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How to dress in red - 27 hottest red summer outfits for women

Because summer is synonymous with vibrant silhouettes, we've compiled a list of our favourite red looks for the season. The colour red has the ability to rapidly improve our self-esteem. Whatever the cause (magic? ), we can't deny that this colour trend has a favourable impact on our moods (and outfits). What's with the red lipstick? This is a timeless classic. What's with the red shoes? Inevitably, power moves will be made. When we come across a red dress, though, we can't help but feel edgy and chic all at once.

It's a vibrant colour that we used to save for special events, but it's now a staple in our summer ensembles. The red dress ensembles we've collected up will provide all the inspiration you'll need to stand out this summer, from flowy maxi dresses to formfitting minidresses to casual oversize numbers. 

In this street style collection, I've compiled 27 different ways to wear a red dress and look stunning. 

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