Hi everyone! You will agree with me that, due to mass market production, a lot of people tend to buy just any phone case without considering the effect on the planet or the quality. We learn every day, which is why I am happy to introduce you to Pela cases, but wait, am I the only one who gets that rush of excitement when swapping out phone cases? It’s like a mini phone makeover!

Today, I’m happy to share my top picks from Pela case

1. Sage Green Bright Spring iPhone 14 Case: Embrace the freshness of spring with this gorgeous sage green hue. It’s like a breath of fresh air for your phone!

Sage Green Bright Spring iPhone 14 Case

2. Clear iPhone 15 Pro Max Case with Black Ridge: Keepin’ it classy yet modern with this transparent beauty. The black ridge detail adds a pop of contrast for that extra flair.

Clear iPhone 15 Pro Max Case with Black Ridge

3. Black Cassette iPhone 14 Case: Sleek, stylish, and oh-so-chic! This case adds a touch of edgy sophistication to any look.

Black Cassette iPhone 14 CaseBlack Cassette iPhone 14 Case

Why do I adore them? Well, they’re not just pretty and cute faces! Here’s why:

Protects & Preserves Our Oceans: Every purchase supports ocean cleanup and preservation efforts. Saving the planet never looked so chic!

Inspired by Plants: Crafted from eco-friendly materials like flax shive and plant-based biopolymer, these cases are as sustainable as they are stylish.

Screen Protection Guarantee: Worried about cracks? Don’t be! If your screen cracks while wearing a Pela Case (excluding Slim) and our liquid screen protector, repairs are on us!

100% Happiness Guarantee: Enjoy free worldwide shipping, seamless checkout, and hassle-free exchanges and returns. Because your happiness is priority!

I really enjoy using this phone case. It's great when a product lives up to its promises. The durability of the Pela case is impressive and my phone feels just right - not too smooth or too rough.

It's hard to explain, but it just feels good in my hand.

Plus, my partner's phone has fallen twice and the case protected it both times even when it fell face down on gravel. Pela case, you are doing a good job! Please maintain this level of quality and don't change a thing.

So, what are you waiting for? Upgrade your phone game and make a statement with Pela cases today!

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Peacock Blue Long Patchwork Scoop Neck Jumpsuit

Hey lovelies! 💙 Today, I'm swooning over the Peacock Blue Long Patchwork Scoop Neck Jumpsuit from Rosewe! Let me tell you why I'm head over heels for this piece. Firstly, the fit is divine;– it hugs all the right curves and feels like it was tailor-made for me. Plus, it's incredibly well-made and oh-so-comfy, making it a dream to wear. I've been flooded with compliments every time I've worn dresses from Rosewe, and I can totally see why—the elegant material and chic patchwork design make it a standout piece in any wardrobe. I'm already counting down the days until I can rock this jumpsuit again

Styling a colored outfit is focused on the bag and shoe of choice to complement the outfit. I paired my jumpsuit with black sandal heels from Boohoo, along with a gold friendship bangle and a long tassel dangle double pearl earrings.

I wanted to keep my look simple and try something new with my hair, so I attached my ponytail and tousled it to have spiky ends. Since the outfit is deep blue, I wanted a pop of color, so I added a pink lip color from Pudaier Cosmetics.

I was satisfied with the final look and happy with the fit of the dress.  

And wait, there's more! Rosewe is offering an extra 8% off for orders over £69.99, plus £8.00 off every 90 days on shipping fees for 3 orders! Sizes range from small to extra-large, so there's something for everyone. With free standard shipping over £45.00 and free expedited shipping over £109.00, there's no reason not to treat yourself to this gorgeous jumpsuit. Don't miss out—get yours now!

A beautiful long tassel dangle double pearl earrings.

Lookig classy wearing a blue jumpsuit by rosewe

Stepping in style wearing Long blue jumpsuit
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Bhakshak focuses on highlighting the injustices experienced by young girls who are raped, sexually abused, or murdered.

The movie Bhakshak is a story released on February 9, 2024, about a girl shelter that accepts girls not older than 18. The reporter got information about the girls being abused and retired to find information but finally found a cook who escaped from the shelter and told her how the girls were drugged and beaten. Baby Rani, who was in charge of the girls, was so strict with them and was aware of the killings and abuse going on.

The journalist Vaishali Singh, who owned a small TV channel, and her cameraman, Bhaskar Sinha, who is her assistant, tried their best to file a report to the police even when her brother-in-law, who is a lawyer, was beaten, but the police, working under strict order, refused to file a report.

The owner of the girl's shelter, Bansi Sahu, protected Sonu when the police came to arrest him and stopped the arrest. He stopped the police from going inside the shelter.

She made a video and talked about the issue, and a female police officer with a higher rank got interested and invited her to her office. They talked about how, after the visit, the police officer also invited her to her house and told her that the case needed evidence and that the man in question had a lot of governmental backing.

Summary of the Bhakshak movie

The girl's shelter is owned by Bansi Sahu; he abuses the girls and also brings men from outside to abuse the girls. The shelter warden, baby Rani, gives the girls sleeping pills and tells them they are medicine for deworming. When they are asleep, many people rape and torture those young girls. At night, baby Rani forces the girls to strip; she lies down naked next to them and abuses them. The staff that work there—Sonu, Bacca Babu, Mithilesh Sinha, the doctor, and several other men—force the girls to dance for them in several ways and show them porn. A few girls even got pregnant, and then they were killed.

A police officer who tried to force the government to look into the case got shot three times, and no one took up the case.

Watch the movie to find out the ending. To me, this movie is not just a movie; this movie is what is happening all over the world. This movie still sheds light on how the girl child is a prey in society, more like an orphan girl child. Please, if you have any information about this type of situation, never give up; justice can still be served. It might take time but don’t give up.

I will give this movie a 5/5.

CAST:Bhumi Pednekar, Sanjay Mishra, Sai Tamhankar, Aditya Srivastava
Director: Pulkit
GENRE: Drama
DURATION:2 hours 15 minutes
The devil wears Prada

This is a 2006 movie that was recently added to Netflix, and I happened to watch it. Here is what I have to say about it. I found out it was a novel.

Nice plot, a cool drama about a college graduate Andrea who suffers while being an assistant to the tyrannical editor of a fashion magazine, Miranda Priestly, who is hated in the industry due to her unflexible ways. She was a boss from hell, feared by everyone. She does things like send her assistant to find the newest Harry Potter books that aren't yet in stores and serve her lattes with just the right amount of heat.

Andrea is put through a lot every day, sometimes even late into the night with orders barking over the phone. But when things get more and more outlandish and not simply unpleasant, Andrea starts to fear that the career that a million females would kill for might actually end up killing her. She must also determine whether the job is worth the cost of her soul, even if she lives.

Director: David Frankel
Writers: Aline Brosh McKenna, Lauren Weisberger
Stars: Anne Hathaway, Meryl Streep, Adrian Grenier
7 ways to save energy during winter

7 ways to save energy during winter

I am not having it with the electric bill; it keeps skyrocketing, and I am not even gonna lie, I am a bit worried. Previously, I was in Ukraine, where the heating bill is so affordable and it is always on all winter, but moving to the U.K., the difference is so much. Another thing I noticed about the UK is that the windows aren't properly insulated to prevent cold from entering the house. Where I used to live, the structure of houses was built to suit the winter period more.

But, well, life happens, and we all get to move and relocate; this is also what challenges us to think outside the box and create innovative solutions to problems.

Winter isn't my favorite season, but these winter essentials will not only keep you warm but also cut down on your heating bills.

To maintain health, our bodies must maintain a core temperature of 37 degrees Celsius, so rooms must be heated to a minimum of 18 degrees Celsius. Concerns exist, however, that individuals will be unable to use heating to keep themselves and their homes warm throughout the winter months as the cost of living continues to rise.

During the cold season, people get sick due to the cold while trying to save money, and I know how frustrating that can be, which is why in this article I will be discussing 5 winter essentials that will help reduce your electric bills.

There are numerous things you can do to keep your core body temperature stable without turning on the central heating for an extended period of time.

1. Always wear socks.

Socks are essential, but not many people will agree. When you're feeling cold, it's a regular thing to put on socks. Also, wearing socks has a good effect on the temperature of your feet, but why is this so? Given that socks only cover a small portion of your body, why do they have such an impact on the experience of being cold?

Socks keep us warm by regulating the temperature of our feet. Our feet are essential temperature sensors for our bodies, and wearing socks helps prevent heat from escaping from our feet. You can double the socks for a warmer effect.

On a cold day at home, wrap the paper around your toes for extra warmth. You can also walk around with this, but first experiment at home beforehand to ensure that you are comfortable while walking. Keeping your feet warm during the winter is essential not only for foot health and comfort but also for your entire health. According to foot specialists, cold feet can weaken the immune system and exacerbate some health disorders, such as diabetes.

2. A heated blanket.

I love the creativity of the heated blanket. An electric blanket is significantly less expensive to operate than a heater and provides a consistent source of heat throughout the night. Weighted blankets are also very relaxing and help to keep draughts out of the bed.

Double up on your bedding. You can spread a blanket over your mattress before putting a bedsheet over it.

Avoid bedding materials that make you feel cold. There are bedding materials that cannot retain heat. Buy your bedding according to the season and do a little research before purchasing.

3. Head warmer.

Head warmers, as their name suggests, are used to keep the head warm, especially in the winter. People have gotten a lot of use out of head warmers because, in the winter, it's important to keep all parts of your body warm.

4. Dress warmly.

As the seasons change, dress accordingly. When you arrive home from work, all you want to do is turn on the heater, remove your warm clothes, and put on a light indoor outfit in order to feel completely at ease. When you return, I recommend that you remove those heavy, warm outdoor clothes and replace them with lighter ones. Rest for approximately one hour before wearing your warm home clothes.

Pajamas made of insulating materials like fleece or flannel will help you sleep through the night without getting too cold.

A hooded Flannel Night Robe is a soft, comfortable, and soft winter robe that will keep you warm all winter. Perfect for sleeping at night and keeping warm all day long. There are different flannel nightrobes that are fashionable and colorful, so you don't have to worry about looking dull.

Onesies are warm and cozy. Wear them.

5. Indoor warm shoes.

When the body is more susceptible to seasonal coughs, colds, and viruses, keeping your feet warm in cold weather can also aid in maintaining your general health. Warmer feet dilate the blood vessels, allowing for more effective blood flow and assisting your body in redistributing heat throughout the body. As a result, you can sleep better, regain energy, and generally take better care of yourself to be comfortable, fit, and healthy.

This winter, wearing slip-on slippers around the house is an excellent method to care for your feet, retain heat, and keep your toes and feet toasty and cozy. There are slippers for every fashion style and personality, ranging from thick slipper socks with sticky soles to fleece-lined slipper boots with foot and ankle support.

6. Hot water bottle.

A hot water bottle is not expensive and long-lasting due to the material used in making it. They are a safe source of warmth throughout the night.

7. Eat well.

In general, longer-digesting foods might help boost body temperature and make you feel warmer. The medical word for this process is "thermogenesis," which refers to the body's production of heat as a result of food metabolism. Consider consuming foods that are rich in healthy fats, proteins, and carbohydrates.

Foods you can eat during the winter that will help you stay warm. Eat foods that can help boost your body temperature and make you feel warmer. Here are some healthy foods that can help you stay warm during the winter.

Avoid alcohol because whisky and other alcoholic beverages actually lower the core body temperature. You may initially feel warm, but it will be difficult to remain warm over time. Additionally, alcohol affects your capacity to shiver, which is a natural way to elevate body temperature. Avoid drinking alcohol at tailgates and other outdoor activities this winter to stay warm.
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