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Happy weekend beautiful people. What is up for the weekend?.

For people to click on a link, you need to make the Link significant and visible, Using the following ways:
To make the link visible, color and underline the link. People do not have to guess the link, most especially for those who do not have the time to the read through. Do not underline or color any text that is not a link because this makes the user confused on what is not a link.

 As you all know, social media is a gateway to traffic and publicity for you as a blogger or website owner. In my previous post, I spoke about how to get more traffic and improve your audience, and I mentioned social media and its role. 

Today I will be listing out some social media platforms which can help you grow your audience and traffic. You also get to connect with different people. Get style inspiration and share your style too.

Seriously, guys, I have a little secret: when I like something, I wear the hell out of that piece. To me, it's very bad, but for these nude boots, it's totally different. It was a gift from a special one, and I do not want to handle it roughly like my other pairs, so I hardly wear it.

If you are following, you must have seen Lookbook 1 for denim spring outfit ideas, and so this is Lookbook 2, and I am super excited to share with you the best way to take care of your denim. We all know that denim comes in different textures, so the hardness may vary, but in general, let me give you the basic tips on how to care for your denim.

I had some issues taking care of my denim and clothing because I wash both new and old clothes in the washing machine, and it reduces the quality, making me hate the cloth.
Firstly, I would like to start by saying that buying the proper size of denim for your body size helps extend the life span of the jeans. Keep your denim on rotation; buy jeans you really love so you can wear all of them.

1) Read the instructions on the label inside the denim.

2) Do not dry clean your denim.

3) Wash deep-colored denim with other deep-colored denim; don't mix them.

4) Turn your denim inside out before washing to reduce friction on the main surface and fade it out.

5) Brushing your jeans is a way of washing them; use a soft brush to reduce friction. Do not use hard detergents when washing your denim.

6) Hang dry your jeans to prevent wrinkles. Turn it inside out, zip the button, and then hang it.
I have seen people say that putting the denim in the freezer kills the bacteria and removes smells, and socking it in coffee restores the color. I have not tried the freezer and coffee method, but what do you think about it?

Finally, do not forget that denim will definitely fade out; how you care for it will depend on how long it will take before fading out.

Outfit details :
Denim jumpsuit : Sammydress
Sunglasses : Zero uv
Shoes : Braska
Pocket Square : Bows N Ties
Makeup and hair by Chioma and Evg photos

I Am not gonna be writing much today, because am kinda moody, and under the weather, But not to worry, in my next post i will be talking a little bit on photography and i hope you learn from it. A lot of people have asked me about my photos and am glad am finally going to talk about it.
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