Stradivarius new jewelry collection features more of statement earrings made with raffia, colorful vibrate and bold. The all affordable and are summer staples. These are the perfect earrings to wear during your vacation to the Bahamas, add a large raffia hat, white short dress or maxi dress with a big beach bag to complete your look. 

What to wear to a wedding as a wedding guest can we really difficult atimes to pick then imagine being restricted as a royal wedding guest to wear "a day dress and hats" which translates into more sensible knee-length dressing In a relatively casual move, gents were asked to wear military regalia, lounge suits or morning suits. According to the Instagram Stories of Meghan's girlfriends it looked like many attendees were still perfecting their looks late last night (around 2 a.m.) alongside a tailor—this was clearly not an event where anything would "just do". says whowhatwear.co.uk.
But generally, I like the royal wedding dress code, it looked so put together and stylish. Almost every guest looked really nice. Some dresses got me falling more in love with long dresses even more.
I am wearing the Pink Tied Waist Floral Printed Midi Dress from Metisuboutique. This is a very lovely dress, I totally love the design and fit. I wear a size small and it wasn't bad at all.
Pink represents gentleness, liveliness, peace, and people like to present pink in different ways. The Metisu Pink Tied Waist Floral Printed Midi Dress is the most representative. Ingenious geometric round neck is beautiful and delicate, exuding feminine charm. Ruched detail and slim silhouette have a graceful look. The exclusive belt is not only more striking, but also decorated with a slim waistline. The azalea pattern on the dress attracts people's attention and highlights the vigorous vitality. This is a great dress for work.
Here are the royal wedding guest accessories:
*A fascinator is a headpiece that falls somewhere between a hat and a headband. The Brits love ’em, and we love to see how over-the-top the styles can get. As we prepare for what’s destined to be the royal fashion event of the year, let’s take a look back and some of our favorite fascinators from royal events past says parade.com.My fascinator is from Szaleo.pl totally lovely the design, it is also available in peach.
During my visit to Dragobrat we had a photo contest and I won. The Ride and Travel team presented me with this Hoodie by a Ukrainian street wear brand designer called Hovanky. I totally love the texture which keeps you warm with a striking design. Click to view more about my trip to the Carpathians.

Floral Dress : Long Sleeve Maxi Floral Dress - Pink.
Beret : Stradivarius.
Scarf: Szaleo.pl.
Bag : weave bag with leather mix from and tassel from szaleo.pl.
Puddy tat tobacco by Giant Vintage.
Hair : Eby.uk.
Shot by : Evgphotos.
Location: Адреса: вулиця Дарвіна, 12, Харків, Харківська область, 61000.

One basic rule of fashion is always about having an elegant balance to your outfits, and this will only go perfectly with this mixing technique if you understand the balance between scales, colors, and themes of the patterns. When you’re mixing your own patterns, look for a connection. It could be a color, a shape, or a silhouette.

Theoretically, mixing textures and prints can be a daunting task, which often results in the wrong combinations that don’t look that good. This is why most people say they’d never do it. But seriously, with lots of practice and if done correctly, you can get out of your comfort zone and mount amazing looks using the technique of mix and Match.
The key is to stick with only two prints and pair your outfit with basic solid accessories, such as a bag, belt, jewelry, or heels. Or you may mix two similar-scaled prints—but not two super-big ones—as long as you break it up with something solid. Make sure your patterns and textures won’t compete with each other.
This technique is pretty easy to do if you’re willing to think outside the box and take style risks. Not to mention, it has the added bonus of extending the versatility of the wardrobe you already have.
So, here is a perfect way to mix patterns and textures.

Lauren Red Cross Over Crop Top With a nice detail in place—a crossed cutout, a visible zip, and well-sewn to fit by My Unique Look.

Purchase this Woven Crossbody in Black with Rivets Bag from Yoins.

FREE worldwide shipping on all orders with a purchase of $150 or more. Purchase these Chelsea Studded Rock and Roll Chunky Heel Sandals and get free shipping.

Flare Pant: Climber.
Floral Dress: Stradivarius.
Cardigan: Zara Men

Makeup by Chioma and Evg photos Find her on Instagram
Snap chat: Melody Jacobs Blog

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Simple ways to enhance your outfit by adding little accessories, can ease you the stress of redressing and going late for that event.
Here is a list of Six accessories that can instantly transform your outfit.
1) SCARVES : This is a nice accessory to own in different designs and colors. Scarves can be used in different ways, you can style it by putting  it around your neck, waist,wrist or head. You can attach it to your bag,  it can also be used as a hair accessory. 
This is me restyling my Levis jacket a gift from Kebin, which is one of my favorite winter jackets. It is very warm and stylish. He got this one perfectly, i always wanted a Levis denim jacket.
Anyways guys, its been a busy period for me, i will be doing lots of restyling meaning i will be adding up old outfits i haven't worn for about 3-4yrs. 
Do you love this? One of my favorite ways of dressing. I love denim and kneel high socks.
You inspired? get my this look
Denim: Levis
Short; Dresslilly or here
Belt: Stradivarius
Shoes: Amiclubwear
Turtleneck : Terranova 

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 One of my favorites from Choies is this blue shirt collar side slit  maxi dress, it is so stylish and full of street touches. I like the button front style, the two sided slit and the style of the shirt in total.
So guys this cut out  maxi shirt is still available , just as seen in the picture. Very affordable and doesn't wash off. Just in case you missed my previous post wearing the choies overall flare dress, you can click here for full. #sideslit #denimmaxidress #denim #maxidress
Choies : Shirt
Calliope : Hat
Amiclubwear ; Shoes 
Belt ; Stradivaruis  FOLLOW MELODY JACOBS BLOG: Yotube InstagraFacebook Twitter Tumblr Pinterest
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