Saturday, November 28, 2020

Virtual Christmas activities and party ideas

Just like we celebrated thanksgiving virtually, Christmas will be celebrated virtually in most parts of the world due to the Covid 19 pandemic still going on. We want to stay safe and protect ourselves from any form of illness especially the coronavirus while celebrating Christmas during this festive season in 2020.

Most people are yet to feel the spirit of Christmas, Putting up some Christmas decoration in your home is the first step to igniting the Christmas spirit. Not to worry because celebrating Christmas virtually can be fun with the right activity and people. There are plenty of activities that will add festive cheer, joy, happiness, laughter, and social interaction to any Christmas virtual event. Remember it's up to you to spice up every activity. Send out invitations early enough will prepare everyone to have the right tool for any virtual Christmas event and online party.

How to celebrate Christmas virtually

The best virtual Christmas activities and events 2020!

1. Virtual Christmas music fair. Create a Christmas party theme and start sending out invitations to family and friends. You can publish an open invitation on social media platforms. The bigger the better. You can host the music fair on any video chat platform that allows lots of people to connect at the same time.

2. Virtual Christmas carol party. It is all about Christmas, connect with friends and family, and sing Christmas carol.

3. Virtual Christmas storytime. Connect virtually and talk about the origin of Christmas, tell Christmas stories, and enjoy the fun time.

4.Gingerbread House Challenge. A great fun activity, making a beautifully decorated gingerbread house from scratch.  Let's get creative this Christmas.

5. Christmas cooking along. Christmas comes with glad tidings and lots of food. Host a Christmas cooking along with a professional chef leading the Christmas cooking party virtually.

6. Christmas game and quiz. This is so much. Asking and answering questions about Christmas history and its origin. The winner gets a prize.

7. Virtual Cocktail Making. How about we invite fun and vibrate mixologist and make cocktails together virtually. You too can be a bar chef on Christmas day.

8. Virtual Murder Mystery. Send the script to the participants and get your brain working. It is full of fun challenges and levels.

9. Christmas Movie night. This can be so much fun because most people like to watch movies. Cuddle up in that warm blanket, wearing your ugly Christmas sweater and pants with your Christmas decor set up to set the mood. Suggest a list of movies and the movie with the highest vote wins. Schedule a time and date when everyone should start watching the movie. Take a break at intervals to discuss the movie virtually. It will be great to watch a Christmas movie such as The Christmas chronicles.

10. Virtual talent show. Do you have talents that you would love to showcase to your family and friends? Then organize a virtual talent show, and watch it turn into a competitive fun Christmas day.



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