Saturday, November 18

Side lunge with knee lift is the move of the month.

This practice helps you keep your balance and works the muscles on the inside and outside of your thighs. Not only that, but it teaches your body to move forward and backward, not just back and forth. Start by standing straight up with your arms at your sides and your feet together. Moving: Keep your right foot still and take a big step to the side with your left foot. Put most of your weight on your left leg as soon as your left foot hits the ground. Then, lean forward at the hips and bend your left knee to lower into a lunge. Hold on to your left thigh with your hands, and keep your right leg straight. To get back up, press with your left foot, shift your weight to your right foot, and lift your left knee to hip level. As soon as you feel stable, take another step out with your left leg to do another lunge. Keep going for 30 seconds. Do the steps again, this time moving to the right for 30 seconds.

Some tips and tricks:

During the move, keep your back straight (neither arched nor bowed), your shoulders back and down, and your abs tight.

When you lunge, don't let your knee go further forward than your toes.

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