Of late, I have been enjoying some Instagram feeds and the dope street style trends fashion stars have been pulling off. I think fashion steps higher every year and this time everyone is diving into the fashion world. I love colors and I also learnt a lot from Instagram when it comes to editing your photos, best hashtags to use and the best time to post on Instagram.

This was two Sundays ago, I was asleep and my friend called me to remind me of our appointment which was in 30 mins time. No planned outfit I just picked up my ski track pants, the Zaful denim and track mix hoodie with my white mini heel shoes from Czasnabuty.pl.

Mastering Rihanna's denim style is very dope and easy. Statement denim pieces and accessories always does the magic. Rihanna is clearly a style icon and her love for cool pieces is very attractive.

Denim on denim style is not a new trend and like we all know, denim is a trend that never goes out of style. I am also a lover of  the denim on denim styling because it give's an effortless cool look. When planing a denim on denim look there are key items that come's in play to add a lot of glamour and power to a denim look. It can be accessories which turn a simple and plain outfit into something straight off the catwalk runway.
Sweatshirts are part of my winter go to wears. Winter is not really a friendly season because of how cold it can be. I get really cold and wearing the right clothes can be a very helpful way to stay warm and healthy. In as much as, I will always want to look so fashionable, I also have to consider how to stay in style and still be warm and well protected.
The waistcoat or suit vest is ultra versatile and has a major role to play in menswear when done right: tucked under a dapper suit jacket as part of a three-piece suit, or flying solo with jeans and a button-up shirt. If you love the menswear trend, why not try rocking a head-to-toe three-piece suit? This isn't an easy look to pull off, but if you're going to do it keep this one thing in mind: fit is key. Just like with men's suiting, the better the suit fits your body, the better you will look. (If you're feeling too tomboyish, just add a red lip for a little glamorous edge.) You can also try an open vest over a button-down shirt, or lose the jacket altogether!
A cropped, fitted vest is a great way to show off a toned waist and arms. It also looks sophisticated and polished — a perfect option for business casual office environments. 

It is officially 15 days until Christmas, which is celebrated worldwide. Are all your decorations ready? Are you set for a Christmas party, and what are we having this Christmas?

Talking about the colors of Christmas, there are several colors that are traditionally associated with Christmas. Red, green, and gold are the most popularly accepted colors, but why do we have them and what do the colors represent?

Most of the colors and their meanings come from western and northern European traditions and customs. Christmas is in the middle of winter, and it's dark and cold.

Green: Evergreen plants, like Holly, Ivy, and Mistletoe, have been used for thousands of years to decorate and brighten up buildings during the long, dark winter. They also reminded people that spring would come and that winter wouldn't last forever! The Romans would exchange evergreen branches in January as a sign of good luck. The ancient Egyptians used to bring palm branches into their houses during the mid-winter festivals.

In many parts of Europe during the Middle Ages, Paradise plays were performed, often on Christmas Eve. They told Bible stories to people who couldn't read. The 'Paradise Tree' in the garden of Eden in the play was normally a pine tree with red apples tied to it.

Red: As mentioned above, the early use of red at Christmas was the apples on the paradise tree. They represented the fall of Adam in the plays.
Red is also the color of holly berries, which are said to represent the blood of Jesus when he died on the cross.

Red is also the color of bishop's robes. These would have been worn by St. Nicholas and then also became Santa's uniform!

Gold is the color of the sun and light—both very important in the dark winter. And both red and gold are the colors of fire that you need to keep you warm.

Gold was also one of the presents brought to the baby Jesus by one of the wise men, and traditionally, it's the color used to show the star that the wise men followed.

Silver is sometimes used instead of (or with) gold. But gold is a 'warmer' color.

White is often associated with purity and peace in western cultures. The snow in winter is also very white!

White paper wafers were also sometimes used to decorate paradise trees. The wafers represented the bread eaten during Christian Communion or Mass when Christians remember that Jesus died for them.
White is used by most churches as the color of Christmas when the altar is covered with a white cloth (in the Russian Orthodox Church, gold is used for Christmas).

The color blue is often associated with Mary, the mother of Jesus. In medieval times blue dye and paint were more expensive than gold! So it would only be worn by Royal families and very rich people. Mary was often painted wearing blue to show she was very important.
Blue can also represent the color of the sky and heaven.

Purple: During Advent, purple and sometimes blue are used in most churches for the color of the altar cloth (in the Russian Orthodox Church red is used for advent).

What is your favorite Christmas color?

Zaful denim mix jacket.
Winter boots from Czasnabuty.pl
Bag: Gift
Fur jacket from Newchic.

Today, I will not be sharing so much with you all. I am so busy and need to get back to work as quickly as possible. The holiday season is already here and just before you know it 2019 will be here and we will all be saying happy new year.
In the meantime, how is your christmas party preparation going? If you are going to attend a christmas party you don't want to look less than beautiful and outstanding. 
Get a dress like the The Metisu Wine Red Off  Shoulder Asymmetrical Mini Dress which is suitable for an evening party or wedding. The off-the-shoulder not only reveals your charming collarbone but also your beautiful shoulder line. The golden embroidery on the collar makes the whole dress grand and noble. The asymmetrical hem adds a touch of sensuality and charm to you. 

Do you enjoy wearing blazers? I have read a lot of blogs and articles written by bloggers saying they are addicted to purchasing blazers. The good part of it is that blazers never goes out of style, they will always remain very functional and stylish.
This has been a topic a lot of media influencer and bloggers ask, what do I wear to a fashion show?. For me styling is about being comfortable and doing it the way it suits you. Fashion shows are always fun to attend, it is a lovely time to show off your street style and capture the attention of the media. You can get featured on fashion magazines and websites which can help boost your media awareness. But in the midst of all this, how do you prepare for a fashion show? I have listed 

I will give you some tips and donts to attending a fashion show.

1. Be yourself
This can never be overemphasized, you need to always do whats suits you. Personal styling is everything, stocking up on a few trend based items can certainly help.
Do not stress yourself and get to anxious about the event. At the end of it all, we all go home to our families and loved ones.
2. Do not go out of budget
A lot of people tend to think that you need to wear designers outfits just because you are attending a fashion show. No dear, all you need is to look stylish and lovely. Some celebrities basically are paid to attend this fashion shows, the clothes are made available to them. Always try not to go out of budget. Be moderate.
Even if the pieces being showcased have such an incredible price tag. Chances are that you will barely even be caught on camera so just go with the flow and try to be a bit more like you.
If you have the money not withstanding you can spend it.
3. Who are you going with?
 Honestly, is it more comfortable to have a friend by your side, especially if you are attending a fashion show for the 1st time. Generally, I recommend you need someone to talk with during the breaks and whisper to when you sight a lovely outfit on the runway. Who is gonna take photos of you? you need someone to take your photos. lol.
4. Keep it casual.
Less is more always works for a fashion show. People captured amongst the great street style images on fashion show events looked really casual yet sophisticated. You can wear a detailed jacket or accessories to compliment the outfit. 
Sophistication: You can look be causal and yet look sophisticated. Causal does not mean you have to look normal. Go for printed pieces that stand out, I don't advice showing to much skin, too much sensuality is not needed, to avoid looking cheap in any respect. You are at a fashion show and not a frat party so it would do you good to look up the latest trends and really pick up pieces, which follow the designer hints.
5. Accessorize well.
This is very important, the shoes, the glasses, the bags, these details always stands out from your outfit. Thrifting sometimes wont be bad, even vintage pieces can also do the magic. Designer bags and shoes are also cool.

6. walk that walk, don't be intimidated.
The street is your runway, walk that walk. Enjoy every moment at the fashion show, get some coffee during the breaks, converse with great people who are willing to talk, get new tips and learn new things. Just be you and go shine.
Fall is fast approaching, summer is almost over, Zaful is offering discounts on sweaters for fall. These are lovely and would definitely serve you round the fall season.Statement jackets, tailored vests, and pullovers are key to being prepared for the season's temperature changes. Pair them with stylish separates in colorful, lightweight, textured fabrics to seamlessly transition from the heat to the cold weather.
Sometimes transitioning your wardrobe can a stressful most especially when the weather condition is not yet stable. Mini layering's like what I am wearing would be a perfect choice for layering in the early days of fall.
Here a list of fall essentials that is needed to spice up your look. As a student I attended morning classes which starts by 8 am In the morning, these essentials help me organize my wardrobe and sometimes when I am running late they just do the magic in stepping up my outfit, keeping it trendy and simple.
As the sun shines and it is Visible for all to see so shall the Glory of God be in your Life always. Happy New Month

I am ending the weekend with this outfit I wore at the end of April. Summer is almost fully here and we all know that  wearing bright colors helps to lighten your mood. 
It was love at sight when I saw the Multicolor Jonie Rainbow Stripe Turtleneck  Long Sleeve Jumper featuring a thin knit at Rebellious Fashion online store. I actually own few turtle necks but I am planning on purchasing more turtle neck tops, because they make you look slimmer and taller.
Camo’s one of those prints—like leopard or stripes—that are 100-percent guaranteed never go out of style. It elevates any look from basic to trendy basic. The other thing that makes Camo so great is that it is a neutral wear.  Get in the Camo trend and purchase the red Camo print trouser from Rebellious Fashion which  Features a front pocket, high waist with a Camo print finish.
A lot of fashion accessories are trending this season and the Semilunar Semi-Rimless Sunglasses are the latest and coolest sunglasses to wear. You've probably noticed all the celebrities wearing these small sunglasses, especially Rihanna and Bella!!- It displays an effortless elegance injected with a fashionable flair.
Have you ever been in need of quality images for a blog post or article design. Whatever type of photo you need can be found on the free stock photo websites, I will be listing below.
Thanks to all the photographers and contributors who loves to share free photos. I joined Pexels in December 2017 and I have been a top contributor and I have access to free photos.
You will agree with me that Баленсіага is one of the most worn fashion brands this season. It has taken over the streets but the Korean street style tops it all when it comes to styling the triple s.
The new "Triple S" sneakers are a chunky, bulky, overdone take on a dad sneaker and right now, that makes them the hottest ones in the game. I cant get over how my Korean friends style their outfits wearing the Triple S sneakers which has also become one of the most talked about sneakers in the market. The silhouette has been making the rounds on Instagram, sought after by sneakerheads, fashionistas, and those looking to make a big statement. Get From Jessicabuurman wear with the perfect  Colorful Striped Pattern Tube Socks.
It is said that Seoul in South Korea Is the Hottest Fashion City in Asia. I loved the Seoul street style. It was full of energy in an effortless way. I saw comfortable yet trendy styles which made me notice that the Korean style is much more about details of what brands and items are hot at the moment.

Warm weather for you? This set has got the best medicine for this amped up heat with its bralette top and mini belted shorts. This cami top features a tie-front design and a smocked back with adjustable spaghetti straps. Pair it with some sliders for a look that is ready for anything.
zaful has lots of cool summer dresses, I totally like the zaful tie front top it has a free sexy look. You can check here.
Feminine short sleeve top with a tie-front design and a super cropped fit is a dramatic way to update your robe for summer. The ruffle accent on the sleeve also offers an added cute vibe, just pair it with some high waisted bottoms for a look that is ready for anything. View more.

Zaful A shiny Brazilian fit velvet bathing suit featuring plunge spaghetti straps bikini top and string thong swim bottoms, padded Zaful micro string bikini.  Do you like scrunch bikinis? you can view more here. A vintage style choice for beach ball. This push up bikini bathing suit has self-tie halter collarline. Chic tiny floral all over printed adding more retro elements. and high waist swim bottom control your tummy
perfect. Feel that retro vibe, enjoy checking more out. 

This Stunning midi dress features a shimmering sequin and beaded embellishments allover with a fringed detail. Todays dresses can be a little underwhelming when it comes to cocktail parties. Good dresses are stylish and  made with good design. whether its bouncing along to big band music in the 40s or living life on the wild side as a flapper in the 20s. No matter what era inspires your style, you can find the best retro party dress when you shop at Dresslily.
This print slit maxi dress with belt in polyester is with ankle-length, plunging collar and 3/4 length sleeves. It's your best choice for the out-going casual occasion. 
Its a lovely dress and very flattering.
Use this Coupon code ZF:LauraZF for discount off your purchase.

Kod produktu: 48449
Rodzaj obcasa: bez obcasa
Rodzaj noska: pełny
Rodzaj zapięcia: sznurowanie
Materiał: skóra ekologiczna
Sezon: wiosna/lato
Platforma: 3cm
Wkładka: skóra naturalna
Zapiętek: zabudowany, usztywniony
Szczegół: kryształki.
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Korean culture puts a lot of emphasis on one’s appearance, so the Koreans actually take a lot of pride in the way they dress. And it certainly shows. Koreans dress so well that they look naturally put together, as if they didn’t even have to try too hard to look so good. They’re always ahead of the fashion trends too, sometimes even wearing things before most of the world learns about them. Koreans are also particularly apt at layering, a skill that makes them look incredible! We’re lucky to have street style photographers who capture the style of the Koreans for the world to see.
This pretty sweatshirt with shearling fabric featuring crew collarline, floral appliques with elastic ribbed hem detailing at the sleeve cuffs and waistband.
Clothing Style: Sweatshirt 
Material: Polyester 
Shirt Length: Regular 
Sleeves Length: Full 
Pattern Style: Floral.
Use the code ZF:LauraZF for discount.
Converse best of all. They’ve been around forever (since 1917, to be exact), and it’s safe to say at this point that they’re pretty much never going to go out of style—so how come it’s still so hard to figure out exactly what to wear with our trusty pairs of Converse?The shoe is super versatile and has been successfully worn by rappers, punks, basketball players, rebels, grunge-sters, and fashion lovers. They’re one of the few sneakers styles that look just as rad when they’re brand new or have years of wear and tear, and just as cool on you, your dad, and your grandpa.
Purchase this from www.casnaboty.cz or www.czsnabuty.pl using the code : MELODY for
20% discount off.

So, now that you’ve been blogging for awhile, you may be ready to take your business to the next level. Learning how to brand your blog is a great first step! It all starts by thinking of your blog as a branded business. You know those blogs that you can recognize in your feed without even seeing their handle? Or when a quick view of a caption reminds you of a certain blogger? Those people have been successful in branding their blog.
Before we get into the details about branding your blog, the most important takeaway is consistency. Once you figure out your voice, tone, color scheme, and image, it is important to stay consistent. Inconsistency can look unprofessional and may confuse your audience.
Voice and tone
This is a great place to start branding your blog. Make a list of 5 adjectives that describe your blog. Are you classic and sophisticated, or trendy and playful? While you’re at it, another great exercise is to define what your brand is not. Put these adjectives up on a board clearly wherever you usually write your blog posts. These keywords will help you create a consistent tone when writing a blog post, Instagram caption, or a pitch email to a retailer.
Logo and tagline
Every great business has a logo and tagline. Think about it. Your blog header is the first thing your audience sees when you enter a site. Start by looking at a few of your favorite blog logos. What do they have in common? What makes the unique and/or memorable? A great logo should add credibility and recognition to your brand.
A tagline helps readers decide if they’re interested in your blog. Make it easy for them to decide! Think about your topics and define your target audience. A great tagline will show your readers that you know them. Try to make your tagline short, powerful, and snappy.
No content on this site, regardless of date, should be used to replace direct medical advice from your doctor or another trained practitioner.
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