Friday, June 16


Need inspiration for summer fun? SheIn knows and definitely always offers interesting programs for all users.
All the participants need to do is choose the team that you want to follow (Fruit or Tropical print) first, and then follow all steps required.

Steps for entry:
1. Follow@SHEIN/@sheinofficial

2. Register with SHEIN and send your registered email address as well as social profile to social@shein.com

3. For Fruit Fans:Upload a photo of your fave FRUIT dishes or your Fruit print attire or anything regarding FRUITS on your social networks.

For Tropical Print Fans:Upload a photo of your TROPICAL print clothes or TROPICAL

print look or anything regarding TROPCAL print on your social networks.

4. Add#sheinfruitfan(If you choose to stand fruit team)/#sheintropicfan(If you choose to stand tropical team).Also, don’t forget to add#sheinevents and tag@sheinofficial/@SHEIN in your captions as well.
1st prize: $100 for 3 winners
2nd prize: $50 for 10 winners
3rd prize: Free Clothes for 20 winners
4th prize: 200 Bonus Points for 30 winners
Winners would be published on 7/11, 2017. Accounts of all entrants must be public to enter.

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