Winter is really challenging because you are not just trying to cover your body but you are also trying not to fall out of being stylish and not looking puffy. 

I decided to share this quick post, which has always worked for me, 6 accessories I wear to cover up in the cold but still look smart an sexy.

Coat : This is the number one statement marker for any winter outfit. Long coats makes you look fab in winter. They keep you warm and knee length coats gives you an attractive look. Woolen or slim leather coats look good with dresses and even tight fitted jeans. 
Tip : Always go for a black military coat or Grey coat.

Thigh high boots : Boots are what women prefer the most in winters. They are comfortable, stylish, and protects you from the cold. Thigh boots suits most occasions and to keep that sexy speaking this is sure a weapon. 

Layering : The layered look is quite a cool, trendy and quirky one for winters. It keeps you comfortable, and makes you look attractive too, and you can wear or take off as required. For example, it can start from full or half-sleeved tee or shirt, then a light jacket and then a front open sweater and couple with a muffler or a scarf and a cap and boots. However, this generally works well in really cold and snowy climate.

Mini Skirt : Showing a little skin sometimes can be safe in winter depending on how you go about it. Your panty hose is sure a back up plan, I mean wearing a panty hose which is very close to your skin color instantly gives that natural skin show. 
Besides not only miniskirts, fitted dresses,
Bunnies and Hat: Just before wearing your lipstick, add a hat or a knit bunny that suits your outfit, let some hair out and watch the look 

Red Lipstick : Even the act of applying red lipstick is empowering. By dressing your lips in red, it draws people’s attention to you, especially your mouth, and subsequently, the words that come out of it. ‘It’s a symbol of prowess,’ says King.
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