What is pink pitaya powder and pro tips on how to use it?

Pitaya is a tropical fruit that grows in South America and Southeast Asia. Pink Pitaya is high in fibre, vitamin C, antioxidants, omega 3, omega 6 essential fatty acids, and other nutrients. 

Pink Pitaya powder is manufactured with a vacuum freeze-drying process from carefully selected natural red pulp dragon fruits. It can be added to wine, fruit juice, bread, cake, cookies, candies, and other meals as a raw material. It can also be used as a food additive to improve the nutritional content of food as well as the colour, smell, and flavour.

Health benefits of Pitaya powder 

It may aid with digestion and enhance the balance of healthy bacteria in your stomach.

Normal skin maintenance

Normal vision is maintained.

The immune system's role in the body

Digestive enzymes and their functions

Helps to improve the health of your hair, skin, and nails. A high dose of Vitamin C improves the immune system naturally.

How does pink pitaya powder taste Taste?

Sweet and fruity in flavour

How to Use Pink pitaya powder

Pink Pitaya Powder can be used in a variety of ways, including water, smoothies, lattes, pudding, baked products, breakfast foods, sweets, and more.

As simple as 1-2-3

By adding a scoop of our Rainbow Superfood powders to your meals, you can instantly transform them from boring to epic.

Start with 1/2 teaspoon and gradually increase the amount if you want a brighter colour.

Pro advise for fantastic outcomes

1. Fruits with light colours will make the colours pop.

You'll need to know what to blend the powders with if you want those brilliant hues you see on Instagram. The finest components for a colour bomb smoothie are light-coloured fruits like banana, pineapple, and coconut.

2. A small amount of powder goes a long way.

Because most products are highly concentrated, we suggest starting with 1/2 teaspoon of powder. If you want a darker colour, simply add more powder until you're satisfied.

3. DO NOT mix with dark fruits or berries.

Watercolours may have taught you a thing or two when you were a kid. When you mix two colours with a lot of pigment, none of them will stand out. The same can be said for our powders. You won't obtain that brilliant hue if you mix them with blueberries, raspberries, pomegranate, and other fruits.

4. It's better if the temperature is below 70 degrees Celsius (158 Fahrenheit)

Because these products are all-natural and include no additives, some of them will lose some of their colours when cooked. Pitaya is an excellent example of a delicate product. To avoid this, reduce the temperature when frying for a longer period of time. This will keep any discolouration at bay. (For example, if you're making pancakes, cook them at a lower temperature for a longer time to achieve the best colour while still getting a standard fried pancake.)

5. Keep your powders in a cold, dry location.

Keep your powders sealed in a dry, cold location away from direct sunlight to keep them as fresh as possible.

6. By combining colours, you can create new colours.

This is where the adventure begins, and the options are unlimited! To create new hues and tones, try blending multiple colours. A mint or turquoise tone can be achieved by mixing a little amount of pink/red fruits with your Blue Spirulina powder.

Where do I buy pink pitaya powder?

Rawnice.com and Unicornsuperfoods.

Foods and snacks made with Pitaya powder.


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